Monday, October 27, 2014


NEW FETISH VIDEO! "Custom Video - JOI Games"

*Boop Boop Boop*

That's been one of my favorite words/sayings as of late. I know, that doesn't make any sense. =D shall! 

I have been getting so so many e-mails asking some pretty broad questions. "How are you?" "How is the house?" "How are the pets?" I have to be honest, you guys want to really hear about that? Ha-ha-ha! However, since I seriously have been getting these questions almost every day I thought it might pose as a good start for a blog. I also have to be honest, that I can't individually answer those questions as much as I have been getting them. So know I read your e-mails and appreciate them more than you know. Truth is I have been very swamped with customs and clips, so much that it's all I have been doing, thinking, breathing. That's most certainly not a complaint, I just have to prioritize in ways I have not before. 

Let's start with "How are you?" 

I am doing well, for the most part. I have to say I think I have definitely bitten off more than I can chew this month! Regarding multiple things, but opening the fetish store definitely took some focus amongst my current and growing commitments. I am so happy with it though! Plus all of your guys' support and patience, I could not have done it without you. It's been going really well so far and I have been having way too much fun creating content.! I will leave that question there for now, in the next week or so I will elaborate. So let the games begin. >:D

"How is the house?" 

*trots off to go ask* Ok, the house. Well it is the changing seasons here so there has been no lack of things to do to prepare for what we hope isn't Armageddon 2. I have aptly named our previous winter Armageddon 1. That was much wow and they seem to say we are getting another similar one...let's hope they are bloody lying. I also am surrounded by trees so let's just say there are more than 3 leaves that have fallen. As far as projects go I have been working on a couple. One is almost done, more on that later. The other is the living room. I have bought paint and successfully stared at the walls for about a month. Don't worry they'll paint themselves they said...One thing that IS doing it itself is I am having a built-in installed on the far wall. Thankfully the measurements were taken, deposit given, and they won't return until installation day which is early November. Score! It will have taken them 45 days to create it so I am quite looking forward to this. My living room has looked more like a college dorm room mid-summer after everyone has moved out for awhile now, but I wanted to save and make sure to do it exactly how I wanted to for fear of re-doing things later. So there is a couch, TV and Ryner's bed/toys in here. Could play Twister there's so much empty space. =D Naked twister-duh! 

Other than that, definitely no plans of moving like I had thought late spring/mid summer. My focus has shifted solely to this big, beautiful, and unique house that I hope to have many years in making it a loving cozy home to creating lasting memories in. 1,2,3 *collective awwww* 

"How are the pets?" 

Ready for a novel? Well most prominently in my head is that the other day Ryner decided to go outside of his invisible fence/my yard. I had left him home with my Mom while I ran a quick errand. Unknowingly he had followed my car out of the driveway, down the road, and thankfully stopped at the house on the corner and did not go into the very busy main road. Long story short, no one lives at this house as it is for sale and thankfully some guy a street over (off the main road) saw him there and knew no one lived there. So he picked him up and put him in his fenced yard. Thing being he just had his invisible fence collar on which I never had any thought to have tags on because well, he has never left the yard. No number or address on there for anyone to know who he belonged to. (Big lesson learned there). When I got home he was missing of course, I ran down the road, through the woods (to Grandmother's house we go! Ok, I can only joke now but then I was a distraught mess!) and then my parents and I started driving the roads...Of course as fate would have it we ended up on the road over and we would stop every so often to call for him. A guy was riding on his lawn mower and stopped us, he was the guy who saw Ryner at the vacant house. *Everyone breathe* Whew...

The household has definitely been more calm and I have no doubt in my mind it was the very best decision to adopt out Bruce and Hank. It was only a few weeks ago Hank was adopted out and he actually still see's the vet I go to, so that was really nice to hear. Loca has been better (for the most part) and Batman is back to playing happily. No more pets for a very long time (if ever) that is for sure. I have had to permanently separate the cats and the dog though. I had this nifty gate that had a cat door (supaaaa proud of it) but little miss Loca (aka bitch face) has been getting quite brave in going after Ryner, defeating my purpose of seeking out a better and more balanced household for all. So the cat door is now shut (like Jesus's tomb was) and it's going to take more than a miracle for me to open it. Thankfully they don't jump it, it is quite high and "see through mesh" so I think they aren't confident enough to. I do have to somehow rig up an extra rod on either side so Loca does not squeeze through on the side. Iy yi yi I tell ya. Right now there are pillows and miraculously Ryner has not deemed them worthy of a swift death. If anyone has ever owned a calico cat (Loca) then that paragraph made all the sense in the world, if you have not just trust me and go for fluffy Fred in the corner. Black & a male preferably. Calico ='s run. Fast. This is the part where I say but I love her anyways. 

ohmygosh I just thought of yet another story of Ryner trying to eat the neighbors white fluffy shit kicker dog, alas I must (I had 3 appointments today-who does that? ME!) In his defense it came in our yard, so well. Ya. Story for next time...remind me! Weeeeeeeeeee. 

So there we have it. I HOPE YOU'RE SATISFIED!!! 

See you all soon. *smiles* 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE - Fetish Store Sneak Preview

I'm working on my fetish store and I'd thought since all of you have been so patient I'd give you a sneak preview into what it is exactly I am working on. 

At this very moment I am staring at the 5 different photo sets that give a clue as to what will be the first 5 videos to hit my store. I'll show you a few here...(Clips4Sale requires 10 clips to be an active store. Tut-tut almost there!) 

Although this link is not active it! It's going to be your lifeline. 

That's all for now. Lots to do! Enjoy the photos and remember no touching yourself for can tribute lots of places until the store above is active. Figure it out. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thank you Chris!

Whew. So many hot outfits so little time. Thank you so very much for the Victoria's Secret gift card. It was so fun to do a little shopping for some sexy items. I think my favorite might be the Sexy Little Bride outfit but then again I love the cheetah print too (something innocent about it ;) andddd these boots. Can't go wrong there. I think these photos speak for themselves BUT the one's in your e-mail might speak even more. *giggle* 

Thank you Chris!

Chriiissss. Thank you so much for the Victoria's Secret gift card and the duvet insert!!! I found this vintage duvet cover thrifting one day while I was living in Chicago and just adore it's whimsical feel. It was such a joy to finally put it together. I love it, it's so cozy. Mentioning cozy, I could not resist these comfy grey sweats and blue zip up hoodie from VS. Also tye dye panties (I'm a sucker for tye hippie at heart.)  So overall, I'd say you know the way to my heart. Comfort. =P And food. Lots of food. Victoria's Secret ran out though...maybe next time. Hope you enjoy all of the sexy photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Jon!!!

First off, so happy to see you back around these parts. I sure do miss when some of you fade away although I certainly understand, just know I miss ya and think of you often. Back to these shoes! SO  so so so hot. But, let me tell you ha-ha they certainly make you work for their hotness. Good thing Miss Vikki was over to assist me in getting them on! It was....comical. Suppose we should have recorded that. >:D At least I know if I want to wear them I'll have to find an assistant from now on, Miss Vikki to the rescue! Or else I'll be stuck in super hot shoes all day. Shame. =P 


Not so innocent...


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thank you blipsub!

Smug as a bug in a rug. >:D I know how much you like to keep us ladies looking fabulous but I do hope you know how much it excites me to also feed the birds. It's already half gone!!! They have been loving it. I really enjoy it too. Ok. I am not sure who enjoys it more. However, nice job. You made Princess smile! Many more smiles for you in your inbox!!! 

Thank you WING!

WING WING WING! THANK YOU! Thank you so much for the Amazon gift card. Of course I bought practical things along with some gifts for Batman & Ryner (Loca just likes milk rings off of milk cartons). Ha! I purchased some lube (for a squeaky gate), a food ball for Batman (he needs it :I), some new mice for Batman (the squeaks sound more like a dying mouse than a happy mouse but maybe he likes that? anyhow new ones on the way!), some water filters for the cats water bowl, some vitamins, and a new toy for Ryner! Before you say I didn't get anything for myself...the vitamins are for meeeeee. *laughing* It was fun to purchase that randomness. Thank you for giving me the pleasure. I hope I have somewhat returned it with all the photos in your inbox! =D Enjoy! 

merci beaucoup Mat!

Marci Beaucoup Mat! I adore these sparkle shoeeesssss. I think they really make this outfit. I am going to be wearing these lots in videos me thinks! I like it when you make me feel like a princess. I know you like it too. *wink* Oh! The bedding came today. Time for a wash and CAN'T wait to put it on!!! It's going to look fab and you'll see it all the time in my videos and posts. Lucky you to be reminded...hehehe! Many more photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Ronnie!

Ohhh Ronnie dearest. Where to begin? You're always brightening my day even though you are so busy with work and travels. It really makes me smile to hear from you and I am extremely happy for you in my life. Thank YOU! Oh and thank you for the Amazon gift card for my birthday. I've spoiled your inbox with many more photos! I haven't picked out anything yet, will be sure to let you know when I do but it will probably be super painters tape or something. :*) *giggle* 

Thank you Matt!

Danke Matt! For the book for my birthday. I can't wait to read it. You're always so good to me, I am so grateful for your loving presence. <3 Lots more photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Pedro!

Thank you so much Pedro, I am totally in love with this American Apparel skirt! It's so well made and has such a flirty quality to it. I feel so innocent in it. (hahaha!) Ok, and a bit like a princess! Thank you so so very much, it's definitely going to get a lot of use. :*) Many more photos in your inbox! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This video was a custom request and here is the video in his words "My name is John. I am your boss and you would do anything to keep your job. You are wearing a skimpy outfit in the office. You are finally showing me what you are really made of by showing your tits. You push me back in my chair, pull my cock from my pants and start sucking." What do you think? Will I keep my job? 

Find this video here!

Get your very own custom here!

Say it out loud!


Q: @clapointe35 from twitter asks "What are your future plans in modeling/camming? Or are you happy where you stand and not gonna try anything new?

A: I would venture to say I have been trying a lot of new things. I am in the process of signing up on and in the process of creating my long awaited fetish store. Both of those things are quite new and different from what I was use to doing. Which was live camming and clips solely based on a more "vanilla" interest.
In that respect, live camming has changed also. I am not currently live camming which an announcement was made in August here and I have no plans to return any time soon. Anything beyond that i.e. porn, boy/girl content etc. no, there are definitely no plans. It is very safe to say you will not see me in porn, it is not for me or my lifestyle. I enjoy watching it from time to time but I do not wish to be a performer. I offer a lot already and I am the only one who runs everything, so I can't imagine adding anything else to be honest. A lot of times people forget that most cam girls are solely their own bosses. They are also their own make up artists, lighting gurus, techies, marketers, photographers, researchers, bloggers, tweeters, they shop for their own lingerie, toys, respond to countless e-mails, etc. the list goes on. A LOT of behind the scenes work. Especially with me since most of my work comes from custom content where I try new things every day! I don't have any kind of assistant. I wear many hats as the saying goes. The only thing I can venture to say future plans wise would be a solo site or modeling for Playboy, but both of those things are many years down the road. I am just enjoying where I am at and working hard at what is already on my plate. 

Q: @clapointe35 from twitter asks "How would you like to spend your weekend with someone special? Relaxing, making love/sexually or other...?"

A: I would spend a weekend with someone special much like I did for my birthday. At a cabin, in nature, away from electronics and lots of people. Relaxing, of course, something sexual, if it's on the menu. Not a necessity in my book. Intimacy comes in many different forms. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Q: BaronessBlackTail (from twitter) asks "Coffee or Tea?"

A: I rarely drink either, but if I were to drink one or the other always tea. I never drink coffee and 9.99/10 you will find me drinking water. No pop, juices, caffeinated drinks, etc. 

Q: @RMCG4Life (from twitter) asks "What inspires your art? What types of mediums do you enjoy using?"

A: I do have to say I have not practiced my art in about a year or so. I really miss expressing that part of myself and I hope that I'll hold the necessary space to pick it back up at some point. I enjoy drawing and photography most of all. I like to use pencil or charcoal with different types of paper. What inspires my photography when I am creating it is people and their life stories. What inspires my drawing is very simple most times. I love the human form and just the act of drawing in general, it doesn't have to be very deep conceptually. Although I've been known to create artwork around that also. Vikki always encourages me to start drawing again and share it on like she does her art. We will see what the future holds, but I have no plans right now. I'm just trying to keep up with what I have going on and fashioning my life around the mantra "simplify." I would say a lot of my current creative energy goes into decorating the house. It's a big job but someone has to do it! :*) 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Get it?

Thank you Mike!

Thank you so much Mike for the gift card to my utmost favorite place. It makes me so happy to support hand made and every item I have from Etsy means so much to me. It makes me smile whenever I pass anything in the house from someone who hand crafted it with love! I picked out this mini banner to go in my hallway upstairs. It will fit perfectly in a little spot in between two rooms. I am so excited for it! Can you tell? :*) More photos in your inbox!

Thank you Calvin!

Thank you so much for the birthday card, Calvin. You sure know how to pick them. It's hanging on my tack board in my room. :*) More photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Stephen!

Stephen! Thank you so much for thinking of Ryner. He is so in love with his new toy!!! He's been playing with it non-stop. His paw is all better now. With how he was acting I was concerned he sprained something or tore a ligament playing so rough. However, it turned out to be a very large sliver straight up into his paw. Ouch! Couple of Epson salt soaks later and it came out. He's back to his normal self and your little gift was so thoughtful, really made me smile! And Ryner too! (More photos in your inbox!)

Thank you Ed!

Thank you so much Ed for this American Apparel black sexy one piece. I sure do love it! Can't wait to make a clip in it. :*) More photos in your inbox!