Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ken opened a can of worms...

A couple months ago I started talking about opening up a fetish store. Thing was I was lacking in shiny attire. Not to worry Ken to the rescue. I gave Ken total say on what to buy. He did a great job. *beams proudly* Only one item from Japan didn't fit. Don't worry punishment won't be too harsh due to the fact all these other outfits are fabulous! I am thinking though Ken might not have realized what he created. I now have plenty of outfits to start my long awaited solo fetish store. Not that a girl doesn't need more of course. I love being dressed up by you. My favorite item are the money pants. I am already laughing about what that video is going to entail...So many more photos in your inbox in each outfit. Lucky you. Lucky me. Thank you Ken! (Oh. p.s. the black lace up one...ya I am going to need your help with that one? k. Thanks.)

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