Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Church Girl Gone Bad Part II

Church Girl Gone Bad Part II 

This was a custom request. No name is used. This is a very rare clip for me to make available on my clips store. Explicit nudity and use of toys. This was the custom request and what you can expect to see in the video:

"Here is my idea:

Church girl PART 2:

Wearing a catholic school girl uniform knee highs and all...if not then anything like the first "Church Girl" video

You start by saying you could not stop thinking about our last time together and you wanted to show me more.

You pull out a large realistic dildo and say something like: “ I know its big! Huh?” Looking at it enthusiastically.

You can start with a little strip tease at the beginning exposing your breasts then hiking your dress all the way up exposing your shaved pussy.

You first play with yourself using your fingers. First one finger but you want more so you insert a second then a third.

You masturbate using 2-3 fingers until you get warmed up for the dildo.

When you first using the dildo explain how tight you are and how your pussy is going to be stretched out. Take it slow at first then working yourself to a faster pace.

Elements I would like to see:

-Acting shy at first working your way to dirty talk..the lil devil inside of you comes out so to speak.

-Firstly use your finger before the dildo of course..please use multiple fingers at times

-Descriptive words and phrases i.e. “Its stretching me out..its so tight” etc… Tell me how fast how deep etc… Tell me how it all feels to you…

-You can fuck yourself in any positions but I would like to see a little bit of riding on top of dildo and mainly legs spread while fucking yourself

-You give Jerk off encouragement throughout

After you cum you say something like "This will be our little secret" and maybe something like, "I hear my dad coming. You have to leave" while you straighten out your dress. "

I told you it was naughty. See me like you have never seen me before... 725 T

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