Wednesday, January 25, 2017


You're probably wondering what I have been doing...I realize I have been a little quiet other than the necessities. I have been really really busy trying to prepare for taking 6 months off. Not only does this include planning clip releases for here, but a myriad of other life preparations. Appointments, lists/purchasing of essentials (you won't believe it, but I got rid of almost everything for a wee baby!), and day to day tasks...more below. 

I wanted to make a note on clips. I have received many people asking when pregnancy videos are coming out etc. I have been (for years now) mostly just creating custom content because that's all I have time for and it keeps me busy enough. So no, I do not have pregnancy clips planned of my own accord. If you are looking for something specific I highly encourage you to check out and request a custom video. I am only around for a limited time and obviously this won't last. Ha! Or else you'd see me in the Guinness World Book of Records. So, with that being said read HERE and contact me ASAP! It is possible I am done sooner than the projected May timeline. 

Speaking of clips. What to expect when I am gone? I will check in from time to time but I will most likely not be creating content within that 6+ months. There might be a few special cases. As for the types of clips to expect while I am gone. A wide variety. I almost want to call my maternity leave in my clips stores "The Many Bodies of Brooke." Ha-ha it is crazy how one changes over the years and I have an entire catalog of videos to remind me. That's not a negative comment, I have and always will appreciate whatever state my body has or will be in. Especially because of the amazing work it has done and is doing. Absolutely nothing greater than that. However, back to our regular scheduled programming. What I currently have ready for June are never before released videos (recorded with my webcam), re-released videos that prices have been lowered on, and many more to come. The videos that haven't been released. Whew, lots of nakedness, Hitachi, and naughtiness that I just could not keep to myself any longer. You're in for a treat!

So that is it for updates. Contact me for customs! Expect a wide variety of videos during my break (really quite normal for me!). Also request my private wishlist if you wish to help with #weebrooke2.0. Anything is greatly appreciated and a super big help. I actually just saw this went down in price. Send a gift card and I'll answer your personal pregnancy questions! *gasp* Like the never ending "when are you due?" etc! 

To end with a funny story or not so funny story. The other day, my long haired cat- Costello- had an issue...with his long hair and erhem behind. I woke up and walked out of our room and am like OMG. Shit smears all over the house. Even on top of dressers. It was like a shit horror movie. Of course #weebrooke and I are extremely bonded like no other, and senses that I am distressed. So not only am I trying to disinfect the ENTIRE house and surfaces I am also trying to do with with #weebrooke on me. I had to call in reinforcements at this point. Aunt Vikki to the rescue. I put both the cats in the garage as they like to go out there anyhow, and in hopes that there would be no more presents left around my house. So they were out there all day. I called around and found a vet with a last appointment at 5. Getting Costello into a small dog cage (not even a cat carrier) was another feat. Took two of us chasing him around the garage and then house only for him to act like a caged lion once we mustered the feat. Upsetting #weebrooke in the process over the chaos, to the point of bawling!!! THEN Costello pees his cage as he is so nervous. So not only is he covered in shit and he is covered in piss. I told the vet you're going to have to keep him overnight there's no way I can take him home like this and do what with him??? Plus they wanted to check him out and see if there were any underlying issues that caused this...issue. Of course I did not realize that #weebrooke would be traumatized by the vet just abruptly taking "my kitty my kitty." So then the vet had to bring kitty back so we could have a proper chat that kitty was just spending the night and we would pick him up tomorrow. That went over a tad better but still with crocodile tears, just maybe baby crocodile tears instead. I got in the car feeling like I needed a drink and #weebrooke could have just crawled back inside me. Except well, womb occupied. We picked up kitty the next day only for him to pee himself again on the way home!!!! Costello is just fine though, he just needed a Brazilian. In which I had tweeted that on twitter and you guys thought I was talking about me personally. Except I am not sure who calls their kitty/pussy an actual cat but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that my twitter is mostly adult related. NOT this time, my friends, not this time. 

Anyhow on that note, it's time for some ice cream. No, that story did not make me crave ice cream. BUT being pregnant does and not much can stop those cravings. Not even a shit story. =D 

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