Monday, February 15, 2016


Hello friends. 
It's been awhile. 
No, I am not Jewish. (Honestly...come on now!) 
I was recently selling stuff on Craigslist and this persons signature was *Shalom* and now I can't get it out of my head. Damn it. Shalom. Shaalommmmm. SHALOMMMMMM. 




So...shalom!!! I am preparing to make a grand return! So bear with me as I try to write my first blog in what feels like a millennium.  I tell ya, the first year of transitioning into parenthood is C-R-A-Z-Y. I think it's only really understood by those that have done so before or are currently doing so. With that being said, anyone who does it multiple times should admit themselves to the local loony bin. Ha-ha! I was always the one that said "oh later...not right now" when probed by family and friends on when my uterus would be no longer vacant. *eye roll* That's a completely different topic in which is in all reality NO ONE'S BUSINESS. However, the Universe said Pssstttt, it's your time for the most beautiful magical mind fuck of a journey my friend! 

Oh...okay Universe. If you say so. 

So that's where I've been. On a magic carpet ride that could never compare to that one Jasmine & Aladdin took. It's like a million times higher in the air and so much bumpier!!! Can you tell I have not decided yet? Is this real life? Ha-ha-ha. From what I am told the first year is the absolute hardest. Here, here. I can agree to that. I'd say somewhere around 10 months I started to come above water again. Now, at almost a year it's so crazy how this little being has absolutely stolen my heart and every second of my thoughts. "It get's easier" is what I am most often told. Almost having what modern day society deems a "toddler" I do have to side eye them as they say so and smile widely like a squirrel gathering nuts in the Fall. Sure, friends, sure. 

ANYWAYS, I am suppose to be telling you about my return. I am going to return mid March. After the super duper over the top first birthday commences. As I see it, I have max 2-3 years where I can plan this party how Ma-ma wants. So Ma-ma's doing it HER way. The all out way. I love party planning and decorating though so it's no stress to me, rather fun actually. I am still waiting to prank Pottery Barn and have them in for a free consult. See what's happening? I am talking about my kid again!!! It's the parental curse guys, bear with me. So I am going to start accepting custom requests. I might be able to start doing so within the next week or so but officially not until mid March. 

So what's new? I am recording with my Canon HD camera now. AWESOME, right??? I've started using the Buffer App which I highly recommend and am loving. You guys should be hearing from me a lot more now. SWEET, right right??? I also had fun with a make up artist the other day, but I am still keeping my natural look. Don't fret! You probably won't notice any changes there. My hair is a tad shorter & blonder currently. I really wanted to chop it off Kimber (Nip/Tuck) style but I always chicken out! Like this... 

Whoever you are Chive lady, sexy hair. I dig it. Maybe I'll finish growing my balls and actually go for it...someday. 

As far as rates go. I am going to be setting a new minimum rate. Probably 10 minutes/$150. Also I will probably be quoting your requests more so than a blanket rate. This serves both of us, that in a sense if your video is less involved you're not overpaying and if your video is very involved I am feeling fairly compensated for my now more than ever precious time. I will more than likely still just be focusing on custom clips at this time and my clip stores. I'll be slowly getting back into things, so as time goes on I hope to have more of a consistent release schedule on that front. My number one priority in life remains that of #weeBrookeMarie and for that to happen...its a multi faceted front! I've hired a nanny...Vikki and I have a studio now (it's SO awesome you guys!!!!) and's time to get readdy toooo rumbbllleeeee. You can't help but say that in that voice now, can you? You know I was. 

I have so much more to say, and yes I will update my custom content page here soon and SO MUCH MORE. As I said, in a month I will be officially back. I've been working on so many things to prepare for that but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up...*evil grin* 

Ready to have some fun? WELL this is your official warning...GET READY! 


  1. Happy Easter Brooke... 🐥🎂💚🐣 lol hahaha shalom 😂 Namaste

  2. Thanks hunny! Happy Easter and everything else under the sun. =D