Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What day is it...

What is going on? What is the meaning of life?! Ok too deep too soon. 

You guys have been keeping me super busy with custom content and it's so great. What did I do to deserve to have all of you? I do not know, but it makes me smile! A million thanks to each and every one of you. I have made a couple slight changes to how I accept payment. I have opened up the tribute options on both my Clips4Sale account and my Customs4U account. Due to the percentage taken by each company respectively I have decided to split this fee with you. Either making your video minute(s) less or by having a surcharge of either 12.5% or 15%. You can read about that here. If you have any questions please do contact me! Why have I made this change? I am receiving too much of my income through gift card(s). Which are fun and feel more like a gift than payment...and I still have to pay all the bills that all of us are very familiar with. Darn living expenses! I also have a hard core cocaine habit and he only accepts cash. Did you really believe that? I am so kidding. I have never done drugs and rarely drink. Pretty boring straight arrow over here. Ha-ha! Ok...well that isn't true. I just find life to be enjoyable as is and don't find it necessary to change my state of mind. Am I really defending why I don't partake in drugs right now? Probably because so many people think that's what people in the sex industry do. Sure, there is some truth to that. There are also people at McDonald's and Pepsi-Cola snorting there way through life too. I never understood lumping everyone in the same category. It's just weird. So don't do that. Just stop. 

I wanted to share something I don't usually share on here. Some of my art. I love photography most of all and then probably drawing. Neither I have done for awhile now. I typically am more of...how do I want to say this...an artist that is trying to say something. I don't draw or photograph flowers or bumblebees, which are all fine and dandy. I typically try to create art with a deeper meaning. I hope someday to find the head space to get back into it but for now...for now I'll share a little of a past project I did. During an introduction to photography class our final project was to be a series or something that has a connection. I decided on creating a a connection of  "Then to Now" as I had titled it. What I did is ended up photographing different aspects of my life, large events that affected my life in large ways. From when I was a child, teen, and until now. A few were (total of 10 I think), breaking my back, growing up as a twin, and the one I will share today being raised "religious". I typically wouldn't explain my work before posting it (this also has a lot more too it than what I just explained, but that's the preface). I think it's nice to hear persons reactions and their own inner thoughts and dialogue before including your own. So anyhow, here it is. (Yes, that is me in the photo.)
(Alas, I must say this. Do not copy this photo or reproduce it in any manner. I, as the artist own the complete rights. Please respect that. Imitation in the art world is not the sincerest form of flattery.) 
I'd love to hear your thoughts. What it makes you feel. What you perhaps think are the deeper meanings behind it. A dialogue.

Well, I have to continue preparing for my first ever antique market that I am doing.  I am bringing all my vintage and antiques to a fair this weekend (whew it's going to be a long one!). I hope the weather holds off and that it's really successful. I have been checking it everyday for like a week now as if that's going to do anything! I've been working really hard on it the past couple of weeks and have been planning for it for three months now. I typically only sell online but  I think it will be nice to continue "branding out" into other markets. 

With that being said I should be online in the morning on Thursday or Friday. I know it's been a couple of weeks. I miss you guys! I hope to see you there. Enjoy the day! 
xo, Brooketasticalness

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