Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hey girl hey

Hey guys! It's been too long (yet again) since my last blog posting. Wow, have I been so so soooo busy though. It's a whole new world (and not the little mermaid style I know you're singing it! Let it out, you'll feel better!) being that of a working Momma. It's a juggling act that's for sure. Speaking of being a MILF...

No no NO...not a momma to be. I was super disappointed on April 1st when I posted this first photo, and you guys I think...took me way too seriously. I was for sure I would not even get ONE of you with that. Seriously. #oneanddone It's a thing, I promise. So there's your proof...the second photo duh. Still fit and fab...whew. You can breath again! So I'll say it officially to make it officially official...APRIL FOOLS. Sincerely though...thank you for those congratulatory e-mails. I am going to pee myself...some of you might like that though...sorry line drawn in concrete there before I get e-mails on it.

I have been working almost every day for a month now and so the past couple of days I had to "unplug" per say and take some time in the "real world." It's easy to get caught up with everything that has to be done when're the only one doing it! That's the self employed life. Contrary to popular belief I am not sitting here in a $1,000 robe writing this....I am in some comfy ass PJ's though. Job perk! 

(Nope, not sitting here like that right now. More like this. hahahah! I think that's one of my most favorite photos on the internet so YES you will be able to see it again. You're welcome! ) 

Something I had not mentioned previously, was back in November I began some treatment for TMJ. I am sure some of you have heard of this or may even have it yourselves. I had never heard of it but when I started doing research and asking around it seems way too common. I basically could barely open my mouth (yehhh that's no fun for many reasons, ha!) with a myriad of other symptoms. The most annoying being vertigo. I mean if I wanted to feel like I was on some shrooms,  I would just do so. Unsolicited, not so much. Anyhow, I did not mention this, as I just like to keep things positive around here and not complain BUT now I have good news and I feel I can share this. I am basically back to normal, and I feel I should mention this BECAUSE yes, I can now have fun with my toys again for your viewing pleasure. Whew. Jesus does answer prayers you guys, he DOES! I know...some of you got mighty disappointed awhile back when I could not fulfill your request and now you're going to see some new BJ videos popping up in my store and be like what the f*ck...why you gottaa be lyinnnn why you alwayyyyss lyin. Best vine EVER by the way. 

20 minutes later...

GUYS, I just got so distracted writing this blog and ended up on this video? LMAO THIS ONE (p.s. I really think she fell, do you think she fell??? I mean obviously for the scene but she really went for it...) and this one...This one right HERE. I have to admit the time I spend on the internet is mostly for work. OK, it's like all for work. So pardon me, as I am laughing so hard right now and now have 15 minutes before I need to leave. Now 8. I had to make EDITS! 

So guys remember...Save THAT money...and obviously they forgot to add in so that you can treat yourself to me! winkety WINK WINK WINK. I had so much more to update you all on...whelp. Next time! Enjoy that rap video though, it's a gem. And Taylor falling. And then go enjoy me...I just uploaded my FIRST video since returning and since Sept 2015! The gif is worth a peek if I do say so myself...

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