Monday, June 23, 2014

Q & A from Twitter

Q: From @RMCG4life "Are you currently in a relationship? What are some of the characteristic you look for in that special person?" 

A: For the first much as I share on here (and I share a lot of what goes on in my life) that is one thing I chose a long time ago not to discuss. Dating, married, divorced, monogamist,  polygamist (that might work?), or otherwise. For multiple reasons I suppose...I think there are some things that just should be kept private. For myself and for the "other party." I may choose to share a lot, but that does not necessarily mean someone else wants to be so much in the public eye, yanno? So I have to respect that. As far as characteristics, I have always went for the nice quiet guy. So I don't believe nice guys finish's never been true in my book. I like a sense of humor...the kind where you can just act like total dorks and neither of you end up knowing what your laughing at in the end but you're smiling at each other like you share some sort of secret no one else knows about. I love someone that just simply likes to experience and enjoy life. That has an open mind to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. Someone that is responsible, loves me endlessly but is still their own person. Has their own goals and interests, that may or may not be the same as mine. But, to know that no matter what happens. That they're there for me. Someone that can discuss anything and everything. To me there are no thoughts that should remain unspoken. I like a good communicator. I suppose there is a lot I look the end I just want a well balanced teammate in life...oh and don't forget the bedroom. Maybe that's for another blog...who knows though. Maybe someday I'll change my mind and introduce more details into that side of my life. I guess you'll just have to stay tuned. Until'll have to ruminate on it. >;) 

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