Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Le Whoa

Ever have life just have a mini volcano on ya? (Now you're making volcano noises aren't you. Well, I am. Just mini ones though). Ya, I am sure we have all been there...

Vik and I did the antique market this past weekend. Pretty much a big mix of...weird & funny. However, still strange. I guess people that sell antiques/vintage aren't necessarily the most boring people. That is for damn sure. Lots of characters there, ha-ha! Shame on us we did not get even one photo. Much sad about that for as much fun as we had, I am not sure we will do it again. Our booth did well, I think especially for it being our first time. We received a lot of compliments and questions on if we would be there next month, so that was nice. No, people maybe next year. I need that long to recover from all that wow. What a long ass day. Plus the few months leading up to it that I prepared for...I am tired just typing this! Who am I kidding...I am still tired from the weekend. Vik and I camped out too. Bought wine and a bunch of junk food. Which we never do. Now I am haunted with leftover Cheetos..............................................I totally just had to take a break and eat some. It definitely lasted longer than it took me to put those dots in. Enough of the market. I've debated making a second Etsy store so that I can share it with you all here, I'd love to hear your thoughts on that! 

So...northerners. How did we fare with that huge Monday night storm? We did fine here. There are sticks strewn about but nothing Ryner can't handle I am sure. My parents (an hour east) Their yard is terrible. Trees split down the middle, uprooted, power lines, outdoor items strewn about and house damage. If they told me there had been a tornado I would believe them! 

So I am suppose to leave town tomorrow to Chicago. I had decided a few weeks ago to take a couple days over the holiday and visit some friends. I am so bad at taking a "time out" from work and "relaxing." (What does that word mean anyhow!?) I think I am going to need to come straight from there though and drive to my hometown to help my parents...then I hear from my Grandma today and someone totaled her car yesterday! She says she is fine...everyone says they are fine but it's like until I see it, it still makes you uneasy you know? I am thankful, of course that they do seem to be OK. It sure is a reminder though of life being short. I suppose with all the car accidents I have been in, it definitely brings me back to those moments. She asked me for some help to find a new car so... "Hey Grams, how about an old VW van? You you...I mean I can drive it. Like, all the time" Love those things. Especially if they still have the carpet. Hilarious. If yours still has the carpet. First, take a photo and show me. Then replace that...immediately. We all knoooowww what went on in there. Good stuff, of course. >_< Back to family stuff...I'll just you over in that area for a couple weeks handling ^. Mmmmk? You guys will be Ok with that, right? Ha-ha kidding. Probably just through the'll be hearing about it all only after two days anyhow. Could you imagine a week. I'd need medical attention. Love em' love em' alllllll. 

My old tenant moved out yesterday but for sake of privacy we won't go into too much detail there. When I told her it was possible I was moving, she was going to be doing some traveling and did not want to be caught in the logistics of not being here and myself moving. I tried to tell her that things don't happen that quick in the housing world (lol as any potential or current homeowner knows...oh the stories) but she felt it best to move on. Which. Is fine by me. So now I have a new tenant moving in today. So that outdoor video is going to have to wait for a better time. Ha. That could be interesting though, eh? Maybe it's the perfect time. *giggle*  He is a good friend of mine that went through a break up about 6 months ago, so I think it will work out well to have him here. There were some other err habits previously of the other tenant that were fine but maybe just not so fine at my house. (lol). She was very nice, quiet for the most part, and paid her rent on time so I think everything else was none of my business? Ha-ha! I suppose it's hard when the space you rent is a part of your house. No living spaces shared as it is completely separate above my garage. Thank goodness! I am too much of a introvert for sharing a living space for a long period of time. Hermit Brooke. That could be an interesting costume...I wonder what you're thinking that looks like now? Please. Do. Share. 

On that note...I may be quiet this week as I have a lot to manage. Including the above plus...I still have to wrap everything up from the antique market as I borrowed a friends trailer and he needs it back today. Whoops. I'll need to be spanked for that one. I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday week/weekend. You'll see more of me next week! 


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