Friday, August 29, 2014

Clean up, everybody clean up! Ok. Just me.

Ready for like...the most boring blog ever? I just want to do some "clean up" and notifications real quick. 

1) Custom content will be changing in the next 1-2 months. I will notify you of when this change takes place. At the least 1 month (that's end of September) from now and at the most 2 months from now (that's end of October). It will affect the type of content provided. If you are looking for a custom that follows my current guidelines please take that into consideration here! That is all that will be said on that topic currently!

2) Yes, I need to update my wishlist! I've been asked by a number of you to add more items (clothing, etc.) So I will try to do that soon. Thank you for your continued interest in my smillleessss. I just can't help it I am super practical. Like...shower kits n' shit. 

3) I will be opening up at least 2 more clip stores. The second to remain a secret for a bit longer still! The first is going to be fetish related. I have had a lot of questions and requests for more fetish type videos and throughout the time Vikki and I have had our fetish store I have really enjoyed it! I would say my fetish videos will be more geared towards sensual-innocent themed-dominance than super mean bitch, although ha-ha that can come out too. I have found an intriguing interest in exploring my dominate side and I can't wait to share it with you guys. I've heard before it's those innocent looking one's you have to look out for...I will still offer my "vanilla" store but for a time that is going to change also. More on that later on down the road. 

4) Customs & thank you's are not currently caught up with. So if you have not received yours it's still coming. Should be by Sunday/early next week at the latest. As you guys know I never forget about you. I am just like a turtle lately. Slowly and steadily winning the race...I think. 

5) There is a BOGO (Buy one get one) SALE going on in my clips store until September 1st. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions! 

6) I probably will not be on live cam for awhhillleee. I can't really put a timeline on it but that's where I am at with that for now. If that changes I will be sure to let you guys know. I also still do not offer Skype. Unless you're a unicorn. 

7) Along with opening up a fetish clips store I hope to also in the next 2+ months open up a NiteFlirt account. I've always heard so much about "your voice!" So I figured I can't deprive you guys of that...I am unsure if Skype will then be offered or not. 

8) OH! Panties will be back soon too. Will create a tab for their special selves. Hooray!

Soooo lots to think about! If you have questions or feedback. You know where to reach me. 


....and oh my stars this blog finally ended. >:P 

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