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Yoga Room

Right now cherub is so excited about the Ocean's movie on Netflix I can barely show you this because I MUST view that whale swimming!!! Anyhow I have been meaning to share this for a month or so. Enjoy. My Yoga Space. 

Back to whale watching. Xo 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hello all. 

I'd title this "It's been awhile" but that is how every blog post of mine seems to start out these days! These past years have been ones of continuous change for me. I use to think (in my much younger years) that changing was a bad thing. When people changed they must not be being true to who they are. Boy, that couldn't be further from the truth. Oh the young, they think they know it all. No use in telling them they don't at that stage though! People change because they are figuring out who they are...among many other reasons...but that is what I have concluded for now. Tomorrow could be different, because well you know. I am a female. 

In the past few years I have had 3 different tenants in my apartment (separate but a part of my house) and 1 in the house. It's not something I talked too much about because it involved other persons' privacy as well. However, it has definitely taken it's toll on me. (I am a self professed introvert and quiet alone time is necessary for me to recharge and feel balanced.) No need to dwell though because of last week, our home is back to ourselves. I joke to my friends who have yet to buy homes...this is a lesson in never buying a home bigger than you need. You'll acquire things...and people. Ha-ha! It will be a first to just be a family in our home. Pretty crazy when I think about it. I have learned a big lesson here though and that's to take care of myself and my family's needs first and foremost. I get caught up in having such a big heart sometimes I forget about what it is that I need to thrive. I think it's going to take me awhile to come down from all of that! Not to mention transitioning into parenthood. Iy yi yi! I will say it is entirely crazy how one little person can make you have so many feels!!! Totally entirely in love with that one. No. Doubt. About. That. 

Where is this going? Well, it's great news for you guys too! My apartment is becoming my solo studio. I am in the midst of painting it right now and it's a gorgeous calming blue. I bought an even more gorgeous dark grain wood four posted bed. *gushing* Complete with curtains. *gushing more* I also have been doing some reading on lighting and purchased some more studio lights tonight. *not gushing at the price* I am hoping to obtain a more natural look as seen in my previous webcam videos. It is a completely different beast to record with a professional camera you guys! Something I only started doing a few months ago and it's been a big challenge obtaining the look I'd like. Moving rooms, different times of day, etc. it all factors into how a video turns out. Hopefully this will help things run more smoothly and I will be able to produce some really amazing content for you!!! A little peek below. 

Another remodeling project we are about to start is the Master Bedroom and Bathroom. However, when I was recently watching Despicable Me I realized that Gru and I pretty much have the same wall paper and if that isn't really fucking cool I don't know what is! Take a lookzie for yourself. Pretty darn close. Question is...what does one do with this new found information!?! 

I am hoping as time goes on and the studio gets underway that I can offer a variety of other options. Panties, Skype, etc. However, that just may be a current wish that I am not able to fulfill just yet. We will see *crossing fingers* I may start out by posting on twitter a panty for sale that can be purchased or shipped that day. So keep your eye out on twitter. I have been getting so many requests for panties, so I am trying to think of a way to offer that for you guys. If and when I offer Skype it will probably be quite limited and for the generous suitors. Keep in mind I am est. time you know take the morning off of work or something. Ha-ha-ha! I may also bring back my wishlist for a little bit...I think it's about time to find some lingerie together, don't you? I am going to be giving thanks in different ways which will be listed next to the item on the wishlist. Oh what fun-prizes! :*) 

Well it's been a long day of being Superwoman. Off to take a hot shower...naked. 

Much love. 


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