Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oregon Trail! Let's Make a Trade!

Update 12/3/2014. The game is over...your meat has spoiled! Dun dun dunnnnnn. BUT I have been asked if I will allow other forms of payment. E-mail me & let's chat about that! Brookemariecam@gmail.com 

Who didn't play that game??? Well you're going to want to start now...don't let that meat spoil. =D Ha-ha-ha gross. Well what I can assure you won't be gross but perhaps gross in total amount could be the photos in your inbox! I hardly ever offer photos, however I think it might be fun to change that up while I am away traveling for most of December. I will offer two different "deals" but only 2 or 4 of them. So here goes! For either two weeks at $200 or 1 week at $100 you will receive DAILY photos (webcam/phone) to your e-mail/twitter(DM). Payment must be in the form of a gift card from West Elm. Found here! These will start on December 1st. Contact me at brookemariecam@gmail.com to request to be "In on the Deal!" I look forward to hearing from you soon! :*) 



So true!

Oh god...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank you Jordi!

Jordi, I do not even know where to start or even how to say thank you, Honestly! I am still in shock. Your gift was beyond words, incredibly generous, and I am still emulating it's radiance! (Pregnancy glow of course. >;) Since I am leaving for most of December I just have gotten the high chair thus far, it's suppose to arrive Wednesday. Hopefully before I have to leave town. I can't wait! After my return all bets are off, let the shopping games begin! :*) Thank you x's a million, I am forever grateful! Lots more photos in your inbox! 

Thank you Matthias!

Matthias you sure know how to pick them out! I absolutely love this lingerie set. It's so delicately delectable! Everything fits perfectly, for now! >;) Something to look forward to slinking back into this summer that's for sure. My favorite color too. How did you know?! More photos in your inbox! 



NEW VANILLA VIDEO "Fucking Your Pregnant Wife POV"

Thursday, November 20, 2014


NEW FETISH VIDEO! "Bi for Brooke- Part II "A Step Further."


Thank you Ryan!

You are SUPER sneaky!!! Picked up so many goodies at the P.O. it seemed Christmas came early! I am going to save Ryner's goodies for actual Christmas as I will be leaving most of December. However, I am laughing already at the chipmunk because he chases them so wildly in the yard. I am going to attach some fishing line and creep it around the corner ha-ha-ha-ha. Hopefully that plays out as it does in my mind. The spice racks are actually going to go in wee Brooke Marie's room as bookshelves, so naturally that gets me pretty giddy! This shirt is quite sexy if I do say so myself, has this "after-morning-stole-your-shirt type of look" look. The birds also owe you a huge thanks! Winter came very early here this year and they have been lovvingggg the new food. Its perfect! What great timing. :*) Many more photos in your inbox. Thank you so much for making my day, week, month, year! Hope to hear from you soon! 

Thank you David!

David, eh! All the way from Canada. A special thanks for making that extra effort to send me something sweet and thought out just by you. *blushing* The shirt fits great, albeit a wee bump on the front, but that's casually cute! So they tell me. Love the logo and art! The books will be great for the winter season that is upon us, as long as I don't distract myself too much "nesting" over here. Ha-ha! I do have to say they are sitting currently on the built-in that was just installed last week, so that's totally awesome! It was super fun to put them on there. Ahhhh the simple pleasures. Thank you David!!!
(Built in whoo-hoo! Now that's a nesting job! lol)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Logistical Ramblings

Hello there! I just tweeted this but I wanted to say that due to the overflowing requests on pregnant custom content I wanted to remind you all that we have 3 months and 1 week until I begin my time away from actively creating custom content & clips (There WILL be vanilla clips, twin, AND solo fetish clips made ahead of time for the duration of my 4 months away.) It is also possible this option gets taken away at anytime, this is not to rush you into some decision. It is just a fact of pregnancy, which is a roller coaster in itself. (As many of you know and if you don't that's OK too...there are just so many factors that we won't go into that here!) I look forward to continuing work through February 2015 as long as everything outside my control allows me to. So far everything is great. Wee Brooke Marie and I are healthy, happy, and in prep mode! My only wish is that it continues that way all the way through. :*)

I wanted to make a note also...as I did in my original blog posting "A Wee Brooke Marie" that I am not answering questions related to "When are you due?" So asking me how far along I am...is the same question. I am not saying this to be stuck up, I am saying this because with as much as I do share online (and enjoy doing so!) there are things I wish to keep for myself. If for some reason this question pertains to your custom content please rephrase in a way that is helpful for us both. Are you curious about movement? Yes, there is lots of movement! Truth being all women show very differently at each and every stage. If you had to take a guess, you'd probably be far off if you started comparing me to "most women." Anyhow...we all know I am not like most women. >:) I am much more difficult...or am I? 

With that being said, I must say I am beyond floored and grateful for the outpouring of support and congratulations. As always you guys continue to surprise me each and every step of the way. A special thanks to Jordi whom sent this treasure to my e-mail the morning following the announcement. I was such in shock I just started crying (not fair fight Jordi! Ha-ha) and was speechless the entire day. I still am. I can't begin to even describe my thankfulness and the level of gratitude I feel. Preparing for the arrival of wee Brooke Marie is very exciting but as I have said previously, I'd be lying if being a first time Mom seemed easy or stress free. There is SO much to do before the big day! The sooner the better for everything to be ready or "prepped" for the little one = the even more relaxed I can be. This helped ease those feelings and that is indescribable. 

It seems these days I have appointments almost every day! For myself, a pet, or otherwise. That being said Batman is getting surgery Wednesday morning. He went in for his check up and has to have a couple of teeth removed. Poor guy! Poor fur Mom! 

Can you guys believe it's Thanksgiving next week? (whoops...should I have not said anything?)

OH! This is tentative (but very possible) I will be going on a trip most of December. This means I will be shooting content from my hotel room through the 19th of December. If this interests you in some way (concerning custom content, etc) please let me know! I have already been having WAY too much fun thinking of pregnancy related videos! "Pregnant Hotel Maid Visits Your Room" and the list goes on! A few of you mentioned sending tokens of love for Christmas. If anything is ordered on my wishlist or wee Brooke Marie's wishlist during that time not to worry, Vikki will be a dear and pick it up for us!  

Well that was mostly logistical and quite boring. However, I think I have sent enough shock waves in the past week to tide you over for a bit! Time for wee Brooke Marie and I to enjoy a fire whilst being snowed in (already!) boop. boop. boop.

Love, Momma-2-b, Brooke Marie 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

By request-wee Brooke Marie's Wish-Prep List

By request! wee Brooke Marie's Wish-Prep List. I have already received so many sweet e-mails/DM's etc. congratulating and asking to be able to help/support in some way. I must say I am f-l-o-o-r-e-d by ALL of it. I could not have imagined all of the love from each and every one of you. I can't begin to explain how it makes me feel! I was so nervous to share and now I don't even know why. Thank you all so much for that!!! Many of you know what an exciting yet overwhelming time becoming a parent can be, and I won't even try to throw glitter at that statement because it's certainly the truth! I have been keeping my own list for awhile now and have decided enough of you have asked for it within a day that I would copy it all over and share it publicly. As always, never expected but always brings a smile to my face (and especially at this time a wee weight off me shoulders mate'y.) But, you already know all that from my current wishlist tab, don't you! Any questions, as always please let me know. I will leave this wishlist up for at least a couple of months. With utmost gratitude. 

Momma2B (Brooke Marie) 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you Ronnie!!!

Ronnie bo-bonnie-so-sanie. THANK YOU!!! So much for Ryner's trunk blanket/cover and the gate (it's going to be very useful for making sure he doesn't get overly excited at the crying noises I have no doubt I'll be hearing. I mean...no...not from wee Brooke Marie! Never!) It's all installed and he actually does not seem to mind it...whew. One hurdle down and one more thing "prepped." I sort of feel like I am on the set of "Doomsday Preppers" as of late. Ha-ha! But, that's a different story! You are always putting a smile on my face and going out of your way to do so within your crazy busy schedule. Thank you, I really do appreciate it more than you might ever know! Miss you bunches! (lots more photos in your inbox!)

A wee Brooke Marie :*)

Well I have most certainly been playing Houdini as of late...well actually for awhile now! Without further ado...I/we are expecting a wee Brooke Marie! I couldn't be more excited to have the chance to share part of this journey with all of you. 

This means that *gasp* custom content changes will be posted (finally! you say...however probably not what you were expecting. I sure am expecting something though. *Winkity wink*) I will detail those below and in the tab labeled "Custom Content." Yes, I will continue working probably till about March. From there on out I will be taking some time away to enjoy the arrival of little one and tend to his/her needs. I anticipate creating content ahead of time to tide us all over until my return. I imagine sometime around June or July 2015. I will still pop in to say hello on twitter and here on my blog but my presence will be mostly required elsewhere. That it should and I feel so blessed to be able to take this chance to do so. I so look forward to meeting wee Brooke Marie and I look forward to all the joy that is to come. To be able to share a part of that with all of you is really special to me. I know not all of you will feel that way, but I feel the majority of you will continue to be the awesome people you already are. For that, I thank you. 

Some of you will be all like...

While others of you will all be like "Dreams do come true!" 

(I would like to mention at this time I won't be giving an exact "due date" or gender of wee Brooke Marie nor do I wish to give details beyond what I already have. I do welcome consciously thought out questions and curiosities about pregnancy in general but as far as intricacies into my personal life I do ask you to be respectful. While this is an extremely happy time in my life and I have chosen to share with all of you this joy, that is exactly that. My choice. To share what it is I choose and choose not to. I wish I didn't have to write that. Yuck! However, I know the rabbit hole some of you like to go down and we won't be bounding down there! *bounds up up and away*)

*Doing exactly what I should be doing...right? RIGHT!?*

So now you have it. The mystery has been solved of the growing boobsies. *bounce bounce* They are quite fun. >;) 

As far as custom content goes. I will still be producing content along similar lines although dun dun dun with my tummy tum tum. (A Christmas song is floating into my head now..."Ohhhhh...ta rum pa pum..." Little Drummer Boy! That'll be stuck in your head all day...well if it so happen to be in mine it shall be in yours too! Childish I know...I am just practicing!) I do not know for how long I will be accepting content so if you are interested in this new found discovery I suggest you to inquire sooner rather than later (this won't last forever! Whew, right? ;) Fetish content is very welcome as more "vanilla" content or toys/etc. might not be. That will just depend. I will be much more strict on what I am producing in that arena and I am not sure how much longer it will be offered. That probably does not seem super clear but I will try to be more clear on custom content tab (will be updated by this evening). While I also encourage you to send me your ideas and we can always go from there. Let's try to make some bullet points....more so for me perhaps...ha-ha!

  • No private video options will be offered (and have not been offered since 2013). Unless you're paying a hefty sum. I spend so much time doing custom content that it inhibits me from making videos for the "general public". No videos that were created in past years of "privacy" will be posted. Any videos from 2013 fall underneath the current blog posting and have a possibility of being posted. Not all, but some. It is at my discretion, I am the sole owner of my content. 

  • If you are looking for pregnancy "vanilla" videos that are more explicit in nature pricing will no longer be $10/minute but $12/minute during this time (they will return to $10/min next summer upon my return if I still offer customs). Fetish videos will stay at $10/minute. 

  • I am still NOT live camming. Read here. Nor do I offer Skype. Unless you make it extremely worth my while, which I am not even sure what that looks like. Go ahead, take a guess. >;) 

  • Niteflirt will be being set up to sell fetish videos and possibly vanilla BUT I do not think I will be venturing into phone currently as I am realizing I am just one person (currently two! >:D However he/she has not been helping much. Is it too early to ground them?) and can only keep up with so much. Even though there is a certain someone who looks a lot like me...too bad she can't fill in? What do you think...Vikki? VIKKI?! 

  • This is getting reaaalllly long so I just encourage you to ask any questions about the changes if you have any. Feel free to tweet me or for custom content inquire at brookemariecam@gmail.com. Let's rock out the next 3 1/2 months! Shall we? :*) 


    Lots to do! *Bounds off to continue preparing*