Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thank you Stephen!!!

Thank you my dear Stephen for the books and the ballerina shoes. I love them! They fit my little feet perfectly. I can't wait to read Family Pictures, it was suggested by my girlfriend. Also I can't seem to get enough books on introversion, etc so I can't wait to dive into the other one either. Family Pictures first. =) I will have to let you know how it is! It really made my day to receive these items of thought from you, thank you Stephen. You're a keeper. :*) Please send me an e-mail or send me your e-mail through a DM on twitter so I can further show my gratitude to you! 

Thank you Matt!

Cards Against Humanity...need I say more? *lol* Thank you SO much. So many laughs to come. A party game for horrible people. SCORE! =D (ton more photos in your inbox!!!)

Thank YOU Ronnie!

Just picked up the salt lamps. I have been looking forward to those for SO long. I am going to put one in my cam room so I can think of you whilst...well you know. >;) You know how to always make me smile. I appreciate you more than you know! Check your inbox =) 

Thank you Martin!

Martin, Martin, Martin!!!! 

Thank you incredibly much for these MeUndies I have never worn a more comfortable (and snug hehe I mean did you catch that front view?) undie ever! Me like! A LOT! Now I get to think of you 5 days out of the week when my pants are off. =P 

Also thank you for the body bed pillow. I haven't used it yet but you'll be hearing from me when I do! =) Or maybe I'll be sound asleep. Zzzzz. 

Lots more photos in your inbox!!! Of me in MeUndies and more! =D 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I feel like...

...I haven't blogged in awhile. Truth! 

Things have been a little like whoa lately. When you seem to *think* you have a handle on life it wants to remind you that perhaps it's time for a new path, that is for sure. So I have been getting use to some new ideas and ways of thought recently. I know, vague. How annoying. I just hate when people do that and now I'm doing so! With time, I hope to share more about that. Some of you might be excited. Others, not so much. Ha-ha there I go again, being coy n' shit. OK. I'll stop. 

I was discussing my travels with a friend the other day and recalled this funny story while visiting the great state of Texas. I wasn't sure if it ever made it on the long lost Tumblr blog but its worth a share if I did/didn't. Here goes...

Red Box Rush

You know that time of night...around 9pm when Red Box charges you an extra $1 if you haven't returned your movie? It's called Red Box Rush...because I just named it that. Might even be more than one whole dollar these days I am not sure as I haven't been to one in a hot minute. Which is what this lady needed extra of. (LOL) However, I was taking a walk to return my Red Box movie not really carrying if I made it there by 9 or not. Thank goodness because some rachet person was exploring their video options at 8:58. Here come's 8:59 and some little red hum dinger of a car whizzes on up and this girl races out of her car road runner style and basically tells rachet girl that she MUST return her movie right now because she needs to go to the hospital because her sister is in labor. So wait. Rewind. You thought it was absolutely necessary to stop at Red Box so you weren't charged an extra $1 before going to the hospital of which you are so adamant you must get to because your sister is in know what sweetie just hand me the movie. You the hospital. Take some deep breathes and stay away from your sister because you're getting all worked up about returning your $1 Red Box movie surely is not going to assist her. Believe me, I've been at two births and unless you have some sort of out of body experience and can take the pain away from said mother in labor you just better sit back and smile and act like you're as relaxed as watching Full House on a Saturday afternoon with no place to go...not even the Red Box. There we have it, Red Box Rush. Moral of the story? If you need to make it to the HOSPITAL forget about Red Box till the next know maybe after you hold that tiny little miracle of life that $1 might not seem thaaaat important. I dunno though I guess, everyone is different? >_< But, seriously. I thank you for that experience. Hopefully someday I'll be able to make better choices from watching you. Rolf. Ok. Enough. Oh! You're probably wondering...and I might, she did not get to return her movie. 

I know I had mentioned starting an Etsy store so that I could share my vintage finds with all of you but I actually think it's something I am going to put on the back-burner for now. Even my shop currently. As much as I enjoy it I've been continuously moving towards simplifying life and trying to juggle two jobs (thank goodness I woke up and stopped doing 5 jobs as of late last year/early this year!) plus the other demands of life doesn't leave much time to actually enjoy life which I have been trying to do better at understanding what that means. It's easy to get caught up in the go go go, especially as it's the main driving mentality here in America. If you're not "busy" you're not "succeeding" or fully getting what life has to offer. I've been trying to go against that standard and appreciate doing less. Enjoying the simple things. Walks with Ryner through a field of flowers. I saw a quote once "Stop glorifying busy." So perfect. It's always everyone's answer when you ask how they are. What happened to a real answer. What happened to being authentic? What happened to even knowing what that means!? So that's my goal as it has been most of 2014. Simplify. Be more Authentic. To myself. To others. It's strange this journey of life, the conclusions it leads us to whilst unfolding us onto a completely new and unthinkable path. One that's even more beautiful than we can imagine. That's how I like to think about life. A journey. Full of lessons. With no particular destination. Other than complete happiness. There's up's. There's downs. Each one holds something for us, we just have to learn to listen to what that is. Love and compassion. For everyone and everything. 

I know...this is a blog from someone in "porn." Strange how people allow words to define themselves and others. I am here to go against that grain. This is me. I won't ever be afraid of hiding that. It's only by others perceptions do we hold back our complete selves for lack of ability to see beyond one's nose. In closing of this topic I'll share a quote from one of my favorites, Leo Tolstoy. 

"Freethinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, beliefs. Their state of mind is not common but it is essential for right thinking; where it is absent discussion is apt to become worse than useless." -Leo Tolstoy

I love my job. I love what I do. I love all of you! I love who I am. I carry no shame around anything I have experienced in this life. Are you free? 

Love & light, 

Friday, July 25, 2014


Naked Yoga
Watch me practice yoga in my tight yoga pants and snug top. I then strip out of my yoga gear and continue practicing yoga naked. You'll want to grab my juicy round ass so badly and draw it towards you. Set to calm & relaxing yoga tunes. Come, watch me from down dog to headstand to forward fold

Find this clip and more HERE!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank you Martin!

Whew. What can I even say at this point?! Beyond ecstatic. Vita-mix on the way! Couldn't have done it without you. Martin, THANK YOU!!! More photos in your inbox. <3, B 

Thank you Ronnie!!!

I was able to purchase my Vita-mix today thanks to your help...I can't describe how excited I am. I really can't! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Many more photos in your inbox. Love, B 

Thank you Matthias!

Thank you so very much Matthias for this super sexy Playboy cop costume. I la la la love it. It's made really well too which is a big bonus! I love the way it fits my curvy little body. *giggle* Something tells me you're going to like it even more when you see it in your custom video. >;D Lots more photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Ken!

Big ol' booty thanks to you, Ken for the roller derby shorts. These are so fun!!! I can't wait to make clips in them. I am not even sure which are my favorite...the cat eye one's make me laugh. I can already see a clip in the near future titled "I am Watching You." Muhahaha. Also thank you for the Etsy gift card...I have now successfully spent most of it on Ryner's birthday. Ha-ha...he is so spoiled. He got a
"moo-tug" and a "flirt pole." Along with the cake (shown on twitter) All the way from NY! So he thanks you too. I will have to get some photos from my Dad's camera as he took them of Ryner eating his birthday cake. You made his day SO special. (and you didn't even know it!) Seriously. So special. Loads more photos in your inbox soon. Enjoy. I know I am. >:D 

^Do you think I can pass as an innocent mermaid here???

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thank you Ronnie!

Well...I don't even know what to start with you! You have just been so kind and gracious that I can't even begin to say thanks enough to where I think it might show you just how grateful I am. I have so enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to continuing to do so. Thank YOU!!! (More photos in your inbox soon!) Ryner is super happy too. You really went out of your way! 

Thank you Martin!

Thank you so much Martin for brightening my sick week with the pillow cases and the movie. How perfect was that?! (More photos in your inbox soon!) Big smiles here. 

Thank you T!

For you know what. You're a gem! (More photos in your inbox soon!) 

Friday, July 18, 2014

*Says Hello Through Squinty Eyes*

To say I have been feeling under the weather was an understatement. Holy cannoli! I ended up at the ER Sunday night with an IV and a diagnosis of "whatever viral infection is going around." Oh well that'll do doctors, that'll do. It was all I could muster to feed the animals! Which resulted in Mr. Reinhart chewing a chair, bench, and two windowsills. I didn't even have any energy to give any fucks! Guess that's what happens when your almost 1 year on Sunday German Shepard doesn't get his exercise. What a bone head. Hello Lowe's. 

On a pet note, the household is officially down to it's last remaining members...maybe Ryner had better be more careful he obviously hasn't been very observant! On a more serious note...Hank went to his shelter yesterday to find his furever home. This shelter does amazing work and I am so thankful they have the resources to find him the perfect home. He truly holds a special place in my heart (Fuck Bruce. Just kidding. Lmfso. No really he was kind of a dick?) I was so incredibly sad to let him go but I had been keeping him in his own room for a month and a half and I have had no issues that I was previously having with either of the cats. He just needs a quiet home with no other pets. I have to say I have second guessed myself and would be lying if I said I haven't wanted to run back to that shelter numerous times in the last 24 hours to just try and make it work. To pet his fluffy ass one more time... I just know, it's not the right choice for any of us. Ugh *becomes a blubbery mess* I love you Hank...

I made sure to show my appreciation for the shelters generosity and donated money and supplies...they were so thankful but really I am the one that is thankful. I am just trying to do what's best for my babies...

Well I am feeling better physically but I wouldn't say back to 100%. Thank you all for being patient. Especially custom content orders. Unless of course you want a sickly video then hit me up. Some things are just out of our control...I hope to catch up on any past due this weekend and be back on track with any others there on out. I am going to cut this short for now as I need to go eat something and lay down. Love you guys, thanks for being a light in my life! 


So I just released my newest clip "Cum Outdoors With Me." I am making it available for a few days through purchase of an Amazon gift card of $25 to my email instead of the $30 on Clips. $5 off! Why? Because I am trying to buy a damn Vitamix and the banks are closed so I can't rob any right now. P.S. This is the first time I have had my computer on in a week...that MUST be a crime in some region?! 

Here is the description and some photos below. I look forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for helping me. :*) 

Cum Outdoors With Me

I love being naked outside. There is nothing more freeing. Speaking about freeing...I let it all out here in this 100% outdoor clip. I strip all my clothes off talking dirty to you, watching me be so bad yet so good for you. Walking back and forth on my deck ending up nude before you rubbing my pussy so hard I can't help but make a mess. What are you waiting for...cum outdoors with me?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Church Girl Gone Bad Part II

Church Girl Gone Bad Part II 

This was a custom request. No name is used. This is a very rare clip for me to make available on my clips store. Explicit nudity and use of toys. This was the custom request and what you can expect to see in the video:

"Here is my idea:

Church girl PART 2:

Wearing a catholic school girl uniform knee highs and all...if not then anything like the first "Church Girl" video

You start by saying you could not stop thinking about our last time together and you wanted to show me more.

You pull out a large realistic dildo and say something like: “ I know its big! Huh?” Looking at it enthusiastically.

You can start with a little strip tease at the beginning exposing your breasts then hiking your dress all the way up exposing your shaved pussy.

You first play with yourself using your fingers. First one finger but you want more so you insert a second then a third.

You masturbate using 2-3 fingers until you get warmed up for the dildo.

When you first using the dildo explain how tight you are and how your pussy is going to be stretched out. Take it slow at first then working yourself to a faster pace.

Elements I would like to see:

-Acting shy at first working your way to dirty talk..the lil devil inside of you comes out so to speak.

-Firstly use your finger before the dildo of course..please use multiple fingers at times

-Descriptive words and phrases i.e. “Its stretching me out..its so tight” etc… Tell me how fast how deep etc… Tell me how it all feels to you…

-You can fuck yourself in any positions but I would like to see a little bit of riding on top of dildo and mainly legs spread while fucking yourself

-You give Jerk off encouragement throughout

After you cum you say something like "This will be our little secret" and maybe something like, "I hear my dad coming. You have to leave" while you straighten out your dress. "

I told you it was naughty. See me like you have never seen me before... 725 T

Find it HERE

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Expectations vs Reality

Le Whoa

Ever have life just have a mini volcano on ya? (Now you're making volcano noises aren't you. Well, I am. Just mini ones though). Ya, I am sure we have all been there...

Vik and I did the antique market this past weekend. Pretty much a big mix of...weird & funny. However, still strange. I guess people that sell antiques/vintage aren't necessarily the most boring people. That is for damn sure. Lots of characters there, ha-ha! Shame on us we did not get even one photo. Much sad about that for as much fun as we had, I am not sure we will do it again. Our booth did well, I think especially for it being our first time. We received a lot of compliments and questions on if we would be there next month, so that was nice. No, people maybe next year. I need that long to recover from all that wow. What a long ass day. Plus the few months leading up to it that I prepared for...I am tired just typing this! Who am I kidding...I am still tired from the weekend. Vik and I camped out too. Bought wine and a bunch of junk food. Which we never do. Now I am haunted with leftover Cheetos..............................................I totally just had to take a break and eat some. It definitely lasted longer than it took me to put those dots in. Enough of the market. I've debated making a second Etsy store so that I can share it with you all here, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that! 

So...northerners. How did we fare with that huge Monday night storm? We did fine here. There are sticks strewn about but nothing Ryner can't handle I am sure. My parents (an hour east) Their yard is terrible. Trees split down the middle, uprooted, power lines, outdoor items strewn about and house damage. If they told me there had been a tornado I would believe them! 

So I am suppose to leave town tomorrow to Chicago. I had decided a few weeks ago to take a couple days over the holiday and visit some friends. I am so bad at taking a "time out" from work and "relaxing." (What does that word mean anyhow!?) I think I am going to need to come straight from there though and drive to my hometown to help my parents...then I hear from my Grandma today and someone totaled her car yesterday! She says she is fine...everyone says they are fine but it's like until I see it, it still makes you uneasy you know? I am thankful, of course that they do seem to be OK. It sure is a reminder though of life being short. I suppose with all the car accidents I have been in, it definitely brings me back to those moments. She asked me for some help to find a new car so... "Hey Grams, how about an old VW van? You you...I mean I can drive it. Like, all the time" Love those things. Especially if they still have the carpet. Hilarious. If yours still has the carpet. First, take a photo and show me. Then replace that...immediately. We all knoooowww what went on in there. Good stuff, of course. >_< Back to family stuff...I'll just you over in that area for a couple weeks handling ^. Mmmmk? You guys will be Ok with that, right? Ha-ha kidding. Probably just through the'll be hearing about it all only after two days anyhow. Could you imagine a week. I'd need medical attention. Love em' love em' alllllll. 

My old tenant moved out yesterday but for sake of privacy we won't go into too much detail there. When I told her it was possible I was moving, she was going to be doing some traveling and did not want to be caught in the logistics of not being here and myself moving. I tried to tell her that things don't happen that quick in the housing world (lol as any potential or current homeowner knows...oh the stories) but she felt it best to move on. Which. Is fine by me. So now I have a new tenant moving in today. So that outdoor video is going to have to wait for a better time. Ha. That could be interesting though, eh? Maybe it's the perfect time. *giggle*  He is a good friend of mine that went through a break up about 6 months ago, so I think it will work out well to have him here. There were some other err habits previously of the other tenant that were fine but maybe just not so fine at my house. (lol). She was very nice, quiet for the most part, and paid her rent on time so I think everything else was none of my business? Ha-ha! I suppose it's hard when the space you rent is a part of your house. No living spaces shared as it is completely separate above my garage. Thank goodness! I am too much of a introvert for sharing a living space for a long period of time. Hermit Brooke. That could be an interesting costume...I wonder what you're thinking that looks like now? Please. Do. Share. 

On that note...I may be quiet this week as I have a lot to manage. Including the above plus...I still have to wrap everything up from the antique market as I borrowed a friends trailer and he needs it back today. Whoops. I'll need to be spanked for that one. I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday week/weekend. You'll see more of me next week!