Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank YOU Mat!

Where to start with you Mr? Thank you so much for sending little tokens of appreciation while I was away. I really get so giddy getting things in the mail!!! Certainly brought a smile to my face many times while I was recovering and beyond. Here we are! Can you believe it? I'M BACK! >;) To torture you some more. Ha-ha-ha. Just the way you like it. So thank you for the Etsy gift cards (in which a whale from France came and a caterpillar from the United Kingdom! They are always the talk when people come over. Love, love love them and I can't wait for weeBrookeMarie to adore them just as much as I do!) All the outfits...errr see below. Mamahood has done me well I can see? Great job dressing me for it. *wink* The books you got weeBrookeMarie are such a huge hit. I looked back in the car the other day to see WBM looking at it like a newspaper. It was thee cutest! I was JUST able to use the Spa gift card the other day. Whew. That was so nice. It's so hard for me to leave weeBrookeMarie...I just like to be close. >:) It was such a relaxing time though-thanks to YOU! Enjoy the tons of photos in your inbox. I can't wait to wear these outfits in your videos. Lucky YOU! 


  1. OOh my God !! coming to Brazil, diving naked for our beaches

  2. What an excellent blog! You honor me Princess!!

    I'm so happy I made you smile during your break. I'm also very glad to hear the Etsy gift card are put in good use, and there is I hope more to come for months, Years?!! haha

    Ho "mamahood" has done very well!! You were beautiful before, I enjoyed a lot all the pregnant clip, but you are now more Beautiful than ever!

    LOL the image of the newspaper in my head made me laugh so much!! What can I say you're very good at peaking gifts, it's my pleasure to follow your list.I find amazing all the love going to webrookemarie from what we can read, it's a pleasure to participate at my scale through you and I know it makes you as much happy if not more than if it was directly for you as it sounds it kind of is for me!

  3. Thank you mat! Glad to hear you also enjoyed all those private photos I sent you. *giggle*