Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quick Hello

Uh-oh. I said the word quick. Which means more than likely this will get really long. I seriously have so much to catch you guys up on! It's going to take awhile. Some great things and some not so great things...

First off, really nice to be back on cam today. I think it had been 2.5 weeks! I only ended up hanging out with two of you because someone certain was keeping me to himself. He-he. It was so nice to meet "John" today and the secret panty changer who did not share his name. Thank you both for joining me! Let me be straight I was the one changing panties...thongs to be exact...although I've had it the other way around too before. *wink* (Which reminds me...I really want to go sexy frilly lace panty shopping. Any takers?)

It was quite fun today to hang out with John, he asked me what my naughtiest sexual experience was. I have to admit I have never shared much of that on cam before or in my blogs. I suppose there are things that are still "quite secret" in my life as far as being public about certain things. Maybe I am just shyer than most concerning. However, when I was thinking about all these experiences today it sort of sounds like in the right calculated situation I am anything but shy. Anyhow John had the pleasure of hearing those stories today...closet BJ's and a secret sexual randevu with an older men. Ok. I've said to much already! It's all in the details. >;)

I am going to leave you with those thoughts. I think we can all agree we have discovered something new innocence knows no bounds! *laughing*



  1. Hi, Brooke.
    I started following your blog recently, and get to know your work better. You are charming with your sweetness and angelic face. It was nice to know a little more about you here on the blog, about its history. You seem to be a sensitive person, but very strong.

    Have you thought about having a personal blog where you wrote your thoughts, feelings? Just a suggestion.

    A big hug. I wish you and Vikki a lot of success

  2. Thanks so much! I do periodically write on here. However, right now most of my time is spent being a Mom. I am sure some day again I will have more time to share my musings. Thanks for following!

  3. Thanks for answering me, Brooke. Motherhood is a great experience for any woman, and it really requires attention and dedication. I will always follow your posts here and try to encourage your projects on other sites.

    Did anyone mention that you have some similarities with the actress Melissa Rauch (Bernardette, The Big Bang Theory)?

    I wish you much success.
    Forgive my English, still not very good, hahaha. Tropical hugs, sent from Brazil.

  4. That it is! Thanks!

    I do not think I have heard that before!

    Thank you