Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank you Eric!

Thank you so much Eric for this awesomely creepy/sexy/let's do it mask! Luv luv luv it! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Would you JUST look at ALL those photos...

Just a few updataroonis!

Hey loves!

Just a couple of updates. I will also be removing my wishlist for the time being. Here is a post: http://missvikkilynn.com/2015/07/removal-of-wishlist/ my twin, Vikki made about why. I could add to that but I think she said it quite well! 

I (we!) will also be going on vacation the end of August for 8 days. So that means I will not be able to create custom content during that time. I will have videos queued in all of my stores while I am gone. That being said, please be sure to send in your requests so I can meet them before I head out in a few weeks. I know how hard it is already for you guys to wait. 

That's all for now! I'm busy uploading to my stores. *snicker* Enjoy this screenshot! (This is a snapshot from a video that will be released end of August, but someone got it early for being sooooo outstanding. Wonder who that was? *wink*) 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank YOU Mat!

Where to start with you Mr? Thank you so much for sending little tokens of appreciation while I was away. I really get so giddy getting things in the mail!!! Certainly brought a smile to my face many times while I was recovering and beyond. Here we are! Can you believe it? I'M BACK! >;) To torture you some more. Ha-ha-ha. Just the way you like it. So thank you for the Etsy gift cards (in which a whale from France came and a caterpillar from the United Kingdom! They are always the talk when people come over. Love, love love them and I can't wait for weeBrookeMarie to adore them just as much as I do!) All the outfits...errr see below. Mamahood has done me well I can see? Great job dressing me for it. *wink* The books you got weeBrookeMarie are such a huge hit. I looked back in the car the other day to see WBM looking at it like a newspaper. It was thee cutest! I was JUST able to use the Spa gift card the other day. Whew. That was so nice. It's so hard for me to leave weeBrookeMarie...I just like to be close. >:) It was such a relaxing time though-thanks to YOU! Enjoy the tons of photos in your inbox. I can't wait to wear these outfits in your videos. Lucky YOU! 

Thank you WING!

Hey YOU! Thank you so very very much for spoiling weeBrookeMarie and I. The vaccine book is so informative and is helping me make solid choices. What a tough thing to do! Thanks for making it a bit easier. Also I can't wait to read the book on energies. So interested in that type of thing!!! The herb stripper is fun. I have been venturing in the kitchen more as I will be cooking for weeBrookeMarie before I know it!!! I want to be able to provide healthy choices. Again, thank you for making it a bit easier! I can't wait to use the magnets. I already took some photos with weeBrookeMarie for the 3 month photos using them...now for the 4 month photos. Wow. Time goes by so quick. Watching weeBrookeMarie grow and change is so amazing! Thanks for being so awesome throughout the years. You hold a special place in my...now our...heart and life. 

Thank you Ray!

Thank you RAY!!!! Again...I think you got me this outfit right before I went on leave. Sooooo a long time coming *4.5 months to be exact* thank yoooouuu. I love the simplistic sexiness of this lightweight clingy cotton. *giggle* More photos and fan signs in your inbox! 

Thank you Matt!

MATT! Ha-ha I think I received this outfit (and bibs!Which have been put to GREAT use. Hello teething!) while I was still pregnant. Glad I could finally show it off for you. I think you were hoping it would still fit post pregnancy. I think it does. *wink* How did that girls soccer end up for you??? MUHAHAHAHA! You know I have to give you shit. It's required. Miss chatting with you hopefully those cookies weren't enough to keep you distracted from me. *giggle* More photos in your inbox! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Charter...Yes. Why. Why does it matter?! So I was calling to get some quotes for fencing in the back yard because Mr. Ryner is sort of terrorizing any one that walks by our front yard. Barking like a loon! Even though he has an invisible fence. Well...well...we are already off topic. (This could be bad news for the both of us if we are trying to keep up!) 

Anyhow! Whew. I ACCIDENTALLY answered their damn telemarketer phone call (thought it was the fence people calling me back!. I was going to be rude and just hang up and then my empathy side kicked in and though this must be a hard job I will hear her out.

Charter: "Would you like cable?"

Me: "No."
Charter: "Why?"
Me: "I don't watch TV."
Charter: "You don't have any TV's in the house?" 
Me: "No, we do. We just don't have cable." 
Charter: "Why?" 
Me: "We don't have time to watch it." 
Charter: "Do you ever watch anything?"
Me: "Yes."
Charter: "What do you watch."
Me: *getting annoyed* "Netflix. HBO." 
Charter: "What do you watch on Netflix?"

OK SISTER HOLD UP. What do I watch on Netflix?? Why is that any of your business? ALSO if you really want to know go ask the government they are super good at tracking. You've crossed the line munchkin. DON'T ASK ME WHAT I WATCH ON NETFLIX. Ha-ha-ha. Doesn't that just seem really intrusive? "I watch a ton of POORRNNNN mixed in with a little old school Barney, what do you watch?" Lord. *empathy card OFF* 

Me: Hangs up. 

*shrugs*. I tried? 

In other news. I have had such an amazing couple weeks back!!! You guys surely know how to keep me busy. I have been creating custom content non stop and loving it! Just so you guys can get an idea of what to expect concerning my "presence" online. I typically work on Tuesday and Friday's as that's when my nanny is here. I keep getting sweet messages like this --> 

Of which I feel really terrible about because I REALLY do want to log onto live cam but it just has not fit into the schedule just yet. I only have two days a week to create content (I do have the chance to answer e-mails, etc other days) right now until Wee Brooke gets older and needs less of Momma. (Ha! Who are we kidding. I am always number 1! *swoons*) I have not even been able to make new content it's ALL been customs. That's soooo not a complaint. I LOVE IT! (I will keep trying to get online, promise! Watch my twitter in case I happen to find the time!) I love hearing from you guys. I love learning about you and your different fetishes. It's awesome and extremely entertaining. You guys seem to think so TOO! 

I wish I could share the story behind "Square Lips Fetish" maybe I should ask him. It's such a gem. OK! Stop thinking about getting your own custom and go read about it! Go! Go! Go! 

Ok, time to get back to "actual life..."

Contrary to popular belief I do not run around like this all day...

....or do I? *wink* 

Hope everyone had a relaxing 4th of July. Motherhood has been the most amazing challenge of my life. It's so incredibly life changing and I can't imagine not having the experience. I am so in love with weeBrookeMarie and I can't thank all of you enough EVER for your continued support. I tell weeBrookeMarie about it all the time!!! I am so lucky. Each and every one of you. Thank you for being in my life! You ALL matter and make a difference. We love YOU! 


Brooke (whew! Nap-time was a success! A full blog and some naughty videos uploaded. Enjoy! You're still wondering about the  square lips aren't you? *giggle*) 

UMPF! Love this custom video being released next week! Just had to share the GIF early! hehe! 

Ok! Momma OUT! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015