Wednesday, April 26, 2017


No, lol this is not a fetish post. Yes, some people are into being diapered or wearing diapers. NO I will not be diapering you! 

Ok, ok now that we got that out of the way. I am having a little bit of an e-diaper party. Here's how it works. You can send a gift card in any amount (minimum $25) to my e-mail through the month of May (can start now if you want!) and receive double the amount in credit to my clips store. 

You then send me your list of titles from here or here  (NO! Twin videos are not included. I am having le babe, not Vikki.) and I send you the videos through Double the videos for half the price. My my, I do say that is quite the good deal myself! I don't offer these things often so feel free to take advantage as much as you want! 

Only accepting gift cards to, click HERE

^This Momma thanks you in advance! 


  1. Absolutely satisfied. Don't miss this offer, people!

  2. It will be a pleasure. Let me find my wallet.

  3. I spent the past half hour trying to get a gift card from They're giving me the run around. Can I use It's a lot easier.

  4. Hey Chris, please e-mail me