Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank you Mat!

Mat, as're in trouble. Ha-ha-ha made your dick twitch didn't I? Too bad you'd enjoy the punishment too much. Goodness back to what we came for...THANK YOU so freakin' much for all the goodies from December till now! The Etsy gift cards are always sure to bring a smile to my face. I can't wait for my cat cave to come in!!! 6 weeks...good thing I am patient. Almost 9 months to meet my precious (said in Lord of the Rings voice of course) has taught me that...The cable/cord has mega come in handy. Since we had a very mild December it was able to be installed and now I can enjoy the local channels. Take that cable. I think though I might have to say my favorite thus far has been the yoga bag. As you know, I had to find a new studio because my beloved place of practice closed. Now I have to bring my mat to and throe and this bag has been perfect. Everyone else seems to like it too and asks where I got it from. I'll neeeverrrr tellllll. (What horror movie was that from?) Also all the goodies for wee Brooke Marie, what a blessing! Towel (I can't wait to use it!!!), the super teeny tiny tops with mittens (oh my they are so whittleeee. *squeals*), socks, podster, and car seat canopy. Wow, oh me oh my at that list! You've certainly helped me feel even more prepared and that is an indescribable feeling! A slew of photos in your inbox!!! 

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  1. And as usual you're welcome! It's always my pleasure, as you know I'm so glad to have met you and it goes way further the femdom play, I truly cherish our exchanges and all what you share!

    I would not say I'm enjoying the punishment too much!! ahahah, It's just that I love to obey you and push myself for you, it's the situation that I enjoy so much more than the act itself, especially when it's chastity!

    I'm glad you enjoy so much the gifts, I had a hard month of November but it was worth it and I was happy to spoil you during the past two month! Especially on the shoes which turn into an awesome yoga bag, I'll keep the secret too ;)