I HAVE RETURNED! 

Brooke Marie has been in the adult industry for over 7 years now...I am so kidding. Who writes this stuff in the third person as if they weren't around for it? I'll always be the one writing these things...you've been warned. 

I do feel like this is the hardest tab to write about. Maybe I need to re-hash my 30 second commercial in a video clip per the college days. Someone (in person) actually asked me the other day "What do you like to do?" It was the first time in awhile I actually thought about it...good timing I suppose!

I'll start from the beginning. When there was the most viewed video ever on SexyandFunny.com. Still is. Over. 3. Million. Views. Yikes, right? That music will forever live on in our hearts and lives. No really. I am laughing out loud as I type this...I think we were all of 20 years old. Goodness. How carefree we were slutting it up on the interwebs with not a care in the world. Take note, newbies. As my father wrote to us in an e-mail after some sad soul forwarded him one of our promotional videos. "Do you know that will always be there?" Yes, why yes. We do. Although I think my sister and I owe that person a big thanks (as well as a big F*ck you). My parents have to be one of the most grounded, loving, accepting people we know. We are lucky to have them in our life. At that time we were not so sure about sharing our new persona, so to whomever you anonymous person that you were. We thank you. Our relationship with our parents has never been better.

We (my twin, Vikki Lynn) first started camming at the mother-ship, camwithher.com in 2008. My oh my, did we make it all over the internet with those shenanigans. Yes, it's well known we started our camming careers camming together. It's what makes us one of the most sought after cam models on the internet. We thought nothing of it, naturally. Actresses on the stage of life. Aren't we all? I think it was harder for everyone else to understand than for us. Vik and I have always been best friends, we never compete with each other, fight like boys (punch and be done with it) and at the end of the day...we're always there for each other. She's one of the coolest chicks I know! I guess I'd say overall we are more than just cam models these days, maybe "adult entertainer" would sum it up. However, I just think we're so much more than that.

Well...enough twin stuff or I know we'll never leave that topic. We eventually split off on our own and created our own personas. Possibly one of the first times we did something separate. It's a funny thing growing up as a twin. I am going to need to create a "Brooke Marie" holiday at some point. Ha-ha! So about me...I am very down to earth, southern girl. JUST KIDDING. I am not southern. Why does everyone ask me that? Maybe it's just because I grew up in the country. >;) I am, literally your girl next door. I live in a nice little neighborhood where everyone pays for others to mow their lawn (except me) and has keys to the neighbors house to watch their cats (except me). My neighbors always comment on how someone "so young" has a house. I think that just speaks to being responsible and having goals, thanks parents. However, I think they are just geeked I lowered the age bracket by 40+ years Ba-ha!. Anyhow, I am not that young. I was born in the late 80's...I do feel obligated to clue them in on the fact I am approaching my 30's. I'll give them slack (this time, next time it's off with their cotton heads), most people think we are 18. Maybe people my age just don't have their shit together. That speaks to the generation that wants to do something that 'means something.' Instead of just paper pushing...wow wow wow we are getting off topic. See what happens when I don't blog? It's a puke blog. Everything just comes up.

I recently embarked on the biggest life changing event EVER. I became a Momma! #weebrookemarie is the most amazing tiny human I have ever known (well to be fair the only one I've ever known to be my own). Unless there's someone else who want's to claim me as Mom? I imagine a few of you would like that. HA! In the now very spare time that I have I enjoy decorating (I so want to prank Pottery Barn! You know for their "free in home design consults) My friends always try to get me to decroate their places and Mistress Vikki tells me to Instagram my house but I really just don't have the time! Drawing...I need to start doing that again. Reading, an introverts best friend. I love eating healthy and shopping at the local farmers market supporting the local growers. I sold vintage and antiques for a time on e-bay, Etsy, and antique fairs/markets but alas I have had to rearrange my time and now just thrift for fun. My Mom, Grams, & Vikki will go thrifting together while dragging the men along. I think they secretly like it. It's a family affair. Isn't it always with us? HA! This blog page isn't going to allow me to write much more...I suppose you'll have to just follow along on the main page. I'll make sure to keep it interesting...


  1. After reading a bit more, I'm definitely intrigued! Would love to reconnect, I feel like we've got quite a bit more in common than when we were at KVCC, especially hearing you talk about a tribe... You prob won't recognize me, but if so, email me at this username at gmail. Here is a pic or two. http://imgur.com/LEf9DAW http://imgur.com/ygqkkoK

  2. Unless you went through the halls with a mascaraed mask on flashing me your stomach...which I don't recall anyone doing. LOL. Then no...I don't recognize you.

  3. Whatever you say.. whatever you write. I just love it. You are the most amazing and beautiful ever happened to me.

  4. You're the most beautiful and cutest woman i've ever seen <333

  5. Also, i fell in love with you and can't stop thinking about you <3