Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Well another year Birthmica comes to a close and another year older. It's strange I do not feel 27...I kept trying to tell everyone I was 28? I am not sure if that is because my birthday lands on the 28th or I'd really just like to be 28 already. For some reason 27 isn't resonating with me. Not in a bad way or good way, I just rather feel 28. That makes no sense. But, that's why you are here reading my blog. :D 

I spent my birthday weekend at a cabin in the woods. The very same woods Vikki and I use to play in as children. When the winter snow would fall we would run through the woods and pretend as if we were in Narnia. A very special place to me that this cabin was recently was built in. By a man down the road we spent a lot of time with as kids. He is 95 now. We use to go to his and his wife's (now passed) home when we visited our own grandparents. She would bake us cookies, we would play with her vintage wooden and metal toys, and sometimes watch a cartoon. The man's daughter brought him by so I could see him this weekend and he got choked up telling me how Vikki and I use to climb up into his lap. *smiles* Could this experience get any more special!? It's a very nostalgic place to me and it was so sweet of him to allow me to rent it for the weekend. It will always be a very special memory for me...

I also went to the county fair which always has landed on Vikki and I's birthday week. I love going to the fair! Just not any fair though, this fair. It's so fun to see all the animals, ride some rides, play some games and win a teddy bear from china that looks like it's been owned by someone else already. You know, normal fair stuff. Oh also have one fair food item. Ok. Maybe two. 

Went to a country concert at the fair with some friends and enjoyed my actual birth"day" with my parents eating pizza and having a birthday brownie. Vikki and I were apart this year on our birthdays and I don't think that will happen again if we can help it. Definitely felt like something was missing! Twin problems. (I know isn't that skirt obnoxious?! Totally in love with it. :D When in Rome...) I also would like to thank all of you who either took the time to say Happy Birthday or lovingly sent a gift. Thank you so so much, it truly made my day. I appreciate you! Lots & lots of thank you's coming up on the blog very soon! 

I have time for one of the questions asked and the rest will be answered in due time. Question from Matt through e-mail Q: "If you had the chance to go back in time and change one thing, what would you change?" 

A: Yes, there is one thing I would change and only one thing. Although for reasons of keeping other's privacy I cannot go into the details too much but I will try to explain the best I can. There are times in your life where large events define you and there are times in life where that large event ends up not being a defining moment for you, but for others. I will try to make this make more sense by explaining what I wish that I know now, that I would have known then. Follow your heart. Listen to what you truly want and do not let others define that for you. I am not talking about choosing pizza toppings here. I am talking about big life decisions or events that you look forward to your entire life only to have them crash down around you with you left wondering what went wrong. I wish I would have had the voice I have now, to be the person I needed to be then. I wish I would not have been so concerned about other's happiness but recognized what Brooke needed to be happy herself. I spent many years of my life trying to make other people happy. (Psssst. Big life lesson here. It.never.works.) I wish I would not have been so concerned with how other people felt and more concerned about how I felt. If we let other people take the reigns on our life and our path, we will end up somewhere, lost, unhappy and wondering how we got there. I ended up somewhere I definitely did not want to be. So without losing my integrity for still being the sensitive natured person I am, I went on a journey to find myself. I am still on that journey. But I am on my path and it's hard and it's beautiful and it's rewarding. Most importantly though, I am not on someone else's. I have had to make some very hard decisions however, I am extremely grateful for the events that led me here. So in the end, no. I don't think I would change one thing. Not one single thing. I'm too happy to be here. In this moment. Right now. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Custom Content

Just completed three very different custom requests and I enjoyed each one! It's not too late to request yours here before things change. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

*swoon* or should I say sway...or swing?

George. George. George. I am so smiley due to your birthday present to me. I have been a patient girl, but I guess it just so happens I have the perfect reason for it now. :*) Your birthday gift means the world to me and I can't wait to show it to you in it's natural habitat. So so happy. Truly a very special item to be treasured for always! It won't be here for probably a month yet, but I will be sure to let you know when it arrives! More photos in your inbox! 

Shiny shiny.

Thank you to Stephen for clothing me in this shiny number. I look forward to the clip I will make in this and the clip you will receive for gifting it to me! Still making it through the HSP book but then up next is a fun book...yours! Thank you for being such a gem! 

One of my favorite things to do...

...is to shop in an actual store. Yes, I know that sounds strange but most of my daily happenings actually exist online! Work & ordering life necessities from Amazon. Goodness, what would we do without that company. 

So when Martin sent me a gift card to Victoria's Secret I was especially geeked! I spent a good hour+ touching all the sweatpants to decide which one would be coming home with me. Honestly, it's the simple things. Ha-ha! I sent Martin photos of what I tried on in the store but wanted to snap some more pictures to show my thanks! It really made my day/week/month. These are very comfy and always in the wash...because I wear them too much. =X Thank you! More photos in your inbox! (I also wanted to show you the riding style leggings you bought me as I think they escaped the last photos! Bad pants, bad.) Thank you Martin! 

Ken opened a can of worms...

A couple months ago I started talking about opening up a fetish store. Thing was I was lacking in shiny attire. Not to worry Ken to the rescue. I gave Ken total say on what to buy. He did a great job. *beams proudly* Only one item from Japan didn't fit. Don't worry punishment won't be too harsh due to the fact all these other outfits are fabulous! I am thinking though Ken might not have realized what he created. I now have plenty of outfits to start my long awaited solo fetish store. Not that a girl doesn't need more of course. I love being dressed up by you. My favorite item are the money pants. I am already laughing about what that video is going to entail...So many more photos in your inbox in each outfit. Lucky you. Lucky me. Thank you Ken! (Oh. p.s. the black lace up one...ya I am going to need your help with that one? k. Thanks.)

The sexiest backpack you ever did see...

This is one sexy backpack! Thank you C for providing it for my trip next weekend to a cabin in the woods. I am pretty excited but will probably decide to wear clothes unlike these photos. I mean dunno, what do you think? I am such a bad girl I can't help myself. However, you know that because I saw you lovin' on my clips store the other day. *sly smile* Back to the task at hand...this back pack and I thank you. It's sure to be provide all the room this Princess could need to rough it in the wilderness. Glamping awaits! (More photos in your inbox once you DM me your e-mail ya twat. =) 

Brooke to the...I mean Wonder Woman to the rescue!

I do not normally wear costumes but this one is super sexy! HUGE thanks to Ronnie for providing it. I didn't know just how much I would love it until I slipped into it. I think it looks quite super don't you? Also Ronnie, thank you for the early birthday gift with a Spa Finder gift card. Seriously thee best. You're too good to me and I don't even know how to express my thanks any longer except for a huge blushing smile and a pop in my step. You're amazing. Thanks for taking care of me. More photos in your inbox. :*) 

Much love, 

Danke Matt!

Matt got me good. He said he wanted to send a surprise. (Matt is German by the way...) He asked for my measurements so I am thinking wow he is ordering some custom lingerie. Pressure's on I had better measure right and didn't think anything else of it until this little beauty arrived in the mail. Matt made sure to give me a lot of shit during the World Cup. Congratulations Germany and Matt...you fooled me well! More photos in your inbox! And, oh I love the jersey. =) Thank you so very much! I look forward to sporting it proudly about town...in your honor! 

OH! And I know I posted to you on twitter but Ryner really loves his new ball. =) 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Q/A from Twitter

@TheGreatJizzo asks "Do you ever worry that because your life isn't the social norm you miss out on shared experiences w/the rest of the world? I sometimes feel a detachment from artist friends when I talk about life in an office. It's strange. Like a different species." 

I do not "worry" per say but I do think it does make life more challenging to navigate in some ways. However, as time goes on and I grow and understand much more about myself and my surroundings I am better equipped to not let this factor affect me or let it make me feel like I am "missing out." (FOMO!)

Shared experiences come in so many different forms. I try not to put too much stock/energy/emotion into the fact that my job in particular isn't really all that suited for table talk or that most everyone I know in my life understands very little if anything at all about my job and what it entails. It can be isolating and some people can use that very information to try and make you feel less of a person or that you're doing something "wrong." (I think this is going to lead to a bunny trail blog...stay with me!) Although I do not speak with many other cam models or people "in the biz" I think because I have Vikki and we are so close that I am very lucky to have someone to "talk shop" with that understands 110%. I truly think that makes a huge difference. I do talk with one other cam model a lot and she knows just about everything there is to know about me. Yet, it's only two people you think...It's so important to have those people in your life no matter what or how many. There doesn't need to be a bajillion of them. Even one person can make all the difference of feeling "detached." 

I also only surround myself with people that truly accept me for me. No strings attached. No judgement. Therefor we don't need to be talking about my job, their job etc. to feel connected to each other. In all honesty it's not usually the main conversation in my conversations with others anyhow. Although I will say, most everyone in my life who is aware of my job choice has NEVER treated me any differently and has a genuine interest in my work as I do theirs when the topic flows that way. Except one. However, that's a story for another day. You learn some things real quick or you take a really long time to learn them, but either way you'll realize someday what it's worth. There are people who will build you up or there are people who will try to tear you down, either way in the end. You will thank them both. 

I think that every job, every culture, even the household down the road lives to the beat of a different drum and that's what is so beautiful about life. We can learn something from every person we meet. We don't need to see or view it as we are different or that we feel like a different species based on a job choice. I hold the closest relationship with someone who has a job that scares the shit out of me ha-ha! 0 job relation there to mine (they couldn't be any more different) however, we couldn't be any closer. We are all human. We all feel the same feelings because of different yet similar, experiences. From the lawyer in his office surrounded by stacks of papers to the girl serving burgers surrounded by stacks of fries. Each has felt sadness, regret, happiness, and much more. 

If we all just started seeing each other just a little more in the light of our own experiences mixed with the same compassion we wish we were awarded with we would see we have so much more in common than "Hey what do you do for a living?" and lets therefor define you by it. It's funny that's usually the first if not second question someone asks the other when they are meeting for the first time. What if we began that conversation with "Hey, I'm Alex what has been the most emotionally charged experience of your life?", "Hey, I'm Jen what did you dream about doing as a child?" Watch their eyes light up. If you notice, most people get pretty tense when asked about work anyhow. Unless they've found their "work/job" to be their passion, which that's a pretty special thing to experience on this earth. 

So, no I do not feel like I am missing out. I find shared experiences through yoga. Through my family. Through reading books. Through listening to a complete stranger tell me their deepest fears. We all feel fear at times. We don't need to have had the same experience to connect on that feeling...we all know how that feels. Just as we don't need the same/similar job to connect on a deeper level and have a shared experience with others. We only just have to open our minds, hearts, and arms. I do feel like I have been met with challenges and lessons of life far beyond what I ever thought I'd deal with due to my job. I am who I am today because of them. I am eternally grateful. 

What's the definition of normal anyhow? Wait, Brad don't answer that. 

(Sincere thanks for the question Mr. Brad! It was a great topic to think about. I hope this brings some insight and even helps you to connect with those artist friends and Vice Versa. After all those artist types are like cheetahs...very unpredictable ;) 

[This is from a user through direct message on twitter so I will keep their name private] asks " What was the deciding factor for you to get into webcamming?" 

Ooooo baby. The deciding factor. I won't go into too much detail here as there is quite a bit of information elsewhere on this blog on this topic. Some of it found here. I am trying to think what it was that "pushed me over the edge" per say but there really wasn't that one "ah-ha" or "light-bulb" moment. I remember discussing it a lot with Vikki (who was very on board as soon as she found out about it. However, it was me who needed the convincing.) There was not even any particular reason I needed convincing (that I can remember) other than I needed to think about it for awhile first. I can't remember either if that "awhile" was 2 minutes, weeks or months ha-ha! Just kidddinggg. It was in weeks I do believe. In general I take a long time to make decisions anyhow, this not being any different. Hmmmm. *thinks* I guess I would have to say the person I was dating at the time was the biggest part of the deciding factor. I don't usually talk about relationships but here I will in brief. I discussed it with the S/O a lot and we came to a decision together that it seemed like a perfectly fine thing to do. Off I went and here I am almost 8 years later! 

I am off to take a nice steamy shower now. I'll leave you with that thought...until next time...Tweet/DM/E-mail me your questions and you might see it here on the blog next time you stop by. Thanks for being you! Namafuckingsste. Namaste for the newbs. In short. The light in me honors the light in you. Enjoy your night! Shine on my tiddlywinks. Cha. Cha. Cha. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014


IF you send a gift card for any of the American Apparel items on my wish-list you'll receive any & all clips videos in those outfits as my thanks! (please don't forget shipping.) P.S. I really want to be a bra-less ballerina. *sly smile* 



Saturday, September 6, 2014

Popping in to say Hi!

I don't think I mentioned but I have 4 guests staying with me this weekend and currently they are at a wedding so I decided to upload a video to clips and say hello to all of you lovies. I feel a little bit like a rebellious teen sneaking out of the house ha-ha! They should return soon...*plays jaws music* 

Right now there are kids screaming in the woods and I am not sure if I should be alarmed or not. Sort of sounds like a re-make of Cabin Fever...well good luck to them. 

Vikki and I had the chance to make custom videos along with some clip videos the other day and I really need to grab the blooper video from her. It get's a bit ridiculous when we get together. Although I can see why we were tapped for a reality show earlier this year...we did not accept. Many of you asked us "Why?!" with I am sure horrified looks on your faces that we wouldn't run at the slightest chance of being the "next Kardashians." Frankly we don't want to be the next anyone...we just want to thrift, garden, and play putt- putt golf once in awhile (Ok...we enjoy other things too, like being notoriously naughty on the internet but you already knew that!). But we like to do so, quietly. Without cameras. It also was because it was not a format we were looking for. We don't like to invite chaos or drama into our lives unnecessarily and we wouldn't want to drag family and friends into some fabricated life style. A lot of why Vikki and I enjoy being online so much is we can be genuine and real with all of our fans. To be anything but would be like trying to be an someone or something we are not and frankly we like being unicorns...never aging unicorns. Barb & Bonita. If there was a legit documentary presented to us I think we would consider that. However, there will not be a Brooke & Vikki reality TV show coming to Bravo! or E! anytime soon...please don't cry! We went shopping afterwards and looked around for 2+ hours filling the cart with items from carefully picked home decor to household items only to leave with...a broom. Now you should cry. Our shopper gene is broken...someone fix it. Someone said what do you do at the grocery store? I said oh don't you worry about that. We don't mess around with food. Wildabeastssssss. 

If you are crying turn those tears into tears of joy because I just uploaded my longest custom video yet to my clips store and it's seriously quite...bad. I am a bad bad girlfriend in a very very good way. You'll see! That's sure to make you smile right??? 30 freakin' minutes! Can you last? 

Thank you Georgie!

The infamous shorts have made their appearance and me oh my they were worth the wait! Snug as a bug in a rug these cheeks. Thank you for supporting Sashhhhaaaaa. More photos in your inbox! =) 

Thank you blipsub!

Thank you so much for the book blipsub...I know how much it pleases you to please me! Feels good doesn't it? >;) 

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