Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey you guys, it's that rare time of the year where I offer a BOGO sale. Yup, that's BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! 

So here is how it works, on either of my clip stores choose one video and get one FREE. Now, you have to contact me for this and pay by way of gift card or cash. Do NOT purchase the clips direct from the site and then contact me for the free one as I can't honor that then as too much of a % is taken from the transaction. The video that is FREE must be of the same or lesser value. I.E. you cannot purchase a video for $20 and get a $60 free, it works but only the other way around. BUT you can purchase a $60 video and get a $60 one free. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or tweet me @brookemariecam. 

How do you receive content? Direct through me from I now have an account there so I can send videos ASAP and do not have to wait on data usage per day. I also have a new storage drive that works beautifully and will also make this much easier than the time before! WOHOO! 

Right now I am going to be accepting gift cards to various places.,, etc. Please do ask me first which I prefer as if I get too many to one place I will request a different site. Or if you want to pay by cash by way of my PO box you can do that as well. 

So visit either of my clip sites Clips4Sale (complete catelougue) and iwantclips (originally fetish and now follows up to date with C4S) to get shopping! This does not apply to the twins store

This offer runs until December 5th at 12am. 


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