Monday, July 9, 2018

Coming Wednesday!

July 11, at 10pm EST Morning Milk


Hey you guys, it's that rare time of the year where I offer a BOGO sale. Yup, that's BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! 

So here is how it works, on either of my clip stores choose one video and get one FREE. Now, you have to contact me for this and pay by way of gift card or cash. Do NOT purchase the clips direct from the site and then contact me for the free one as I can't honor that then as too much of a % is taken from the transaction. The video that is FREE must be of the same or lesser value. I.E. you cannot purchase a video for $20 and get a $60 free, it works but only the other way around. BUT you can purchase a $60 video and get a $60 one free. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or tweet me @brookemariecam

How do you receive content? Direct through me from where I have an account.

Right now I am ONLY accepting gift cards to I am looking to get a couch for the play room in the basement. The sale does not have an end date- just when I receive what I need to. That could be a day or 3 weeks. So don't delay!!! 

So visit either of my clip sites Clips4Sale (complete catelougue) and iwantclips (originally fetish and now follows up to date with C4S) to get shopping! This does not apply to the twins store

Thank you ALL for your support! Can't wait to be cozy with the littles watching a movie and playing. LET'S DO THIS! 


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


You Can't Resist


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Hey friends, 

It's been awhile. 

That's obligatory by now I have to start every blog that way! 

Having two little ones close in age is no joke. My Grandma tells me I basically have twins and I am starting to believe it. I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding STRAIGHT for over 4 years ya'll. Mama is ready for some R&R. I think most of you thought I was on vacation this month. No- ha-ha I wish. I have just been taking care of odds and ends that needed tending to. Now being a Mom to two with multiple jobs- sometimes I have to take time off to re-focus on certain aspects. Nothing negative by any means. Just more a division of my attention per say. Happy to be returning to creating custom videos for you guys in July. 

Please remember I only accept a certain amount each month. (Another division of my attention) This means whomever gets their paid request in first gets on THEE list. I have so much fun creating for you all and seriously thank you for putting up with my schedule. This however, assures you receive quality over quantity which is something I will always favor. Please read here for more information. 

Now onto a funny story. Some of you know I LOVE thrifting. I get such a kick out of finding quirky things and re selling them. I'll be honest it doesn't have to be quirky just has to have a resale value and I am in. It's my Mom break I call it- so it's something I do on the side when I have time (HAHA) Just kidding. I make time for it. It's like my crack cocaine addiction and don't let Mistress Victoria tell you she doesn't have the bug either. I have so many stories. It's some high caliber entertainment I assure you. BUT...what I want to tell you is...ok yes we are finally getting to the point of this paragraph. I am going to start a new one...try to focus now!

I was thrifting at one of my favorite dives. Usually there are a lot of interesting characters rest assured I probably stand out not for any reason other than I have taken a shower in the last week. A young man I could see he was watching me as I was looking around...yes we do notice you. I began to look at the children's books as I always do. He comes up to me and while looking at me talking to me he grabs the first book his hands touch and say's how about this one? I said a book about the Holocaust? That seems a bit much for a bedtime story don't you think? HIS FACE WAS PURE HORROR as he realized what he had just done. My face...pure enjoyment. Needless to say. The conversation ended maybe take that for face value. Meaning like actually look at what you are doing if you are going to hit on someone in such a manner. I am sure you can imagine he was a wee bit embarrassed and won't be jerking off to that awkward encounter later...or will he? 

On that note- I bid you a great evening. Have a splendid Thursday. Thanks for all of your support. Big or small. I see you and I appreciate you! You make a difference in my life. <3