Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Have little ones? No. Yes. Maybe so. The holidays become that much crazier. Everyone wants to see you-right? WRONG. They want to see your kid. Ha-ha-ha! But, that means you'll drive everywhere anyhow. I do have to say, having a little one and celebrating the holidays-it certainly is even that much more special. Albeit the busiest I have ever experienced. It seems like just getting down the logistics of visits and presents for various friends and family can start to feel a bit like planning a wedding. Which of course mine is never getting married and staying with me forever, and ever, and ever. *smiles evilly* 

So yes, I have been even busier than usual with all the holiday hubbub. I think it's easy for everyone to feel even more so behind this time of year than at other times. I know I certainly do. So bear with me I am getting to e-mails, videos, etc as quickly as I can while also being a Mama bear. Rawr. Up until last week bears said "bearrrrsssss" instead of "rawrrrr." 
"What do bears say wee Brooke?" 
It was just the cutest. However, my favorite has to be 
"What does the snake say?" 
"Sssssss" :*) 

I was reminded of a memory the other day (totally unrelated to the above). It was the memory of the first time I ever saw something 'erotic.' It made me wonder a lot about other people's experiences. When their first experience was. What prompted it, etc. Funny, as I have a client right now who has shared their first experience which is so strong in their memory and I, for some reason trigger that for him. I mean why wouldn't I? *wink* Mine was not very involved as his was, I was the first he ever shared the story with. Too bad I can't tell it here. However, the first time I ever saw anything naughty is when one day I went to get the mail (I was probably around 10) and there happened to be a nude magazine that had somehow been splayed across the ditch of the location of our mailbox. Now we lived out in the country and I had no idea what I had even came across. I certainly remember being very shocked. I can't say it ignited anything in me. That's for certain. I was quite the innocent one throughout childhood and teenage years. I probably told my parents and they quickly cleaned it up without so much as a discussion. It would not be until about 6 years later I actually had my first experience...Feel free to share yours here or twitter of your very first experience. Even if it was just seeing something or an actual something something. *wink* 

I wanted to note that custom content is almost full for December. I can accept maybe a few more videos and then it will be changing come January. Read about the update here: HERE! Also you can read the details on custom videos here: RIGHT HERE!  

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Enjoy all the #throwback pictures. It sure is fun to look back. Whilst always moving forward, of course. Mentioning that makes me want to mention one more thing-lol. I was just discussing this...we have moved/changed various rooms in our home over 20 times. Like switched the actual room to something else. I.e. guest room to work room or work room to someone else's living space (renter/wee child). Every space except the master bedroom. The other 4 rooms have seen a lot of errrr change. In four years. People, this is not normal right? Vikki and I always laugh because we say OK this time is it. Promise we won't call you again to move furniture or hang something, etc. YA RIGHT. I guess I chalk it up to life is always changing and moving forward. Or maybe I am a woman and can't make up my mind? Which one are you going to go with? >;) 

Alright, my friends. It's time to settle in for the night. As you can see I missed video updates this past holiday week. Sometimes we just have to admit defeat, right? HA! NEVER! I like to think sometimes we just have to step back and take a break. I am working hard to queue up December videos though. So stay tuned. We should be back with regular programming come Friday. 
Lots of love, 


  1. Awwwww you really sound like the best mother ever. And WeeBrooke doesn't leave much to be desired (If I expressed myself correctly). Good mom + good child = the best love in the world.

    Well, the first time I saw something erotic... GOT IT! I was probably like 5 or 6, and I remembar I was playing with my toys in front of the TV, watching Jay Jay the Jet Plane, and then I realized there was a magazine behind the TV... it was a fashion magazine, and in the cover was a nude woman riding a horse, something like this: goo.gl/NERZET
    I remember I was like "WTF is this shit?!" but I couldn't stop looking at it. Oh boy... little pervert me...

    You want a throwback? Here you go: goo.gl/xSCWIV

    Lots of love to you and WeeBrooke! <3

  2. Awe thanks Jako! My wee one is my #1 priority! <3

    LOL! Where it ALL began!!!

    ha-ha you are very right about that one...very throwback!

    <3 <3 <3