Saturday, September 6, 2014

Popping in to say Hi!

I don't think I mentioned but I have 4 guests staying with me this weekend and currently they are at a wedding so I decided to upload a video to clips and say hello to all of you lovies. I feel a little bit like a rebellious teen sneaking out of the house ha-ha! They should return soon...*plays jaws music* 

Right now there are kids screaming in the woods and I am not sure if I should be alarmed or not. Sort of sounds like a re-make of Cabin Fever...well good luck to them. 

Vikki and I had the chance to make custom videos along with some clip videos the other day and I really need to grab the blooper video from her. It get's a bit ridiculous when we get together. Although I can see why we were tapped for a reality show earlier this year...we did not accept. Many of you asked us "Why?!" with I am sure horrified looks on your faces that we wouldn't run at the slightest chance of being the "next Kardashians." Frankly we don't want to be the next anyone...we just want to thrift, garden, and play putt- putt golf once in awhile (Ok...we enjoy other things too, like being notoriously naughty on the internet but you already knew that!). But we like to do so, quietly. Without cameras. It also was because it was not a format we were looking for. We don't like to invite chaos or drama into our lives unnecessarily and we wouldn't want to drag family and friends into some fabricated life style. A lot of why Vikki and I enjoy being online so much is we can be genuine and real with all of our fans. To be anything but would be like trying to be an someone or something we are not and frankly we like being unicorns...never aging unicorns. Barb & Bonita. If there was a legit documentary presented to us I think we would consider that. However, there will not be a Brooke & Vikki reality TV show coming to Bravo! or E! anytime soon...please don't cry! We went shopping afterwards and looked around for 2+ hours filling the cart with items from carefully picked home decor to household items only to leave with...a broom. Now you should cry. Our shopper gene is broken...someone fix it. Someone said what do you do at the grocery store? I said oh don't you worry about that. We don't mess around with food. Wildabeastssssss. 

If you are crying turn those tears into tears of joy because I just uploaded my longest custom video yet to my clips store and it's seriously quite...bad. I am a bad bad girlfriend in a very very good way. You'll see! That's sure to make you smile right??? 30 freakin' minutes! Can you last? 

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