Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hello, Hello, Hello.

It has been a wee bit since I have blogged but I guess you could say I have been distracted by other "wee's!" I think you guys think I went on vacation for a few weeks but it's actually a "workcation." I wish! Preparing to take four months away from work is no joke! That means making videos for that entire time PLUS keeping up with my current schedule of videos and custom content...jealous? I didn't think so. I know that it will all be worth it when I lay eyes on my little one. I keep an ultrasound photo of wee Brooke Marie by my bed. Hands behind wee head looking peaceful.as.shit. It makes me smile and reminds me daily how special it all really is. It's 9 months (10 really for you smarties ;) but it's gone by so fast already and feels surreal in so many ways. I am very much beyoonnddd excited!!! A huge thanks to a special few of you who have shown IMMENSE support. You know who you are and my gratefulness knows no end to the happiness you have bestowed upon yeeeee. Yarrrr. 

So that's why I've been more quiet as of late...lots of working and have been feeling very internal I suppose. Comes with the territory I think. I dunno? It's my first time here! Ha-ha. I think pregnancy is a roller coaster in general. You guys are really missing out! Hahahaha...Ha. No, really. I feel like a magical unicorn. Prancing around and around and around. That's what you think when you see me, right? RIGHT!? (You know not to argue with a pregnant lady, right? RIGHT!) Just look at that smile...and round belly. She's adorable. (I just went 3rd person.)

Thanksgiving was enjoyable albeit followed by my Grandpa's funeral that Vikki and I flew to the following morning. That certainly made the week a reflective one, especially around the holidays...these things never being easy. Is there ever really a "good time?" Vikki wrote a nice blog before we left I think it was, but I haven't really found the words I don't think. I guess I'd have to say attending the funeral made me think of the word "perspective." Without going into too much detail for privacy reasons of those involved. I will just say that a lot of times I think we get caught up in how we think of someone and how it is we see things. When really that may not be reality at all. So I guess what I am trying to say without saying too much, is I think it would be beneficial to step back and look through a different lens at times. To see that even though we speak English, we all actually speak very different languages. We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and do things for reasons that maybe others will never understand. But maybe that's just the point. We aren't meant to understand. We are just meant to love them anyhow. Despite the imperfections. Despite the misconceptions. We all feel the same feelings. They just come in different forms and they don't have to be in our form to be true. Our experiences are our own but they do not define everyone else's experience within us. So going forward, I am going to go with a bigger lens. More encompassing. For the differences. That we all hold... 

...I'll be back soon. 
~Incubating Brooke Marie 

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