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Thank you Chris!

BIG HUGE AMAZING WONDERFUL FOREVER GRATEFUL Thank YOU to Chris for the Nespresso machine. Holy cow!!!! It certainly has been the gift that keeps on giving. Just about every morning or afternoon. Ha-ha. Diamonds...are not a girls best friends guys. BUT Nespresso machines ARE! It seriously was such an awfully sweet gesture. I can't even begin to say thank you enough. Chris...THANK YOU!!! I can't thank you enough!!! 
(Many more photos in your DM inbox on Twitter!) 

(and no, I do not have a wishlist. Chris asked me for some ideas and I gave him some to surprise me with. I'd say he's pretty good at it, wouldn't you? ;) 

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Where do I even start...

I feel like there is so much to say, so much to catch up on, and of course never enough time. So I will try to hit a lot of topics but keep them brief. Lots of nibbles and food for thought. Sound good? Good! 

Recently I ranted about the hot topic of PORN in the media lately. Most notably that article from TIME and once again a former porn star recanting their life style...I am not a person to judge. I have dealt with my own issues in life as many of us have. But, what is really bugging me in the social world concerning porn lately is the fact it's not the only addiction people face yet it becomes the face of addiction...a lot. There are many things to be addicted too. Sitting on your ass is one of them. Should we starting blaming flat screen TV's for existing? Of course not. We CHOOSE to take part. How about Starbucks? Our generations "pop/soda." THREE times the amount of sugar as pop/soda. Yeah, take that one in. But, what all this comes down to is choice. Your addiction could have been alcohol. Drugs. Fast Food. Coloring books or teddy bears (Ever watch My Strange Addiction?) Etc. Porn itself isn't going to ruin your life...but your addictive nature might. I did not read the TIME article so I could be way off base, but I did read some articles in response to it. However, here are some common phrases below that I know go through many people's minds and I would like to take a moment to ask ourselves, why? Why do we STILL shame sex workers? Why even though we consume their product do we STILL think they're below us? Why can't sex workers be deserving of love just like your local barista? Why...are we any different? The truth of the matter is...we aren't. We are just like you. And you. And you. We have hopes, fears, dreams, families, and friends (and the list goes on!) When you put us in an article like an're perpetuating this belief of objectification. Because after object is so easily blamed instead of an actual human beings faults being taken responsibility none other than themselves.  

"She/he is in porn, she/he must not be loved." 
"I can talk to her/him how I want because she/he is in porn." 
"Porn ruined my life." 
"She/he probably is not in a healthy relationship with their significant other." 
"She/he couldn't be happily married, how could someone be with someone who did "that?" 
"She/he owes me because I bought their content." 
"I like him/her but I couldn't have them in my family or be friends." 

I could go on...but what the actual fuck? I could write an entire book about why those phrases are so far from being even remotely true. By even providing intimate details of my own life, however those are private for a reason. What I want you to do is think about why you might feel a twinge of guilt at the fact you have probably had a similar thought or two about your favorite sex workers. And not your local barista, because if you applied those phrases to her/him...that would just be crazy, right? 

Let's take a break from that topic though and move onto an almost just as sad one (but in a different way) Gosh, I am spoiling you guys tonight! 

Something I have been wanting to say for awhile but was too sad that I had to adopt out Ryner (my German Shepard). We had a couple of instances that just weren't OK between him and #weebrookemarie and I would not ever forgive myself if something happened. It was not fair to him or us to be in that situation. I am an animal lover through and through, I've spent many years volunteering, donating, etc. so believe me this was no light decision. Really though, he could not have gone to a better home. I think that's what makes it OK. He is in the Canadian wilderness with a single lady. He lives out in the woods, on a lake, and goes to work daily with her. They spend 24/7 together and I know in my heart it was the right choice. She has sent me photos and he looks so happy and healthy. I spent a lot of time searching for the right person and I could not have found a better one. If you ever have a situation like this, was a huge help I highly recommend them! Maybe someday our paths will cross again but if they don't I know he is in the best of hands. That leaves me pet free...which is completely strange. If you have been around long enough, you know that's never been true for me before! My how life changes...but we adjust and make decisions for the best of others, and not just ourselves. Sometimes the hardest decisions are the ones we most need to make...

I went to the Tulip Festival this past week for a few hours. First time in awhile I have done something "fun" (you guys have been keeping me SO busy!!!) but I have to say I don't think I will go back. Maybe I should have was just a bunch of tulips. LOL! Holland seems to be a nice city, but I would not go back to see some flowers. Maybe I am just hard to please...OK, this I know to be true. Chris, however did not miss that mark this past week. He sent a little gift my way and I could not have been more excited! 

Let me tell you, the coffee from this is amazing. Nice little pick me up for Mama in the morning. Ha-ha! Really a perfect gift, thank you so so so much Chris. I can't wait to take some photos for you this week! *smiling away* 

Also I may have been slap happy this day but I had to share this video with you guys anyways. 


Also some fan art...super funny. Guess which hand is mine? Just kidding. 

As always, I still have a lot to tell you all (I am going on an adventure of becoming a vegetarian with the guidance of MistressT. There I just had to get that out. More on that later!) BUT it's time to go relax for the night. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be busy days of filming. For tub and Game of Thrones anyone? OH and this swing set...should I get it? I am super bad at spoiling myself. Always & everything for #weebrookemarie! Who am I kidding...I can't wait to go down that slide!!! 

Thank you all for your continued support. This month and last month have been so crazy wonderful. Each one of you matters and I appreciate you! 

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