Friday, June 17, 2016


Let me start out by saying I think I have the Minions movie memorized now...someone is just IN LOVE with them. Absolutely nothing else will do. Ha-ha! There is a talking Bob with teddy coming this way and even though someone already shits their pants...I think they'll shit their pants even more. *lol* 

I made it out on a rare dinner outing the other night, wearing my favorite vintage dress. I could not walk 2 feet without someone asking me where I got it. Of course I love that no one else can go out and get it. Yup, my smug side coming out. It has beautiful gold lace over a tulle bottom (lots of fluff! We like fluff around here...) and a black velvet top. It was only the second time I have ever worn it, which I think constitutes as some sort of crime. Perhaps I need to bring it out for a clip. *evil smile* It's about time I create some content outside of customs, but you guys just keep me so very busy with those I haven't the moment to even do so! 

Summer is just starting here and with that the building of the swing set shall commence this coming week. Again, not sure who is more excited about that. Probably me because #weebrookemarie really hasn't a clue at this point. It's funny...a couple years ago children were a passing thought to me and now I'd do anything to see my own smile. It really does change you, brings a new perspective on the world, and really...I truly will know no other stronger feeling of love on this planet. Ok, enough gushing about my beautiful offspring or else we would be here all day! 

I am having an extremely minor surgery, don't fret. I went to the dermatologist the other day for a spot I noticed developing on the side of Sasha. Good thing too. It turned out to be a Junctional Spitz Nevus. My doctor tells me it is not cancerous but has an extremely high rate in adults of turning into melanoma. So they want to go in and remove basically everything around it and stitch me up. As I said, don't fret. I have already done enough of that for both of us! She assured me, currently everything is OK, but they will send the skin for more testing afterwards. My date is July 7th and I can't wait to get it done and over with! I am particularly bad at this sort of thing, especially if there is time to think about it. However, I will be taking a couple of weeks to rest afterwards. I can't move around too much or else I'll pop the stitches which, well...that certainly does not sound like fun to me! all seriousness. Be careful in the sun. I use to tan in a tanning booth when I was a teen and would take it back in a second. It's just not worth it. You're beautiful the way you are, promise! (Thank you to a certain someone for the Etsy gift card to cheer me up, it's certainly helped!)

If you missed my tweet, here are my two adopted kitties of less than a week. I missed so much having something fluffy in the house and of course I went above and beyond with the fluff on these guys. So so fluffy. Abbott (brown, Maine Coon) and Costello (white, Ragdoll). They're so awesome and big boys! So very friendly, I squeeze them daily. 

Well, whew. Let's lighten up with a funny story. I created this family tree wall in our dining room so I was at Costco to retrieve my prints. However, they messed things up. I had the image on my phone and the guy told me I could just plug in and it would come up so they could fix it. I was a bit hesitant as there are...naughty photos on my phone...but, thinking not any recent ones so it would be fine and the family photos were in the most recent pictures. BOY WAS I WRONG. I plugged my phone in and it jumbled every single photo. Nothing was in order. There were my risque photos all over the photo screen at Costco and to boot you guys...the screens are directly when everyone walks in. I think my eyes were bigger than Mars as I tried to cover the screen and X out as quickly as I could. Needless to say I walked away nonchalantly and did not come back for days. Ha-ha-ha-ha. 

With that being said I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and maybe comes across some nudy photos at Costco by chance. *lol* I need to go get ready for some guests this evening and then a busy weekend out of town. Happy Father's Day Daddys! 

Next time remind me, I just finished decorating the yoga room in my house. So I need to take some photos and show that off to you guys! Love love. 

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  1. I memorized the Minions movie too, my sister love them... BANANAAA
    I think I'm talking for everyone here, when I say we need to see that dress.
    It's so good to see you're happy and full of love for #weeBrookeMarie. It's just beautiful to see it.
    About the surgery, how do you expect we don't fret when you say the words "surgery", "cancerous" and "melanoma"? But it's ok, everithing is going to be well. Besides, we're here for you, 24/7. BANANAAAA
    Like I said on Twitter, it's so cool to see you with pets again. They look to be really fluffy!
    I laugh really really loud about the Costco incident <-(sounds like an action movie), because that happened to me too. In high school, I had to connect my computer to a projector, and... damn. I'm guessing your face was like . That moment is horrible, but later when you remember it, it's funny, ha ha ha. I still remember my teacher thinking what method was more appropiate to kill me.
    Have a great weekend.