Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Face down, ass up...

...that's the way I like to rest. Thought that was going to be sexual didn't you? Mrrrrrrr. What if I said I slept with mounds of pillows? Would that help? Well. That's all I've got for ya today! I must admit it was only probably within the last 6 months I even realized the secondary meaning to the word "mound" when someone tweeted me in response to a photo I posted, "Beautiful mound!" I'm still not sure how I feel about that? My mind goes straight to gophers and woodchucks...you'd think 8 years in the industry I've caught onto more terminology than that. I'm sure I just said something else that was probably a double entendre...gopher maybe? 

Something fun to report is....a new room! I'll be in a new room for customs/clips being filmed this week and beyond for the foreseeable future. (Well for 6.5 more weeks until my 4 month break!) While I can't speak on why currently, I think it will be fun to see some slightly different scenery. Beyond my growing beautiful bump & lady lumps of course! *wink* (As I have been asked no, that is not my new cam room below...that is my Massssteerrrr. Bedroom.) 

Today I approved a comment for a blog posting all the way from Spring 2014 which was about possibly moving and putting my house on the market. Wow, how quickly things change! I recall being apprehensive about the decision but deciding to explore it and see what the Universe had to say about it. I remember having various house showings and viewing multiple houses myself (even finding one!) before saying "Well, I am just going to leave it up to the Universe and wait for a sign." Well...did I ever!!! The Universe spoke, that's for sure. Wee Brooke Marie made them-self known and what a beautiful whirlwind it has been since. The living room just got finished this past week and it's really feeling like home here. I had moved almost every year prior to buying so I think it took me a little bit to ground in and really make this place my own. The nursery (no, that is not why I changed rooms) has been done for a bit and it is so whimsy, I adore it. I can't imagine moving honestly and I am so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to live in this home and raise our child here. Speaking of, I feel pretty good most days. Just really tired comparatively. Comes with the territory they tell me. As much as I have enjoyed this roller coaster of an experience, I find my brain in March already! It's going to be really strange to be away from daily workings. Since December I've been working twice as much to keep you guys tided over until July with clips

(Sneak peek of "Are you Head Over Heels for Me? Prove It!" to be released in my fetish store.)

I have thought lately about taking 6 months instead of 4 but I think I won't really know until I am in the midst of it all. Currently I am set to return July 2015 with a possibility of September 2015. I won't be 100% away though. I will check in on my twitter, my blog, and periodically answer e-mails. I will not however, be accepting or creating any new work during that time. I've worked really hard so I can truly have that time solely, with wee Brooke Marie. With that in mind custom content will not be accepted past February 15th, and I will officially be on leave March 1st. I've been getting a lot of custom requests lately which have been incredibly fun to be able to produce but there will be no exceptions with this timeline. I'd hate to get too many requests and not be able to fulfill yours so please do contact me asap if you have been thinking about it! (E-mail me at brookemariecam@gmail.com for the quickest response.) So that's 3.5 weeks left for customs requests and 5.5 weeks left before leave-who's counting? I can't wait to meet wee Brooke Marie!!!!

I know I tweeted the other day but did not explain much...I had my lovely beauty mark on my shoulder removed. I know it's just skin but I was sad to see it go. However, it started growing which is never a good sign. (yuck!) 

So better safe than sorry, Fred had to go. I still do not know the biopsy results but can call on Friday to hopefully hear the good news...of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not likely, they'll probably just tell me I am fine or that they would like to dig my shoulder out some more. I'm rooting for "you're fine." Anything to do with one's health can be scary to think about and that much more so when you are responsible for providing for a growing bouncing little bean inside of you...

I was the biggest baby about getting it removed but honestly, it was not so bad at all. I am like Superwoman if anyone else is hurt, but the moment they want to poke and prod me I turn into a wee Brooke Marie myself. Being a twin, my Dad joked it was one of the ways they told us apart when we were babies. I'll have to see if that holds true still...I did not get mixed up this past weekend (whew) but I did get called "preggo" which seems to be a third identity I have been assigned...It's always intriguing to me how long one is pregnant until the outside world can notice the changes. I mean the length of time one waltzes around with this knowledge! So many unknown pregnant ladies on the loose! You could be sitting next to one right now and not even know it...SHE may not even know it. Well...that was a bunny trail. Let's reconvene. Look, every mole has a "root" in a sense, what the f*ck right? So weird. Maybe mini Fred 2.0 will still exist?? Ick, while it heals. It will take awhile...so if you notice a bandage in films. Well. There you have it! 

Well...on that note. It's time to do what pregnant ladies do best...be fabulous of course! Just kidding. Well that too. But time to eat. Mooooo. Thank you all for your continued support, kind words, and encouragement. As always, I don't know what I would do without you!!! 

Getting closer Momma-to-be, Brooke Marie 

P.S. Lots and lots of thank you posts/pictures coming up this week!!! 

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