Friday, September 30, 2016

Hello Fall

Hi all you wonderful and beautiful people! 

It's officially FALL and that brings an extra smile to my face. Nothing beats cozy sweaters, hot drinks, and fall activities. It's been and will be a rainy weekend but I am hoping that we will get a few weeks of that mild weather and crisp cool air that I look forward to each year. I mean who doesn't like sweater mittens? hehe! 

Awhile back I tweeted and asked what was the most selfless moment you can remember throughout your life. Many of you asked the question back but I had too long of an answer to respond in their character limit. So here I am finally to tell my story. A few years ago now I got into a really bad accident (the third one in my life). I was hit not head on...but sort of side on by an elderly couple turning into their complex. Right into my side basically. Air bags went off, glass everywhere, car totaled. They just weren't watching. Probably at an age where one should not have a license any longer but that's not very regulated. When I got out of the car it was very overwhelming, in which I did quickly because some dust had came out with the air bags that resembled smoke and I thought the car was on fire. Talk about more adrenaline than was already going! I spent some time in the ambulance and ended up with no injuries other than being quite shaken up of course. Someone told me the elderly couple wanted to know that I was Ok. I saw them standing off across the road. Suddenly I felt so much emotion for just how guilty they must feel. As they stared at me across the street I felt compelled to go over there. So I did. And I gave them both big hugs and I said, I am OK. It's OK. I forgive you. Their eyes were moist and I found myself caring for someone else in a moment where being selfless would have previously never crossed my mind...

Onto something more light! Ha-ha! My birthday was very enjoyable this week. I felt so spoiled by you all, seriously. Some of you went so above and beyond I was just in shock. It always shocks me I be cared for and incredibly spoiled. I don't know why, but I will never stop being grateful for it! I look forward to properly thanking you (know who you are) soon! The animals were a big hit at dinner. Going to dinner in the evening with a toddler can be touch and go ha-ha but it was all touch this time and no go thank goodness! The gorilla and baby riding on Momma gorilla were the stars of the show! Of course. Wee Brooke Marie is undoubtedly in love with anything that portrays that relationship is a huge hit. So many mile stones lately you guys! It's wild being a parent. Even more wild than those safari animals! I think. >;) Anything your child does, any big milestones it's just huge. The talking lately is just the cutest. Look...I can't stop gushing about my little one. I am ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE I use to roll eyes at! Nothing like experiencing something first hand to truly "get it." Again. Thank you ALL for all the birthday wishes and gifts. My cheeks hurt from smiling!!! 

Also thank you to Mat who every month blesses me with a pedicure/manicure. THANK YOU! It's seriously one of the best treats! 

A lot of you have been e-mailing about custom content and when and how long and OMG are you going to return?! YES! I am going to return. No, I am not retiring. I like what I do! It's just sometimes in life other things need a bit of attention and I am thankful I can step back and do just that. I honestly have so many customs I am backed up on I am not sure an actual break is going to happen other than lessening the e-mails and otherwise while I catch up. I will be sure to let you guys know ASAP when I am accepting more customs. I truly love custom content and I know each and every one of you sees that when you receive yours and I am so happy at just how busy you guys keep me!!! I LOVE IT! If you want more information in the mean time you can bookmark this link and don't hesitate to contact me over any questions you might have. I am making some soup in a new pot that someone very special gifted me so it's time to go attend to that. Wow, does it smell good in here you guys. Wish I could attach it to this blog post! Before I go though. Enjoy some photos from my most recent custom videos. So much role play I just can't express! So fun! 


Brooke (one year older). 


  1. I love fall! Over here it's already spring... I miss fall so much... Especially sleeping curled up, covered in blankets... Ahhhh, life pleasures.

    About the accident, your heart it's just too huge. It was worth waiting for this post. Thanks for sharing such an experience with us.

    You can't stop talking about your child because it's the best thing that happened to you in your life! And I love reading how much you love WeeBrooke. You can see the happiness in your heart when typing, and it's beautiful.

    When you said "Wish I could attach it to this blog post!" I couldn't help think in a pranker sending farts trough email... Damn... technology could be reeeeaaally dangerous hahaha!

    I'll finish saying from from top to bottom, photos 2 and 5 are just in another level of... I don't even know a appropriate word. They're AWESOME! I mean, you know your smile makes me weak, but how not to? It's sooooooooo... And what about those magnificent eyes? AHHHH!!!! <3

    Lot of love to you.
    One year older, and gets even more beautiful.

  2. Glad to hear you had a lovely day on your Birthday.

    And for the pedicure/manicure it's a treat for me as well, I'm happy you put me in charge of that and even more now after reading this :)

    Have a good and cozy fall Princess brooke!

  3. Thank you Jako!

    Thank you Mat!

    Love to see your comments here!