Sunday, August 30, 2015


Recently I received this question below: 

and my first thought was "It's just hard. Everything about it is hard." Then I decided to do some further thinking [and let's not gang up on Brad (ha-ha!) because this is something I have been contemplating ever since I returned in July]...I'm just not ready to be back. I love my job, but I can't give it my all right now. Someone else needs my all...and as that someone else grows more independent; I'll have the time & energy to return to work. It's a really tough decision to make but I've been thinking about it straight for two months now. When will I return? I don't know. Maybe in October...Maybe January 2016...Maybe next Spring. I am just going to take it month by month. Perhaps I will pop in every now and then to say hi or create a few customs but it's unlikely honestly. I thought maybe I could just work minimally but it's just still there on my brain 24/7. It's not easy, but I know everything will work out. I'll be taken care of, the Universe will provide. I'll have everything I need while I make sure #weeBrookeMarie has everything he/she needs. 

Becoming a Mom for the first time is thee hardest thing I have ever done. I think when #weeBrookeMarie is a little older I'll be able to work more with ease. I have a very "attachment style" of parenting (look it up if you're curious) but in short, I co-sleep with my baby, I exclusively breastfeed, I wear my baby, I don't use the cry-it out method, etc. This certainly is not the start of a discussion or parent-war on styles of parenting but it's what I choose to do and I mean...lets step back for a moment here. For the past 14 months I have solely grown a human being with my body. I mean that has to take some sort of physical energy right...and let's not even begin with the mental energy. I see why places in Europe award/give parents leaves (years in some cases!) of absence with pay (and in turn have much lower crime rates). Becoming a parent is some hard shit. They as a society recognize the huge life shift and celestial importance of giving birth and raising a human being. These years are the building blocks and I want to make sure those blocks are secure, happy, and solidified with so much love. Including my own blocks...of sanity. Ha-ha! 

I will be finishing up the few customs I have (twin and solo). I will not be accepting any more unless it's fetish related. I will be completely done within a week. So if you have something, get it to me asap! My stores will stay open. I do intend on returning at some point, I just honestly don't know when. I won't be around twitter much. I'll try to pop in and say hi once in awhile or update if I am coming back to work for a short period of time. 

So there you have it. The end of an era. Just kidding. I hope to return in the future. For's all about #weeBrookeMarie. 

Love you guys & gals. You've made my world a much better place and I hope I've done the same for you! 


  1. Professional mom is all consuming. I sent a couple of emails tonight. Hope I can still get in under the wire? All the best to you, Brooke!


  2. Brooke,

    This is the reason you are so good at what you do...and why I know you'll be the best mom that WeeBrookeMarie could ever ask for. Your dedication to ensuring things are done the way you know they should be is what makes the end result so great. You are not happy unless you can honestly say you've done your best. And your best is amazing.

    Thank you for always being open and honest, and for always being you.

    You fapping buddy for life,


    PS...Brown eye. ;)

  3. Hey Princess Brooke,

    That last sentence ... the answer is so obvious, everyone who met Brooke Marie has been very lucky!

    What to say ... of course a bit sad like last time but so happy for you at the same time that you enjoy Mamaland this much!! And well if whenever you will return we will be here, the time you don't spend with weebrookemarie will never be give it back to you so we can only accept it and wish you all the best!

    At least you give it a try to do both and give a fix to many of us with a lot of exceptional clips on this little time! Of course I'm always seeking for more new clips but the truth is that I probably have clips of you for months for every time I'll need to see you!

    "I see why places in Europe award/give parents leaves (years in some cases!) of absence with pay"
    I can confirm that it exists in France! And not just for the mom, since a little bit there is also 2 weeks to a month granted to fathers for new born child!

    So for now I suppose there is still few ones queuing on stores and a last custom by the end of the week, after that I'll wait for the return of the incredible Princess Brooke, i'm sure you will popup one day in the future! Have a great Mommy time, webrookemarie is lucky to have someone caring that way, and the fact it makes you that happy is well deserve!!

  4. This is why you and your sister are own this side of the internet biz! When I say own I mean by Highly respected and it takes much more then just good looks! In my eyes you're both the Queen Bee's If only there were more like you as in tons more and maybe just maybe I could steal hearts

  5. Wishing you and wee one a healthy and happy future, you'll be missed!

  6. Thank you so much Phil! Hopefully next time!

  7. Brad!

    Thank you for such the sweet note. You are so right. I can't do anything but my best and right now my best is needed elsewhere at a level that does not allow me to be here as much as I want to. I know as time goes on that will change and I will be able to integrate back.

    I look forward to seeing you again. Thanks for all the support all the years. Technical and otherwise. >;)


    P.S. *laughing*

  8. Oh Mat,

    What can I say? You are always so caring and understanding. Your support is paramount! I really appreciate it. I hope someday the "great US of A" will get their thumbs out of their asses and show more support for new parents. Until then I am making the hard choice to not "have it all" (career, children, etc) so that my little one can grow up with everything fundamental a parent can provide. For now my career will have to take a back seat. I'll return at some point. Maybe off and on for a few years. It's a new journey and I'm going with the flow. Something quite new for me.

    Thanks for being awesome. =)

    <3 Always
    Princess Brooke

  9. Hey Duke! Thanks for that. =) We just try to keep it as real as we can. That's not always easy but your support helps us along that journey. Thank YOU!

  10. Hey SpankerWanker. >:D Can't wait to do your video tomorrow. I'll be some point! Much love. XOXO