Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quick Hello

I am about to eat some dinner and then go do some yard work but, I wanted to pop in and say hello as it's been a week or so. It seems summer has arrived around here, weather wise and oh so many social events. 

My Grandparents' birthdays are right around each other and as they get older I just feel more of an emotional pull to make sure they know their days of birth are special to me. For my Grandpa's birthday I took him (& Grams) out to a really nice dinner. He is so easy to get choked up at his age! I wrote him a nice card and of course picked up the tab for dinner and he started tearing up. It use to be an unspoken contest between us to see if we could get Grandpa to get emotional over certain family events but now...it might be getting too predictable. Ha-ha! I always love visiting my hometown. I grew up in a really small town out in the country. Surrounded by fields. My sister, cousins and I use to go through this forest by my Grandparents and pretend we were in Narnia. Now someone has built a cabin in there and my Grandparents happen to know where the key was so we sort of broke in and entered...but I suppose in small towns they just call that "sharing." This cabin was adorable. Here are a couple photos of the field next to it and the inside. I love the simplicity. I would take a cabin any day over a 5 star hotel. 

For my Grandma's birthday they came up (over?) here to see me and stay the night. We went to an art event (I gifted Grams some handmade cards and tea from the event), farmer's market, and thrifting. I cooked dinner for them and we had cake (of course!). I always enjoy spending time with them. They were always there for us when we were younger and that continued as we grew up. Taking us on trips, introducing us to new things, and making sure we knew we were loved by them. They're really special people and I am thankful they are in my life! Now I am kind of thinking I should have titled this blog "Ode to my Grandparents..."

Update on the potential house. It ended up falling through. =/ I even had snapped a photo by the sign when it went pending! 
I had the inspection and there was major roof damage. It hadn't been replaced in 30+ years. So there were soft spots on the roof and interior water damage that just must not have made it through the ceiling yet in the house. Also there were a couple small leaks in the basement that were discovered. If there is one thing I do not mess with when buying a house it is anything to do with water/leaks. Especially in older homes. So the search either continues or I stay where I am at in my mini castle. I have only had a couple showings in a few weeks here at my current house which is very surprising. They both went very well and I was told both parties have interest in the house it's just a matter of timing. Thing is I don't think I will move without finding "thee place." I have way too much invested here to move to an apartment in hopes of something coming on the market and working out.  Maybe this is the Universe's way of saying that I am suppose to be staying put for now? I do love this house & the location. Maybe it would be time to hire some help if I do decide to stay...

Bruce is doing really well in his new home! The owner e-mails me and updates me which is really sweet. When I dropped him off they had bought him tuna and were just so excited about him. (Damn. He never got tuna here. LOL!)  I could tell he was going to a really good place. He will be the king there...and the only king. He would be ruling the 7 Kingdoms by now no doubt. Watch out White Walkers. (How about that last episode!? The toilet...what a way to go.) Overall, I am feeling like it was the very best decision. I am still dealing with some other pet issues though so I am processing having to make more decisions concerning. 

Well that was all very logistical. More later. Time to eat then mulch. Yes. Mulch. Mulch. Mulch. Maybe Ryner will help...

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