Monday, November 17, 2014

Logistical Ramblings

Hello there! I just tweeted this but I wanted to say that due to the overflowing requests on pregnant custom content I wanted to remind you all that we have 3 months and 1 week until I begin my time away from actively creating custom content & clips (There WILL be vanilla clips, twin, AND solo fetish clips made ahead of time for the duration of my 4 months away.) It is also possible this option gets taken away at anytime, this is not to rush you into some decision. It is just a fact of pregnancy, which is a roller coaster in itself. (As many of you know and if you don't that's OK too...there are just so many factors that we won't go into that here!) I look forward to continuing work through February 2015 as long as everything outside my control allows me to. So far everything is great. Wee Brooke Marie and I are healthy, happy, and in prep mode! My only wish is that it continues that way all the way through. :*)

I wanted to make a note I did in my original blog posting "A Wee Brooke Marie" that I am not answering questions related to "When are you due?" So asking me how far along I the same question. I am not saying this to be stuck up, I am saying this because with as much as I do share online (and enjoy doing so!) there are things I wish to keep for myself. If for some reason this question pertains to your custom content please rephrase in a way that is helpful for us both. Are you curious about movement? Yes, there is lots of movement! Truth being all women show very differently at each and every stage. If you had to take a guess, you'd probably be far off if you started comparing me to "most women." Anyhow...we all know I am not like most women. >:) I am much more difficult...or am I? 

With that being said, I must say I am beyond floored and grateful for the outpouring of support and congratulations. As always you guys continue to surprise me each and every step of the way. A special thanks to Jordi whom sent this treasure to my e-mail the morning following the announcement. I was such in shock I just started crying (not fair fight Jordi! Ha-ha) and was speechless the entire day. I still am. I can't begin to even describe my thankfulness and the level of gratitude I feel. Preparing for the arrival of wee Brooke Marie is very exciting but as I have said previously, I'd be lying if being a first time Mom seemed easy or stress free. There is SO much to do before the big day! The sooner the better for everything to be ready or "prepped" for the little one = the even more relaxed I can be. This helped ease those feelings and that is indescribable. 

It seems these days I have appointments almost every day! For myself, a pet, or otherwise. That being said Batman is getting surgery Wednesday morning. He went in for his check up and has to have a couple of teeth removed. Poor guy! Poor fur Mom! 

Can you guys believe it's Thanksgiving next week? (whoops...should I have not said anything?)

OH! This is tentative (but very possible) I will be going on a trip most of December. This means I will be shooting content from my hotel room through the 19th of December. If this interests you in some way (concerning custom content, etc) please let me know! I have already been having WAY too much fun thinking of pregnancy related videos! "Pregnant Hotel Maid Visits Your Room" and the list goes on! A few of you mentioned sending tokens of love for Christmas. If anything is ordered on my wishlist or wee Brooke Marie's wishlist during that time not to worry, Vikki will be a dear and pick it up for us!  

Well that was mostly logistical and quite boring. However, I think I have sent enough shock waves in the past week to tide you over for a bit! Time for wee Brooke Marie and I to enjoy a fire whilst being snowed in (already!) boop. boop. boop.

Love, Momma-2-b, Brooke Marie 

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