Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thank you Jako!

Thank you so much Jako for the animals!!! #weebrooke and I have been playing with them SO much! What a perfect gift-one for the both of us! They kept #weebrooke extra busy while at my birthday dinner and that was such an added bonus. We have enjoyed learning the animals names and noises. Fun for years to come! Your thoughtfulness is more than appreciated! <3 Lot's of photos in your mailbox! 


  1. You can't even imagine how glad I'm that you both liked the gifts. Ha, when I was looking your wishlist I thought: okay, I wan't to make Brooke happy. What makes Brooke happy? Well, #WeeBrooke, of course! Then I choosed something that you both can enjoy. And felt pretty good to gift something to #WeeBrooke! We don't even know her/his name or gender, but somehow she/he earned our hearts. A nice Two4One. Well three. I'm happy too.
    The photos! Ohhhh the photos... Amazing! The sexy/smiling combo... mssfffdacsbjcfjv. I think I'll never get tired of seeing your beauty.
    Once again, I'm glad you liked it. Thank YOU for letting me being a little part of your life.
    Huge hugs and kisses to you and #WeeBrooke <3