Thursday, September 18, 2014

One of my favorite things to do... to shop in an actual store. Yes, I know that sounds strange but most of my daily happenings actually exist online! Work & ordering life necessities from Amazon. Goodness, what would we do without that company. 

So when Martin sent me a gift card to Victoria's Secret I was especially geeked! I spent a good hour+ touching all the sweatpants to decide which one would be coming home with me. Honestly, it's the simple things. Ha-ha! I sent Martin photos of what I tried on in the store but wanted to snap some more pictures to show my thanks! It really made my day/week/month. These are very comfy and always in the wash...because I wear them too much. =X Thank you! More photos in your inbox! (I also wanted to show you the riding style leggings you bought me as I think they escaped the last photos! Bad pants, bad.) Thank you Martin! 

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