Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank you WING!

Hey YOU! Thank you so very very much for spoiling weeBrookeMarie and I. The vaccine book is so informative and is helping me make solid choices. What a tough thing to do! Thanks for making it a bit easier. Also I can't wait to read the book on energies. So interested in that type of thing!!! The herb stripper is fun. I have been venturing in the kitchen more as I will be cooking for weeBrookeMarie before I know it!!! I want to be able to provide healthy choices. Again, thank you for making it a bit easier! I can't wait to use the magnets. I already took some photos with weeBrookeMarie for the 3 month photos using them...now for the 4 month photos. Wow. Time goes by so quick. Watching weeBrookeMarie grow and change is so amazing! Thanks for being so awesome throughout the years. You hold a special place in my...now our...heart and life. 

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