Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just going to throw this out there...

Selfies are fine and dandy BUTT it would be nice if someone else could photograph Sasha every once in awhile. Craving a photographer other than me and all my talents. <---lol. Can I put that on a resume? Professional selfie taker. That has got to be a thing...a selfie connoisseur. There is that song...now it's stuck in your head isn't it...and it's so bad. Lmao. Or laughing my Sasha off. Lmso. <-- Could we also make that a thing? I am so sorry if you haven't caught on...Sasha is my butt. Sometimes she is bigger than other times, it depends on what I feed her. So sometimes Sasha or sometimes Sashita. My.entire.family...jokes about this. So now, consider yourself in on it. You're not even reading this, you're still staring at that photo aren't you? ^ 

What day is it...

What is going on? What is the meaning of life?! Ok too deep too soon. 

You guys have been keeping me super busy with custom content and it's so great. What did I do to deserve to have all of you? I do not know, but it makes me smile! A million thanks to each and every one of you. I have made a couple slight changes to how I accept payment. I have opened up the tribute options on both my Clips4Sale account and my Customs4U account. Due to the percentage taken by each company respectively I have decided to split this fee with you. Either making your video minute(s) less or by having a surcharge of either 12.5% or 15%. You can read about that here. If you have any questions please do contact me! Why have I made this change? I am receiving too much of my income through gift card(s). Which are fun and feel more like a gift than payment...and I still have to pay all the bills that all of us are very familiar with. Darn living expenses! I also have a hard core cocaine habit and he only accepts cash. Did you really believe that? I am so kidding. I have never done drugs and rarely drink. Pretty boring straight arrow over here. Ha-ha! Ok...well that isn't true. I just find life to be enjoyable as is and don't find it necessary to change my state of mind. Am I really defending why I don't partake in drugs right now? Probably because so many people think that's what people in the sex industry do. Sure, there is some truth to that. There are also people at McDonald's and Pepsi-Cola snorting there way through life too. I never understood lumping everyone in the same category. It's just weird. So don't do that. Just stop. 

I wanted to share something I don't usually share on here. Some of my art. I love photography most of all and then probably drawing. Neither I have done for awhile now. I typically am more of...how do I want to say this...an artist that is trying to say something. I don't draw or photograph flowers or bumblebees, which are all fine and dandy. I typically try to create art with a deeper meaning. I hope someday to find the head space to get back into it but for now...for now I'll share a little of a past project I did. During an introduction to photography class our final project was to be a series or something that has a connection. I decided on creating a a connection of  "Then to Now" as I had titled it. What I did is ended up photographing different aspects of my life, large events that affected my life in large ways. From when I was a child, teen, and until now. A few were (total of 10 I think), breaking my back, growing up as a twin, and the one I will share today being raised "religious". I typically wouldn't explain my work before posting it (this also has a lot more too it than what I just explained, but that's the preface). I think it's nice to hear persons reactions and their own inner thoughts and dialogue before including your own. So anyhow, here it is. (Yes, that is me in the photo.)
(Alas, I must say this. Do not copy this photo or reproduce it in any manner. I, as the artist own the complete rights. Please respect that. Imitation in the art world is not the sincerest form of flattery.) 
I'd love to hear your thoughts. What it makes you feel. What you perhaps think are the deeper meanings behind it. A dialogue.

Well, I have to continue preparing for my first ever antique market that I am doing.  I am bringing all my vintage and antiques to a fair this weekend (whew it's going to be a long one!). I hope the weather holds off and that it's really successful. I have been checking it everyday for like a week now as if that's going to do anything! I've been working really hard on it the past couple of weeks and have been planning for it for three months now. I typically only sell online but  I think it will be nice to continue "branding out" into other markets. 

With that being said I should be online in the morning on Thursday or Friday. I know it's been a couple of weeks. I miss you guys! I hope to see you there. Enjoy the day! 
xo, Brooketasticalness

More than likely true...

Thank you, T!

For you know what! (More photos in your inbox!) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Q & A from Twitter

Q: From @RMCG4life "Are you currently in a relationship? What are some of the characteristic you look for in that special person?" 

A: For the first question...as much as I share on here (and I share a lot of what goes on in my life) that is one thing I chose a long time ago not to discuss. Dating, married, divorced, monogamist,  polygamist (that might work?), or otherwise. For multiple reasons I suppose...I think there are some things that just should be kept private. For myself and for the "other party." I may choose to share a lot, but that does not necessarily mean someone else wants to be so much in the public eye, yanno? So I have to respect that. As far as characteristics, I have always went for the nice quiet guy. So I don't believe nice guys finish last...it's never been true in my book. I like a sense of humor...the kind where you can just act like total dorks and neither of you end up knowing what your laughing at in the end but you're smiling at each other like you share some sort of secret no one else knows about. I love someone that just simply likes to experience and enjoy life. That has an open mind to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. Someone that is responsible, loves me endlessly but is still their own person. Has their own goals and interests, that may or may not be the same as mine. But, to know that no matter what happens. That they're there for me. Someone that can discuss anything and everything. To me there are no thoughts that should remain unspoken. I like a good communicator. I suppose there is a lot I look for...in the end I just want a well balanced teammate in life...oh and don't forget the bedroom. Maybe that's for another blog...who knows though. Maybe someday I'll change my mind and introduce more details into that side of my life. I guess you'll just have to stay tuned. Until then...you'll have to ruminate on it. >;) 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Torso. Torso. Butt. Face. Face.

Thank you Ronnie!

Thank you so much Ronnie for the Amazon gift card, really made me smile. *sings* "You make me smillleeee...make me smile" Just pretend I am in tune. Ha-ha! No, really though it made my week! I hope your trip to Hong Kong is going fabulous and I can't wait to create more magic once you return! :*) More photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Peter!

Thank you so much Peter for the gift card to the best eats in town! I much look forward to it. You were so sweet to send me a thank you, I hope you had your best birthday yet. I am glad I was able to be a part of it! More photos in your inbox shortly. :*) 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quick Hello

I am about to eat some dinner and then go do some yard work but, I wanted to pop in and say hello as it's been a week or so. It seems summer has arrived around here, weather wise and oh so many social events. 

My Grandparents' birthdays are right around each other and as they get older I just feel more of an emotional pull to make sure they know their days of birth are special to me. For my Grandpa's birthday I took him (& Grams) out to a really nice dinner. He is so easy to get choked up at his age! I wrote him a nice card and of course picked up the tab for dinner and he started tearing up. It use to be an unspoken contest between us to see if we could get Grandpa to get emotional over certain family events but now...it might be getting too predictable. Ha-ha! I always love visiting my hometown. I grew up in a really small town out in the country. Surrounded by fields. My sister, cousins and I use to go through this forest by my Grandparents and pretend we were in Narnia. Now someone has built a cabin in there and my Grandparents happen to know where the key was so we sort of broke in and entered...but I suppose in small towns they just call that "sharing." This cabin was adorable. Here are a couple photos of the field next to it and the inside. I love the simplicity. I would take a cabin any day over a 5 star hotel. 

For my Grandma's birthday they came up (over?) here to see me and stay the night. We went to an art event (I gifted Grams some handmade cards and tea from the event), farmer's market, and thrifting. I cooked dinner for them and we had cake (of course!). I always enjoy spending time with them. They were always there for us when we were younger and that continued as we grew up. Taking us on trips, introducing us to new things, and making sure we knew we were loved by them. They're really special people and I am thankful they are in my life! Now I am kind of thinking I should have titled this blog "Ode to my Grandparents..."

Update on the potential house. It ended up falling through. =/ I even had snapped a photo by the sign when it went pending! 
I had the inspection and there was major roof damage. It hadn't been replaced in 30+ years. So there were soft spots on the roof and interior water damage that just must not have made it through the ceiling yet in the house. Also there were a couple small leaks in the basement that were discovered. If there is one thing I do not mess with when buying a house it is anything to do with water/leaks. Especially in older homes. So the search either continues or I stay where I am at in my mini castle. I have only had a couple showings in a few weeks here at my current house which is very surprising. They both went very well and I was told both parties have interest in the house it's just a matter of timing. Thing is I don't think I will move without finding "thee place." I have way too much invested here to move to an apartment in hopes of something coming on the market and working out.  Maybe this is the Universe's way of saying that I am suppose to be staying put for now? I do love this house & the location. Maybe it would be time to hire some help if I do decide to stay...

Bruce is doing really well in his new home! The owner e-mails me and updates me which is really sweet. When I dropped him off they had bought him tuna and were just so excited about him. (Damn. He never got tuna here. LOL!)  I could tell he was going to a really good place. He will be the king there...and the only king. He would be ruling the 7 Kingdoms by now no doubt. Watch out White Walkers. (How about that last episode!? The toilet...what a way to go.) Overall, I am feeling like it was the very best decision. I am still dealing with some other pet issues though so I am processing having to make more decisions concerning. 

Well that was all very logistical. More later. Time to eat then mulch. Yes. Mulch. Mulch. Mulch. Maybe Ryner will help...

I don't usually do this...

BUT. I enjoyed this video a lot and think that some of you might too. So here is a sneak peek into my world of custom content and those that feast their eyes upon it. This was made for a very special someone. Read below to find out what it's all about! 

College Girlfriend Fingers Herself for Boyfriend
(This was a custom video request. Name is used throughout.) This is from the perspective of a long distance college girlfriend who is away from her boyfriend who is at school for the summer. She is shy at first but wants to show him just how much she misses him. She flirts and innocently peels off her cute lingerie that she wore for him, piece by piece. Spreading her legs she's wet for him already. She decides to slip a finger inside her tight, tiny, pink pussy. In. Out. In. Out. Thinking about the next time she'll see him...maybe then she'll do even more for him.

Find me nude here!

Thank you, Martin!

Martin I can't thank you enough for the spafinder.com gift card. I had my massage the other day and it was so so so great. I am really bad at taking time to relax so it was such a treat. What's even better is I think I've finally found a massage lady that I really like! I had had her once before and she happen to be there this time too. I really prefer to see the same person so they can have an understanding of what you like/don't like. Nothing worse than trying to relax and having Hodor massage you. *lol* #GoT. Really though...I am extremely grateful and can't thank you enough. Lots more photos in your inbox! <3 

Thank you, T!

Thank you SO much T, for the Starbucks Gift Card! It is so nice to be working hard in the yard, then go grab a nice cold drink and think of you...and...that custom video I made you the other day. *giggle* I am trying really hard in the first photo to send you kisses of thanks...did it work? Or maybe it just looks like I need to...well you know. =/ Either way, thank you. You made my day/week/month! More photos in your inbox! Kiss kiss. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NEW Video!

Innocent Catholic School Girl Strips & Sucks

We are suppose to be studying in my room. My parents are downstairs. I turn on some music though and seductively strip tease for you showing off my dance skills. I want to suck you off. Shhhh. I'll turn the music off if you promise to be quiet. Just listen to my naughty whispers and the sound of my little mouth tight on your cock. Up and down my tongue swirls around. My throat is waiting for you, let's not make a mess. 

Find this and more here. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today is a rainy day. Somewhat fitting but nevertheless us Michiganders I think are very ready for some sunshine. What.a.brutal.winter! I think we are still trying to recover and the current downpours along with the storms (in June nonetheless) aren't helping our non-suicidal groups attendance. 

I had briefly mentioned the pet saga in other blog posts but, wasn't ready to write about it. It's been a long couple of months. To the tune of $2500+ at the vet. First it was Bruce (meow), then Hank (meow), then Loca (meow), then Ryner (woof). The only one that stayed out of the mix was Batman (meow)! I am hesitant to say that all have recovered now, except my debit card. I seriously need to look into pet insurance! However, throughout that hairy affair Bruce had to stay at the vet for a couple of days for surgery. I am one of those people that tend to believe everything happens for a reason. While he was gone the household dynamic of the pets was completely different. Problems I was having before with the other pets, I did not have when Bruce was gone. After a long talk with the vet, my choice has been to find Bruce a new home. He is too territorial with the other kitties. It's been about four years...I didn't even realize that that could be the problem. Now anyone that has had the sad & unfortunate task of re-homing their cat/pet knows this feels almost impossible and quite heartbreaking. 

I made a Craigslist Ad. I had three responses total.

1) One lady said a baby was there (Bruce is not use to small children) but the baby would be leaving soon. When I inquired about said baby, there was never a mother mentioned or anything. Just.the.baby. Then they lived in IN and I think had the assumption I would drive Bruce there. After mysterious parent-less baby and me saying they would have to come pick him up I got no response back after that...FAIL.

2) Another person contacted me that her Mother had just been in remission for cancer and Bruce would be the perfect cat for her but they couldn't afford the $50 re-home fee and wanted him for free. Now, I am one of the most sympathetic people out there but Bruce is like my child and if there is not money for him, where will there be money for his care? Food? Vet if needed? For $50 I was including food for two weeks, litter, new littler box, carrier & toys. You can't even buy that in the store for that...it didn't feel right to me. Plus...how can you really trust people if that's true or not? FAIL.

3) Third person I asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves. They asked what I wanted to know...then proceeded to tell me they were a family of SEVEN and they had a cat just like Bruce who two weeks ago got out and hasn't came back. Ok. In telling me about yourself you maybe should not have mentioned that your cat just got out...it leads me to believe you don't have time and weren't watching. FIVE kids. Yikes. P.S. Bruce is not your lost cat. FAIL.

As you can see I didn't get the best results that way...I want Bruce to go to a home that will love him just as much as I do. That's obviously quite hard to find. So I started to contact the no-kill shelters around here. I finally got a response from one I know of and like. She (a foster) said she saw my CL ad awhile ago and was hoping someone would adopt Bruce. Unfortunately, I had not been able to find the right fit. This was about a month ago. She is now back from vacation and says Bruce can come to her on Sunday. He has been hanging out in my basement (it's a walk out, thankfully for him) for a month and a half now and the household has done a complete 180. I know it's for the best but it is so so hard. I just got the news today. It sort of felt Ok the way things were. Being in limbo. I knew this day would come but I didn't think it would be now and I was trying to think I wouldn't have this hard of a time with it. Most of you who have known me for awhile, know my love for my animals. I don't have human kids, so these guys are a huge part of my life. I know this shelter will find him a perfect home, they do great work and I am so very thankful for them. I know they have the resources that I don't have to make that happen. So I am just a bit sad today...

(As a kitten in Puerto Rico where I found him abandoned on the beach.) 

So I just need a day...it's going to be a busy weekend. My Grandparents come up on Friday morning and are staying the night as it is my Grandma's birthday and I am going to cook dinner for her/them. It was just my Grandpa's birthday a couple of weeks ago, but I took him out to dinner so I took the easy way out there. Ha! That day is also the inspection on my new house. They'll get to see the new house which I am excited about. I don't think I had mentioned that just yet...I found a new place and am now going through the buying process. Now to sell this place I am in now. It's only been on the market for 5 days now so I am not worried...yet. I won't close on the second house until the end of July or August so I am really hoping in this strong selling market that, that gives me enough time to sell the place I have. Then Sunday I will take Bruce to his foster. Which is where I am off to now, I am going to go get some supplies now with Vik, to donate to the shelter. I really appreciate the shelter's help. I know it's a very busy time for them with "kitten season" as they call it, but I really think this is the best chance that Bruce has of finding his perfect home. She said she will keep in touch and let me know when he does find the perfect place. That makes it a little harder but, at the same time peace of mind is better than emotions that come with being so attached. As my yoga teacher says...it's just pain...you're going to be fine. Hard choices are never the easy ones to make. It's nice to know I have all of your guys' and gals' support. I don't know what I would do without all of you...right now I am specifically reminded of "FlyingJake" Thank you Jake! ...and a certain someone that helped me with my new computer back in December, Adrian. Thank you ALL OF YOU. Seriously, so very grateful. 

With that being said, I might be online tomorrow morning on Myfreecams. I am sure one of you will be able to take my mind off of things! *smile* Maybe I'll see you there?  

Love. Love. Love. 


Find the full video HERE (Thanks to +Customs4U for creating this for my Customs4U profile!)

Q&A from twitter @BrookeMarieCam

Q: From @fun2day4u "... do you have a motorcycle or moped still? And do you ride where you live currently?"

A: I do not! I sold her. Just a month or so ago. I was so sad but with Ryner now I usually take him places and beings how he was about the size of the moped I didn't feel comfortable having him on it. =P