Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thank you WING!

WING WING WING! THANK YOU! Thank you so much for the Amazon gift card. Of course I bought practical things along with some gifts for Batman & Ryner (Loca just likes milk rings off of milk cartons). Ha! I purchased some lube (for a squeaky gate), a food ball for Batman (he needs it :I), some new mice for Batman (the squeaks sound more like a dying mouse than a happy mouse but maybe he likes that? anyhow new ones on the way!), some water filters for the cats water bowl, some vitamins, and a new toy for Ryner! Before you say I didn't get anything for myself...the vitamins are for meeeeee. *laughing* It was fun to purchase that randomness. Thank you for giving me the pleasure. I hope I have somewhat returned it with all the photos in your inbox! =D Enjoy! 

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