Friday, July 18, 2014

*Says Hello Through Squinty Eyes*

To say I have been feeling under the weather was an understatement. Holy cannoli! I ended up at the ER Sunday night with an IV and a diagnosis of "whatever viral infection is going around." Oh well that'll do doctors, that'll do. It was all I could muster to feed the animals! Which resulted in Mr. Reinhart chewing a chair, bench, and two windowsills. I didn't even have any energy to give any fucks! Guess that's what happens when your almost 1 year on Sunday German Shepard doesn't get his exercise. What a bone head. Hello Lowe's. 

On a pet note, the household is officially down to it's last remaining members...maybe Ryner had better be more careful he obviously hasn't been very observant! On a more serious note...Hank went to his shelter yesterday to find his furever home. This shelter does amazing work and I am so thankful they have the resources to find him the perfect home. He truly holds a special place in my heart (Fuck Bruce. Just kidding. Lmfso. No really he was kind of a dick?) I was so incredibly sad to let him go but I had been keeping him in his own room for a month and a half and I have had no issues that I was previously having with either of the cats. He just needs a quiet home with no other pets. I have to say I have second guessed myself and would be lying if I said I haven't wanted to run back to that shelter numerous times in the last 24 hours to just try and make it work. To pet his fluffy ass one more time... I just know, it's not the right choice for any of us. Ugh *becomes a blubbery mess* I love you Hank...

I made sure to show my appreciation for the shelters generosity and donated money and supplies...they were so thankful but really I am the one that is thankful. I am just trying to do what's best for my babies...

Well I am feeling better physically but I wouldn't say back to 100%. Thank you all for being patient. Especially custom content orders. Unless of course you want a sickly video then hit me up. Some things are just out of our control...I hope to catch up on any past due this weekend and be back on track with any others there on out. I am going to cut this short for now as I need to go eat something and lay down. Love you guys, thanks for being a light in my life! 


  1. Hoping you get better. If you need anything, you can always call. I fully understand when a relationship just wasn't meant to be but you try and try to make it work to the detriment of both parties' health. Not that I would order it, but you might have fans into the whole girl in sick bed routine. You ever see Friends when Monica got sick?

  2. Aw I did not see that episode...sounds like I need to! Thank you T. <3