Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just going to throw this out there...

Selfies are fine and dandy BUTT it would be nice if someone else could photograph Sasha every once in awhile. Craving a photographer other than me and all my talents. <---lol. Can I put that on a resume? Professional selfie taker. That has got to be a thing...a selfie connoisseur. There is that song...now it's stuck in your head isn't it...and it's so bad. Lmao. Or laughing my Sasha off. Lmso. <-- Could we also make that a thing? I am so sorry if you haven't caught on...Sasha is my butt. Sometimes she is bigger than other times, it depends on what I feed her. So sometimes Sasha or sometimes Sashita. My.entire.family...jokes about this. So now, consider yourself in on it. You're not even reading this, you're still staring at that photo aren't you? ^ 

1 comment:

  1. Reading and Looking. Looking and Reading. If I was in the area, yes I'd photograph you