Friday, July 18, 2014


So I just released my newest clip "Cum Outdoors With Me." I am making it available for a few days through purchase of an Amazon gift card of $25 to my email instead of the $30 on Clips. $5 off! Why? Because I am trying to buy a damn Vitamix and the banks are closed so I can't rob any right now. P.S. This is the first time I have had my computer on in a week...that MUST be a crime in some region?! 

Here is the description and some photos below. I look forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for helping me. :*) 

Cum Outdoors With Me

I love being naked outside. There is nothing more freeing. Speaking about freeing...I let it all out here in this 100% outdoor clip. I strip all my clothes off talking dirty to you, watching me be so bad yet so good for you. Walking back and forth on my deck ending up nude before you rubbing my pussy so hard I can't help but make a mess. What are you waiting for...cum outdoors with me?

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