Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hi. Hi there. What's my name? What day is it?! 

Each week I think I say to myself, things can't possibly get any busier can they? But, they do. Naturally just an ebb and flow of life really. Probably the ever changing transition of motherhood as well. I always enjoy each age and stage, but I always say there is a reason they last for just a time. Or else we would all loose our minds ha-ha. Of course the age old phrase of "you're going to miss this" creeps up often with the older generation looking back nodding their necks off until you agree. Sure, I say. Parts, I will miss parts. I will miss all the cuddles and the way their eyes shine as you've got to be the most important person on the planet. I suppose in all honesty, I would take this phase over dating, cell phones, and driving. Overall, I am just happy with life as is really. I don't tend to look forward too far or backwards for that matter in the manner of being a parent. There's so much goodness to soak up right in the now. It always makes me laugh when people say...just wait till they're driving, etc. I look at them and say...what is it you are doing in 2031? 2031! Yea...that's the year I've got to worry about driving so I am just going to focus on changing this diaper, ok? LOL! 

I have been making sure to soak up the now with #weebrooke before 2.0 arrives. We have been to Great Wolf Lodge, Chicago to the Shedd and FL just last week. It's bitter sweet. This time between now and new baby. #weebrooke is beyond BEYOND excited about having a little sibling. There are daily kisses and hugs to my tummy and just overall cuteness galore over anything baby. My heart melts every day! 

With that being said. There have been a few of you who have been really generous in helping prep for 2.0, keeping #weebrooke entertained with lots of books, and just in general being a HUGE support. You don't know how much this means to me, and I could never thank you enough. Just know you're pretty spectacular and I am forever grateful! 

Other than that I have been enjoying creating custom videos and am booking into April & May already. So please don't delay if you are wanting content from me, I will be done working in May (no exceptions) and won't return until 2018. Crazy, I know! Read HERE! 

OH, I also currently have ONE panty for sale right now. I completely forgot about it. So here it is. Comes with the throwback photo-set with Mistress Victoria! Send me an e-mail at if you're interested. Usually $100, SALE for $80 this week! 

Lots of love you guys! 

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