Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank you Ken!

Big ol' booty thanks to you, Ken for the roller derby shorts. These are so fun!!! I can't wait to make clips in them. I am not even sure which are my favorite...the cat eye one's make me laugh. I can already see a clip in the near future titled "I am Watching You." Muhahaha. Also thank you for the Etsy gift card...I have now successfully spent most of it on Ryner's birthday. Ha-ha...he is so spoiled. He got a
"moo-tug" and a "flirt pole." Along with the cake (shown on twitter) All the way from NY! So he thanks you too. I will have to get some photos from my Dad's camera as he took them of Ryner eating his birthday cake. You made his day SO special. (and you didn't even know it!) Seriously. So special. Loads more photos in your inbox soon. Enjoy. I know I am. >:D 

^Do you think I can pass as an innocent mermaid here???

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