Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hey everyone! I do not think I have announced this here yet on my blog, just twitter. YES! We are expecting a partner in crime to Wee Brooke! SO EXCITING!!! 

I just wanted to write a short note about this year going forward and my plans. So here goes!


I decided not to sign up for the OnlyFans app at this time. I will be directing all requests towards my custom content. Yes, you can order picture sets if you want. I will make that exception. However, I will not be posting a ton of photos on my twitter. Or detailed information on my pregnancy (weeks along, due date, gender, etc). If you want information like that, you'll have to order a custom video. With that being said, I feel no obligation to answer any personal questions. I am not saying that to be rude, but for some reason whilst sharing such glorious news every one suddenly thinks your pregnancy details are their biznaaasssss. Sorry not sorry, but it is not. Kiss kiss. 

Here is what you need to know! I am going to be done working end of May 2017. I will likely not return until January 2018. Yes, you read that right. So you have less than 5 months with me! Most of my content now will be pregnancy focused/related. Or you can ignore that factor and maybe your video does not focus on that or has nothing to do with it and we can work around that. For the time being. I am nearing half way through pregnancy, so that is what you need to know! I may decide to stop working at any time. So I encourage you to contact me now, rather than later. I can't guarantee I will be able to fit in your request. Especially in May. 

I have been just floored with all the congratulations. Thank you all for making it an extra special announcement! I have also had people ask how they can spoil this special time in my life. I will create a wishlist for that purpose if you so wish to do so. Just e-mail me to ask for it as it will be private. 

Sooo....let's have some fun...shall we? 

Read here and send me an e-mail at to get started on your fantasy! 


  1. Well, if you are already a great mom, and you are going to be it again, that means you are a great mom x2. Does it mean you are the best mom in the world? Because if your score is 200/100, now you'll be 400/100. Oh, maths. I'll shut up.

    Now seriously, congratulations. You are going to be the best mother again. I know it because the love you show for WeeBrooke is the most beautiful I ever seen. I'm so happy for you. Two WeeBrookes! Can something be better than that?

    And by the way, the look on your face in that photo... you melted my screen. Too hot.
    AND. Holy shit I can't even imagine how your butt should look from behind! Damn that's a great photo!

    Lots of love to you, little you, and inside you-little you.

  2. Awe Jako, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!