Monday, October 6, 2014


Q: BaronessBlackTail (from twitter) asks "Coffee or Tea?"

A: I rarely drink either, but if I were to drink one or the other always tea. I never drink coffee and 9.99/10 you will find me drinking water. No pop, juices, caffeinated drinks, etc. 

Q: @RMCG4Life (from twitter) asks "What inspires your art? What types of mediums do you enjoy using?"

A: I do have to say I have not practiced my art in about a year or so. I really miss expressing that part of myself and I hope that I'll hold the necessary space to pick it back up at some point. I enjoy drawing and photography most of all. I like to use pencil or charcoal with different types of paper. What inspires my photography when I am creating it is people and their life stories. What inspires my drawing is very simple most times. I love the human form and just the act of drawing in general, it doesn't have to be very deep conceptually. Although I've been known to create artwork around that also. Vikki always encourages me to start drawing again and share it on like she does her art. We will see what the future holds, but I have no plans right now. I'm just trying to keep up with what I have going on and fashioning my life around the mantra "simplify." I would say a lot of my current creative energy goes into decorating the house. It's a big job but someone has to do it! :*) 

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