Friday, February 20, 2015


Yes, I know ever single time I write a blog it starts out with...well hello there long time no see ranger. Or something like that... 

My sister Vikki threw me a surprise Blessingway a couple weekends back. It was so special! I say "surprise" because she planned it three weeks ahead of time and I only just figured it out the morning of. So for not have caught on until then...that's like winning gold at the Olympics! For those of you that do not know what a Blessingway is (and most of my guests did not beforehand) it is a ceremony originating from Ancient Navajo tradition. In short for modern times, it is a time set aside to honor the Mother-to-be and support her through this beautiful life transition. Many of you know I tend to not erhem be "traditional" so I did not have a Baby Shower. I wanted a time to represent what an incredibly life changing moment I am and will be going through. Surrounded and supported by my close friends and family. 

This is the crown the ladies made for me to wear during. 

The necklace in this photo represents hand-chosen beads from each person present as they were strung each one wished me their blessings and unique thoughts for my journey going forward. They also each brought comfort gifts for myself for now and after wee Brooke Marie arrives. Those are a few of the things also in the photo above. 

...and I'll just put this here. Oh and look, yup that's Vikki rubbing my feet. Better save that to the archives! Ha-ha-ha. Wonder how long it takes for her to notice...

With that being said I have only about a week left before I am taking some time away (hopefully!) before wee Brooke Marie arrives. I have one "slot" left for a custom so please contact me as soon as possible. You can find that information here: Custom Videos. I am working on a first come first serve basis. I will not be accepting any requests past Sunday! No exceptions you crazy cats. Although I enjoy being the object of your desire and I must say I have never felt sexier than now, please remember I am a pregnant woman about to give birth. *laughing* That's a loaded phrase...some of you know all too well! *treads carefully even around self* I know it's a mixed bag if you have been around, been yourself, married to, etc someone that is pregnant but if you have not I can tell when you e-mail me. lmao. I have been so tempted to post the oh-so-interesting requests I have received as of late but I do like to operate by the "If you don't ask you don't know" rule. I do appreciate the giggles that quickly turn into rage as my eyes bleed red...those are great. So thank you for that. 

(Please tell me you had or still have a bear as such from childhood...I do. I'll do you one even better. It's a puppet one. SNUGGLE! That's the name. He might have to come out of hiding. So so creepy. I love it.) 

I will be returning around July or September of this year, unless something changes and I come back sooner. I just don't think I will know until it's here how I feel about the timing. I am going to mention this as I have been getting asked a ton. No, I am not going to film and sell myself having (real) contractions nor are there current plans for lactation videos. If/when I return I will access the lactation requests then but you can be assured once wee Brooke Marie arrives, that time is ours. I love you guys dearly but no amount of money you are offering me will make me change my mind. That time is sacred to me. Endddd of the westtt sidee storrryyy. 

(wee Brooke Marie & I in the bath. Mmm my happy place.)

I have been quite the busy bee today. As my contractor is working on back-splash in the kitchen I am in the dining room uploading naughty videos amongst other things. *sly grin* I was thinking about taking a shower...think that is legit? You know while there is no one else home, just the contractor and I? This sounds like a porn. A cheesy one at that, right? Ha-ha! I prefer sensual or amateur porn before "Women Home Alone Does Contractor." Although done right, I am sure could be just as hot. *wink* You're all going to be having to take cold showers if I keep going much further into this conversation...

This might be one of the last times I write in here before the big bang! Time has seriously flown by. So I want to take the time to thank you all for being so amazing and supportive throughout this exciting and life changing event. So many of you have been such an integral part of this transition and I can't begin to say thanks to a point I even think you know how much I appreciate it! So thank you, thank you, thank you. You've made this what it is and that much more. I feel internet snuggled. (Perhaps not unlike the Snuggle bear above...snuggle bear wurrvess you. Runnnn. Ok. Nothing like Snuggle bear above. He's in a class all of his own.) 

ON that note. I need to eat some lunch since Mr. Contractor went to get lunch himself. *snicker* Nom noms. 

Momma-2-Be Brooke Marie 

(Someone is quite happy with the amount of blankets laid down to protect the floor. Something tells me he probably day dreams about this..damn hardwoods.) 

P.S. Don't forget about the clip sale! Ends 2/28! Find it here

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