Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yes, trailing off of Vik, I have officially put my house on the market. It's something I have been mulling over for probably close to a year (and I've only been here a year a half!). Thing is, I just have too much space. I became a landlord to see if that might offset my need for downsizing. She has been great! Its a separate space and I rarely see her but the house itself is just still too big...3,750 sq ft to be exact. It's taking up a lot of my time just to take care of it. Between that and the animals (more news there) and work, it just seems silly to stress over something I can change. I want less space. I want to explore the world beyond my front door-ha! You know, when you think about what you want to leave this planet with, I certainly don't want to leave a legacy of just up-keeping a mansion of a house. I don't like hiring people to take care of my things either...I like working for what I have and taking care of my own responsibilities. I consider myself a really "green" person and I think I started to feel like I wasn't practicing what I was preaching per say. I just sold my Mercedes too. Bought a Toyota SUV. Guess what. I am so much happier! It's learn these life lessons at such a young age. I am so thankful I have. I have had THEE car, THEE house, THEE everything. I am here to tell you happiness lies in the simplicity of life. Stop striving so much to impress others, if they don't already unconditionally love you...for need to rearrange your tribe. YES, your tribe! The people that you know no matter what love & care for you and your well-being. Seek those people out and keep them close and certainly don't be afraid to let those go in your life that don't. Friends, immediate family, in-laws, etc. I've done it. It's not easy. I'm on the boat to happiness though and I am not going to let any one rock it. Claim. Your. Happiness. 

Well, that got serious. I do have some other serious things to share but I'll spare you too much at once. I'll share a funny story instead for all you stuck up persons that think thrift stores are dirty and stores with new items are clean. Shit, girl. You wrong. Well, about the second half. They're all dirty. lol. 

I was walking into Meijer (large grocery store for those not from the northeast) the other day and this lady in front of me who happened to be wearing sweats must have pissed herself. It was all down the back and her legs. Either that or her cat peed on her clothes and she didn't notice. HOW DID SHE NOT NOTICE, you ask? I've not the slightest. However, I did. Maybe I should have let her know but I have to admit I've never thought about how I'd approach that time. Maybe you guys could give me some social cues, I can't be the only one that has ran into this wet and sticky problem. Omg. I went there. Anyways. I continued to people watch her dirty butt walk to the outdoor seating display and SIT DOWN all cozy and shit on the seating displays.  I think I gasped and said something like "nooooo." Because you know we have all sat down in those before, just to know...if they were comfortable. I think I had sat on that very one before. So take persons that think thrift stores are "dirty" and won't step in them. Well, they are. But, SO ARE your precious little stores with pristine new items. Remember that next time you go to sit your ass down in a furniture store. You're welcome. Couch shopping just got that much harder. Lesson of the day, everything is dirty and taking me thrifting will make me say "Yes" to your marriage proposal. Not relative? It is. I thrifted this dress, Ryner likes it and I said yes to him...

Also, I took a "ME" day today. I wore PJ's all damn day, didn't put make-up on and enjoyed every fucking second of it. Prepping a house for sale is hard work. I hope to resume my naughty status tomorrow...

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