Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Q: @clapointe35 from twitter asks "What are your future plans in modeling/camming? Or are you happy where you stand and not gonna try anything new?

A: I would venture to say I have been trying a lot of new things. I am in the process of signing up on Niteflirt.com and in the process of creating my long awaited fetish store. Both of those things are quite new and different from what I was use to doing. Which was live camming and clips solely based on a more "vanilla" interest.
In that respect, live camming has changed also. I am not currently live camming which an announcement was made in August here and I have no plans to return any time soon. Anything beyond that i.e. porn, boy/girl content etc. no, there are definitely no plans. It is very safe to say you will not see me in porn, it is not for me or my lifestyle. I enjoy watching it from time to time but I do not wish to be a performer. I offer a lot already and I am the only one who runs everything, so I can't imagine adding anything else to be honest. A lot of times people forget that most cam girls are solely their own bosses. They are also their own make up artists, lighting gurus, techies, marketers, photographers, researchers, bloggers, tweeters, they shop for their own lingerie, toys, respond to countless e-mails, etc. the list goes on. A LOT of behind the scenes work. Especially with me since most of my work comes from custom content where I try new things every day! I don't have any kind of assistant. I wear many hats as the saying goes. The only thing I can venture to say future plans wise would be a solo site or modeling for Playboy, but both of those things are many years down the road. I am just enjoying where I am at and working hard at what is already on my plate. 

Q: @clapointe35 from twitter asks "How would you like to spend your weekend with someone special? Relaxing, making love/sexually or other...?"

A: I would spend a weekend with someone special much like I did for my birthday. At a cabin, in nature, away from electronics and lots of people. Relaxing, of course, something sexual, if it's on the menu. Not a necessity in my book. Intimacy comes in many different forms. 

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