Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daddy's Girl. Prom Night.

One of the top clips on the entire site!*

Daddy's Girl. Prom Night.

Rated #26* here on the entire site! 5/7/2014 Daddy, you told me if I washed all the dishes and did my chores I could go to the prom. Now you changed your mind and I am pouting in the corner of my room behind the bed. My bratty attitude isn't getting me anywhere. You tell me I have to do "things" for you so I can go. I am all dressed and ready and my date will be here in 10 minutes, you must let me go! I am so desperate to go to the prom I'll do anything you say. Flashing my young shaved pussy, perky tits and finally sucking you off just in time for my friends to arrive at the door. I am such a good girl just for you, thank you Daddy! 

Find that video and more HERE! Enjoy =) 

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