Sunday, August 31, 2014



Martin! Do you think I need therapy yet? Or maybe you will after seeing all the photos I sent you. Ha-ha-ha! You keep Sasha comfy and for that we thank you. Sasha is so overjoyed at the new MeUndies she hasn't even talked back all week. Imagine that!? For that you deserve more than just my thanks. *wink* See your inbox...I flooded it with pictures. Sorry not sorry! 


MeUndies is so grand I found Mr. Giraffe in the hallway trying to gallop away with my rad hat & black MeUndie thongs...Who wore it best??? 

Trick question...don't answer that. 

THANK YOU @MeUndies!!! (Check out MeUndies here!

Is it strange I want to try out the guy's MeUndies??? I've oogled some hot chicks rockin' those. Just sayin'...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Clean up, everybody clean up! Ok. Just me.

Ready for like...the most boring blog ever? I just want to do some "clean up" and notifications real quick. 

1) Custom content will be changing in the next 1-2 months. I will notify you of when this change takes place. At the least 1 month (that's end of September) from now and at the most 2 months from now (that's end of October). It will affect the type of content provided. If you are looking for a custom that follows my current guidelines please take that into consideration here! That is all that will be said on that topic currently!

2) Yes, I need to update my wishlist! I've been asked by a number of you to add more items (clothing, etc.) So I will try to do that soon. Thank you for your continued interest in my smillleessss. I just can't help it I am super practical. Like...shower kits n' shit. 

3) I will be opening up at least 2 more clip stores. The second to remain a secret for a bit longer still! The first is going to be fetish related. I have had a lot of questions and requests for more fetish type videos and throughout the time Vikki and I have had our fetish store I have really enjoyed it! I would say my fetish videos will be more geared towards sensual-innocent themed-dominance than super mean bitch, although ha-ha that can come out too. I have found an intriguing interest in exploring my dominate side and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I've heard before it's those innocent looking one's you have to look out for...I will still offer my "vanilla" store but for a time that is going to change also. More on that later on down the road. 

4) Customs & thank you's are not currently caught up with. So if you have not received yours it's still coming. Should be by Sunday/early next week at the latest. As you guys know I never forget about you. I am just like a turtle lately. Slowly and steadily winning the race...I think. 

5) There is a BOGO (Buy one get one) SALE going on in my clips store until September 1st. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions! 

6) I probably will not be on live cam for awhhillleee. I can't really put a timeline on it but that's where I am at with that for now. If that changes I will be sure to let you guys know. I also still do not offer Skype. Unless you're a unicorn. 

7) Along with opening up a fetish clips store I hope to also in the next 2+ months open up a NiteFlirt account. I've always heard so much about "your voice!" So I figured I can't deprive you guys of that...I am unsure if Skype will then be offered or not. 

8) OH! Panties will be back soon too. Will create a tab for their special selves. Hooray!

Soooo lots to think about! If you have questions or feedback. You know where to reach me. 


....and oh my stars this blog finally ended. >:P 


Late, but still funny. 


I really don't know what to say here but this giraffe is fucking hilarious! It's just about as tall as me (which I am not sure if that is saying much lol) However, for a stuffed giraffe I am going to say that's pretty tall leaving me on the petite side. I can't stop smiling or laughing at it when I pass it in the hall. Ryner...I am not sure what he thought but he barked at it. I put it past his gated area as I imagine it would end up looking like something mauled on the savanna. Which on one hand would be funny (wait is that wrong I am just seeing images of a leg missing and fluff EVERYWHERE) on the other hand I'd be a sad panda. Seriously thank you this is one gift that's going to go down in the books! Check your e-mail. :*) 

Oh and booty. Or BROOTY shall I say. Newbs...that's Brooke's Booty or better known as Sasshaaaa.

Thank you JON!

Thank you so berry much Jon for my MeUndies! I loovveee the purple color and I always love stripes. Win-Win! I must say it's very nice to see you in these parts again. I have missed your presence! Welcome back and keep a lookout in your e-mail box for more photos. >:) 


FLASH SALE till end of August. ONLY!!! Buy any 1 video from my clip STORE and get one FREE! Yup, you read that right. Starting now till 12:01 September 1st. 

OMG, How can I do THISSS!? 

Choose 2 videos (or 4, 6, etc.) and purchase the higher priced video and receive the lower priced video FREE. 

1) Type in offercode "ANALBEADS" into the subject header of your e-mail HAHAHAHA I am kidding...ok. Here goes. 

2) You can purchase with tokens and tip the amount of the higher priced video on MyFreeCams. All videos have a token amount at the end of each. 

3) You can purchase the higher priced video on clips and forward me your e-mail purchase to and request the second FREE video direct from me. 

4) You can "tribute" on clips for the higher priced video and e-mail me your tribute e-mail at and request the second FREE video direct from me. 

5) You can send an Amazon gift card for the higher priced video to and request your two videos direct from me. 

Whichever is easier for you. >:) Questions?* Please e-mail me! 

Thank you and I look forward to pleasing you. Can we hit that goal before September 1st!?

Lots of love & thanks, 
Brooke Marie 

*Sorry but this does not apply to previously purchased clips! Begins 3pm est. on 8/29/2014. Le NOW! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Blipsub! I am so very geeked about the Polaroid camera and film. I just don't think there is anything like the original and I can't wait to use it!!!! BEYOND EXCITED!!! Super duper EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I can't believe I have not cracked it open yet but when I am feeling 110% better you had better believe I'll be sending some your way. :*) Thank you for encouraging that creative side. MeOW! More photos in your inbox!!! 

Oh Ronnie dearest.

I can't even begin to say how nice it was to get out of the house last week and get my nails done. I don't usually treat myself like that so you gave me the perfect excuse! It definitely made me feel better. =) As always, I can't begin to describe my thankfulness Ronnie dearest. :*) :*) :*) 

Thank you Jordi!

Thank you sooooo much Jordi for this sexy blue dress & slinky fabulous heels (and the thong too *giggle*)! It was so fun to pick out an outfit for you & me for your very own custom video. I have no doubt the pleasure was all mine. :*) I'll be seeing you very soon! Many more photos in your inbox. Enjoy! 

Dogs Cats

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coming right up!

A few thank you's & a custom video in this sexy blue dress! Thanks to everyone for being so patient. <3

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

That ONE time...

So...this is so embarrassing. Recently at a family function it was brought about that "one time you had to jack off your dog." In which I then had to tell the story in detail because I am not sure anyone wants that title without any sort of explanation behind it. This happened New Years Day 2014. I can't believe I never shared this with you guys but then again, I can. I woke up New Years Day to this most awful sound coming from Ryner downstairs. Now every mother, fur child or humanoid, knows that certain cry when something is truly wrong. I think I actually transposed through the floors at the rate I made it downstairs. To discover that my yet to be fixed male dog's penis had gotten so erect it was stuck. Yes, stuck. Blood rushing into this massive dog erection with no place to go. I called my vet on her emergency line (and thank goodness she had just become my vet the day before!!! I've never known any other vet to have a personal emergency line and thank god she did...) it went to voice-mail and as calmly as I could, I left a detailed explanation. She called me back within a few minutes, laughing mind you in which I found immediately infuriating because I wasn't sure what possibly could be funny at this moment. My dog's dong is stuck and I have no idea what to do with it while also coming to the realization that AM I going to have to do it? Then she shocks me and asks if there is an lubricant in the house (I think my eyes are so wide at this point I am not sure what to compare them to.) I had to think for a second and had gotten me some organic lubricant before from my wishlist that had yet to be broken in. Well...lucky for Ryner...he was the first. So the vet proceeded to tell me to rub the lubricant on my dogs dick and cox it back inside. Yes. I did it. It all happened so quickly I didn't even have time to think if someone saw me if I would go to jail or ask if there was possibly any other way around this. I just...went for it. Then after it was all said and done, I just sort of sat there and thought. Well. Hi, 2014. This...this is how it's going to be this year, eh? And...that is has. 


I remember seeing this movie in the 3rd grade and my parents did not allow us to watch really any TV especially not such grand masterpieces as such. AND then they showed this to us AT SCHOOL. I think I didn't breathe the entire 104 minutes it was on. If only some video camera would have captured my face back then it would probably have been reminiscent of The Reaping...

Friday, August 8, 2014

I know...

I've been rather quiet lately. Truth being I just haven't been feeling so great. I really try to not complain because I have much to be thankful for, but truth being ^. I did want to, however check in with you guys and see how all of you are doing? I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I miss you! I really do. I hope in the coming weeks I can get back to some sort of "normal." I did want to say thank you to those that have ordered customs and those that have been patient to complete their orders currently, you guys don't even know how helpful it is to me when you show me your compassion like you have. I deliver, always. But, I know you guys know that! I can't even begin to describe the many ways I am thankful for each and every one of you. Those that I continue to keep in touch with and those that have lost touch, know that I think of you often. My fans are my friends...they are my family. You support me in so many ways and just know that I am extremely grateful. 

That's all I am going to say for now, next time I have a super funny story from New Years Day that somehow escaped the archives. I only just remembered because it embarrassingly got told at a family function not too long ago. Not sure I should even tell you the might raise some eyebrows without the proper explanation to follow. Stay tuned! I know you'll be back. >;) It's too good not to...

Much love, 


Custom Video- Sweet JOI Foot Fetish Seduction.
"This video was a custom request and the name Dan is used throughout. What was requested: A wet white T-shirt with tight jeans, jerk off instruction/encouragement, strip to full nude, with a focus on feet/foot worship, ending with a demand to cum on my soles." Sometimes even my sweet nature fools me. *wink*