Thursday, January 22, 2015

This is nice. Yeewwww can dewwwwww it.


Goddess Brooke Marie Fast Cummer SPH

Thank you Georgie!!!

George, what a New Year's surprise! I can't thank you enough for wee Brooke Marie's stroller and car seat. I mean wow! What a thoughtful gesture, really! I am still smiling from it. It's soon to be installed and that's going to be another one of those "little-big" moments like when the wee clothes were in the wash. Honestly, I can't even begin to say thanks enough. Your support means the world to ME!  

Thank you Ronnie!!!

Oh dearest one, thank you to the moon and back for the Amazon gift card for Christmas. I miss our frequent talks but understand, you as well are super busy. Just know I think of you often! Thank you for are truly a gem. <3 I am also savoring this one for the March time-frame, I am sure this Momma-to-be will need some morale boost around that time. Ha-ha!!! 

Thank you Ryan!!!

I am so happy we have been able to stay in touch throughout the years even though you're so incredibly busy! I just want to let you know how thankful I am that you took the time to send me something for wee Brooke Marie, so mega thoughtful of you!!! I had been eyeballing those natural pacifiers and no doubt they will be getting a lot of use. Thank you, Ryan. =) 

Thank you Mat!

Mat, as're in trouble. Ha-ha-ha made your dick twitch didn't I? Too bad you'd enjoy the punishment too much. Goodness back to what we came for...THANK YOU so freakin' much for all the goodies from December till now! The Etsy gift cards are always sure to bring a smile to my face. I can't wait for my cat cave to come in!!! 6 weeks...good thing I am patient. Almost 9 months to meet my precious (said in Lord of the Rings voice of course) has taught me that...The cable/cord has mega come in handy. Since we had a very mild December it was able to be installed and now I can enjoy the local channels. Take that cable. I think though I might have to say my favorite thus far has been the yoga bag. As you know, I had to find a new studio because my beloved place of practice closed. Now I have to bring my mat to and throe and this bag has been perfect. Everyone else seems to like it too and asks where I got it from. I'll neeeverrrr tellllll. (What horror movie was that from?) Also all the goodies for wee Brooke Marie, what a blessing! Towel (I can't wait to use it!!!), the super teeny tiny tops with mittens (oh my they are so whittleeee. *squeals*), socks, podster, and car seat canopy. Wow, oh me oh my at that list! You've certainly helped me feel even more prepared and that is an indescribable feeling! A slew of photos in your inbox!!! 

Thank you Wing!!!

Thank you so very much Wing for your well wishes for wee Brooke Marie and secondly for the gift card in their honor. I am savoring it at the moment because I am sure come March I'll remember a last minute something! Thank you from both of us. We are truly grateful for not only your friendship & support through the years but your generosity during this time of celebration. (Should I be writing Hallmark cards???) No, really. It just comes from my yours! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Face down, ass up...

...that's the way I like to rest. Thought that was going to be sexual didn't you? Mrrrrrrr. What if I said I slept with mounds of pillows? Would that help? Well. That's all I've got for ya today! I must admit it was only probably within the last 6 months I even realized the secondary meaning to the word "mound" when someone tweeted me in response to a photo I posted, "Beautiful mound!" I'm still not sure how I feel about that? My mind goes straight to gophers and'd think 8 years in the industry I've caught onto more terminology than that. I'm sure I just said something else that was probably a double entendre...gopher maybe? 

Something fun to report is....a new room! I'll be in a new room for customs/clips being filmed this week and beyond for the foreseeable future. (Well for 6.5 more weeks until my 4 month break!) While I can't speak on why currently, I think it will be fun to see some slightly different scenery. Beyond my growing beautiful bump & lady lumps of course! *wink* (As I have been asked no, that is not my new cam room below...that is my Massssteerrrr. Bedroom.) 

Today I approved a comment for a blog posting all the way from Spring 2014 which was about possibly moving and putting my house on the market. Wow, how quickly things change! I recall being apprehensive about the decision but deciding to explore it and see what the Universe had to say about it. I remember having various house showings and viewing multiple houses myself (even finding one!) before saying "Well, I am just going to leave it up to the Universe and wait for a sign." Well...did I ever!!! The Universe spoke, that's for sure. Wee Brooke Marie made them-self known and what a beautiful whirlwind it has been since. The living room just got finished this past week and it's really feeling like home here. I had moved almost every year prior to buying so I think it took me a little bit to ground in and really make this place my own. The nursery (no, that is not why I changed rooms) has been done for a bit and it is so whimsy, I adore it. I can't imagine moving honestly and I am so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to live in this home and raise our child here. Speaking of, I feel pretty good most days. Just really tired comparatively. Comes with the territory they tell me. As much as I have enjoyed this roller coaster of an experience, I find my brain in March already! It's going to be really strange to be away from daily workings. Since December I've been working twice as much to keep you guys tided over until July with clips

(Sneak peek of "Are you Head Over Heels for Me? Prove It!" to be released in my fetish store.)

I have thought lately about taking 6 months instead of 4 but I think I won't really know until I am in the midst of it all. Currently I am set to return July 2015 with a possibility of September 2015. I won't be 100% away though. I will check in on my twitter, my blog, and periodically answer e-mails. I will not however, be accepting or creating any new work during that time. I've worked really hard so I can truly have that time solely, with wee Brooke Marie. With that in mind custom content will not be accepted past February 15th, and I will officially be on leave March 1st. I've been getting a lot of custom requests lately which have been incredibly fun to be able to produce but there will be no exceptions with this timeline. I'd hate to get too many requests and not be able to fulfill yours so please do contact me asap if you have been thinking about it! (E-mail me at for the quickest response.) So that's 3.5 weeks left for customs requests and 5.5 weeks left before leave-who's counting? I can't wait to meet wee Brooke Marie!!!!

I know I tweeted the other day but did not explain much...I had my lovely beauty mark on my shoulder removed. I know it's just skin but I was sad to see it go. However, it started growing which is never a good sign. (yuck!) 

So better safe than sorry, Fred had to go. I still do not know the biopsy results but can call on Friday to hopefully hear the good news...of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not likely, they'll probably just tell me I am fine or that they would like to dig my shoulder out some more. I'm rooting for "you're fine." Anything to do with one's health can be scary to think about and that much more so when you are responsible for providing for a growing bouncing little bean inside of you...

I was the biggest baby about getting it removed but honestly, it was not so bad at all. I am like Superwoman if anyone else is hurt, but the moment they want to poke and prod me I turn into a wee Brooke Marie myself. Being a twin, my Dad joked it was one of the ways they told us apart when we were babies. I'll have to see if that holds true still...I did not get mixed up this past weekend (whew) but I did get called "preggo" which seems to be a third identity I have been assigned...It's always intriguing to me how long one is pregnant until the outside world can notice the changes. I mean the length of time one waltzes around with this knowledge! So many unknown pregnant ladies on the loose! You could be sitting next to one right now and not even know it...SHE may not even know it. Well...that was a bunny trail. Let's reconvene. Look, every mole has a "root" in a sense, what the f*ck right? So weird. Maybe mini Fred 2.0 will still exist?? Ick, while it heals. It will take if you notice a bandage in films. Well. There you have it! 

Well...on that note. It's time to do what pregnant ladies do fabulous of course! Just kidding. Well that too. But time to eat. Mooooo. Thank you all for your continued support, kind words, and encouragement. As always, I don't know what I would do without you!!! 

Getting closer Momma-to-be, Brooke Marie 

P.S. Lots and lots of thank you posts/pictures coming up this week!!! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dirty Talk Mouth Fetish 

A month!?

It's been a month since I have blogged! I'd say spank me if it had to do with sloth, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Still riding my beautiful mindf*ck of a roller coaster over here. Ha-ha-ha! I am never usually sentimental or wowed much by the turning of a new year, I'm more with the crowd that it can be any day to create a better and more balanced you *ques music to begin motivational talk*. While I enjoy reflecting on the years past and think it can be an important ritual. This year was different. I found myself on New Years Eve trying to pull it together so I could keep on my fancy dress and heels and go out to a dinner I know won't happen again for a very long time (let's be honest, that may have been *OK, it was* the first time I wore heels out all year so I'm none to sad about it either). I guess it just sort of hit me. Spending more than half of 2014 pregnant it was always the phrase "Next year!" year always feels light years away until it's a mere few hours from realizing next year is about to be next year, this phrase you have been saying for so long now and have been quite comfortable with suddenly hits you and you realize...I'm about to be a parent. I'm about to give birth. Is everything ready? Am I ready? Are we ready? Did I get all my questions answered? Can I crawl back into bed and cancel my hoity-toity dinner reservations and ponder this just a little bit longer...just.a.little.bit.longer. 

No. I could not. (Well, OK I could have) BUT truth is. I am ready. We are ready. There couldn't be a better time. While this journey has been completely new each & every day, I wouldn't change it for the world. I've learned so much. I've learned what it is to let go and lean on others. I've learned I can't do everything and most certainly cannot prepare for every.single. "what if?" I think it's suppose to be that way, really. As many of us know or will come to know...being a parent is much the same way. This time just begins preparing you for a lifetime and; of course you'll worry! My goodness, I'll be quite concerned (perhaps overly) with wee Brooke Marie's well being. (I'll blame that on being a first time Mom, second time around I know, I know, you just let them eat the dirt.) However, I also know that somehow no matter what, it's going to work out.  It's going to come together. It's going to be and has already been. Life changing. So I'll be a first time Mom and I'll let wee Brooke Marie eat dirt. As long as it's washed. Once. No thrice. Times. Ok. I'm undecided. So I blotted my watery eyes full of wonder, excitement, and hesitancy and I went to that overpriced dinner in my dark purple lace dress and black tall heels. For the first time in precisely 364 days and possibly for another 365. :*) 

Ok, onto the twitter Q & A


A. The pregnancy is going very well, thanks for asking. I realized I have not talked much about this! I did spend the first trimester and into the second sick (unbeknownst to most of you!) I powered through still meeting my goals online. I honestly don't know how I did it. I mean I was sick almost every day all day. Willpower I suppose? Into my third trimester now and I feel great most days. More tired than usual of course but again, I think it's mother nature's way of trying to prepare me for the soon to be very lack of sleep everyone warns you about. Other than that, myself and wee Brooke Marie are exceptionally healthy and no complications (currently). I sure hope it stays that way! I like to think I paid some dues earlier on but pregnancy has a mind of it's own sometimes. 

Lot's of movement, which is so fun. I was able to feel wee Brooke Marie early on (around 17 weeks) but now it's full blown salsa time. Cha-cha-cha. I do want to thank all of you for your support during this exciting & crazy time. There have been many instances I don't think you guys realize just how much of a support you really are. It's meant the world to me and wee Brooke Marie. We are eternally grateful! You know who you are...*beams about the room*


A. You are my bestest fraaaaannddd. :*) <inserts turd emoticon>


A. Oh boy, no. I do not. Should we report her??? Is it possible she is my long lost twin??? Separated at birth...oh the possibilities! >;) 


A1. (sauce). Lol. Ummm. Wow. My all time favorite type of fetish to produce for my store. That is so hard! I really am the type of person that enjoys a lot of different things. If I had to say one I guess I will go with CEI, because out of the top 5 clips in my store currently 4 are CEI. I think that says something if I had to choose. I also really like: tease & denial, chastity, and cuckolding. Plus manyyyy more. Variety is the spice of life! 

A2. Concerning gifts. I think that can depend at any given moment what I have my eyes set on, what project I am doing, or hey...if I am incubating! Goodness just never knows. I would say practical but then I have been trying to work on that. I tend to be someone that works a lot and forgets about spoiling myself. Good thing you're good at that. *wink* Secondly, gift card. Thirdly, sexy. I guess right now it's hard to know what size I am for "sexy!" One size fits all? Ha-ha. Although my feet have not that's good. I can still fit all the shoes...ALL THE SEXY SHOES!!! Surprise me! You can't go wrong off my wish-list (or wee Brooke Marie's. <-- which just a heads up will be removed probably within the next month or so!)


A. So funny you ask that. I actually in all honestly don't have an extreme liking to giraffes ha-ha. I DO however have an extreme liking to over-sized stuffed animals. =X The one in wee Brooke Marie's room looks so quirky I love it. From my reading it is said that babies recognize the spots very well comparatively to other colors, patterns, etc. It's one of the first things they can differentiate
and it becomes one of their favorite things to play with. So that's the mysterious reason for Miss Sophie on wee Brooke Marie's wishlist. I should make a note on there though, I was reading lots of the reviews and people are getting fakes. It's suggested to find a reputable store and purchase there? I dunno, do you think this house has room for TWO giraffes!? I'm going to take a gander at who would win that fight but then again maybe Miss Sophie is scrappier than we think! 

Well that's all for today because I am not sure how much more you could handle. Ok. Maybe the real reason is I am just going to go create some hot customs and titillating content for my vanilla and fetish stores instead. Ok. It is. (OH! Before I forget I do want to mention my twin, Vikki and I's fetish store IS still open we just are on hiatus for creating content due to our overflowing schedules. We WILL be back, just not sure when. Thanks for understanding!) ALSO just a heads up there are 7.5 weeks (who's counting?!) before I am on leave for four months at least. Estimated return July of this year. This year. There's that phrase again. I am taking some time before wee Brooke Marie's arrival (hopefully ha-ha!) and then some time afterwards. I have been creating content for now and for four months starting in March. Yes, yes I have PLUS customs. So, needless to say this Momma-to-be is very ready for her break. A break of sorts, right? Away from one job to begin a lifetime of another sort of one (a beautiful one at that!) and then to somehow find balance for both. Wow to 2015! Hold on tight, Bessie. Here we go. (Bessie, did we just ride a cow? Looks like I need to talk to Miss V more...) Whew! We're not there yet though so please keep in mind if you would like a custom I am going to probably cut that off in 5.5 weeks to allow for enough time. You can find that information here! 

Love you all! Thank you for making my time here so amazing. I look forward to all that is to come. Happy "this year!" :*) 

Brooke Marie + 1

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