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Something I have learned as a parent is life is one big transition. From one stage to the next. Getting comfortable for a bit just in time to be thrust (bow chick a wow wow) into the next learning curve. Coming back to work after being away for 7+ months was no exception. It was tough! Finding a new normal being a parent of two. Making sure I can balance being the Mom I want to be and also providing for my family. So thank you guys for being patient as I find my new sense of normal. I expect as time goes on, and my littles are not soooo little that I will have time to expand my offerings here. Maybe even offer Skype or return to live camming (so many of you have been asking for both these things!) This could be 6 months- a year away still but it is certainly a goal of mine. 

In the mean time I am still offering customs. Per my last update it has changed. I will only accept a certain number of customs for any given month. All those customs will be delivered within X month- no exact date given. Could be the 1st or the 30th. A huge part of filming is being in the mood. Strange but true! If I am not feeling it- you're going to tell. I take my work seriously and a lot of details have to fall into place to create a video. Usually the length of a video quadrupled (if not more) is the bare minimum amount of time that goes into prepping it. (i.e. order a 15 minute video. I will spend at least an hour preparing and then editing) Not to mention the actual filming. If you are interested in receiving a custom video read here! I love creating and bringing your vision to life. Quality. Professional. Experience. 

I have also been gathering quotes myself as of late, for the windows in my bedroom. It is time for them to be replaced. As gorgeous as they are, they are custom and have reached their life span. The quotes I have been getting would make your custom content quotes blush! $13,000 was one. Needless to say I am having some other companies come tomorrow to see what they may have to say. Pray for me lol. It's a necessity it happens. So I hope to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow. That's only 6 windows too, you guys. In one room of my almost 4,000 sq ft home. Again, pray for me. Or send drug money- whichever. 

J-O-K-I-N-G. I have never experienced/tried drugs. Zero interest. I know that may shock you since I am in P-O-R-N. I actually had some one contact me not too long ago asking for an interview per say as they felt I was an anomaly in the industry. Of course they did not want to pay for my time (shocker) so no, I did not give the interview. My time is precious, if you want to interview me. Compensate me. As I would expect done for any other person one would want to glean information from. I am always happy to pay for services as such. I have to say a shout out to a (newer?) fan I would say. Who has shown up in small and positive ways. He is an example of what it means to be a true fan/supporter. To not just take, to show appreciation for my hard work. (Yes, I love my job but it comes with many intricacies not fathomed by most) Whether it be a tip, a purchase of a video, etc. It does not have to be a huge (while those are greatly appreciated as well) tip or a huge clip order for me to appreciate YOU. Any and all support is welcome. It does not go unnoticed. So many of you become intricate parts of my life...I don't think fan does the feeling justice. I like to think of you all as an extended family. 

I went grocery shopping like this today. You can imagine how that went I am sure...

There seems to be a lot of negativity in the world currently. A lot of big issues being discussed. A lot of violence. A lot of opinions. I don't usually speak about these topics on my twitter or blog and will likely continue to take that stance. It is not that I do not have opinions or otherwise concerning. It's that I want you to come to my twitter or blog and enjoy yourself. I want you to be able to come and escape. These things sometimes get brought up to I just wanted to put that out there, if I do not respond to your questions about hot topics there may be a reason why. 

I will be filming once more this week along with thank you(s). I appreciate my fans and supporters more than you will ever know and I always want to show my thanks. Sometimes it takes me a little longer these days to complete such things but I never forget! 
Lots of love to you guys. I just wanted to pop in and say hey. Thanks for hanging with me this evening. 


P.S. A few of you just inquired about purchasing my milk per my most recent tweet. HA! No, that does not surprise me. Yup- I am still breastfeeding. If that interests you and you're a generous fan. Contact me 

Also just got asked a hot button topic so I will copy that in here. With that being said I do not of my own free time, make any lactation videos, etc. but IT IS an option for a custom video if desired. I just did not make that known previously. So there it is, you have been nottifieeddddd. Don't contact me a year from now all sad n' shit. OK? Fair enough. >;) 

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